RIPE, one of the fastest growing cold-pressed juice brands, was in need of a digital experience that helped them stand out in a crowded space. We designed a new site that focuses on the product's high-quality ingredients and innovative processing methods.



The Charter High School for Architecture + Design (CHAD) is an institution fostering the next generation of creative minds. Their website failed to portray their design-oriented focus. The new design better aligns with their mission and gives their staff the tools to manage content internally.


Conner Strong & Buckelew

Conner Strong & Buckelew, one of the region's leading insurance, risk management and employee benefits brokerages, was shackled with a dated, non-mobile friendly website and a proprietary, deprecated CMS. We're remedying that with a fresh new layout and popular back-end system.

Conner Strong Conner Strong


Based in Washington D.C., Fortego is fast becoming the go-to expert for cyber warfare prevention. Armor designed and developed a new site to help the company better showcase its innovative offerings to both prospective customers and employees.

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Fortego Fortego Fortego


Choosing the perfect paint color is no easy task. In designing the user interface for Valspar’s Digital Color Assistant, we aimed to make the process a little easier through recommended paint schemes curated by a personalized questionnaire.

Valspar Valspar Valspar Valspar
Valspar Valspar Valspar

La Salle University

La Salle needed more than an advertising campaign. They needed a rally cry to excite current students and alumni. They needed a bold statement that could set them apart within the crowded higher education space in Philadelphia. “Explorers are never lost” became that platform. We developed a corresponding site experience that gave potential students a top-line view of the university, its programs, campus life and tuition costs.

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Lasalle Lasalle

Temple University

For Temple we designed an online resource where content was curated by students for prospective students. The site featured true-to-life testimonials, snapshots of campus life, academic realities, and a student body showcase. So when it came time to decide on a school, no adults were required.

Temple University Temple University

Temple Admissions

The admissions section of any university is the lifeblood of its recruiting efforts. Unfortunately for Temple their site had been neglected for years and was in dire need of attention. On a compressed timeline we simplified architecture, rethought content and designed a clean new look that made navigation clear and intuitive.

Temple Admissions Temple Admissions

Villanova Capital Campaign

Even well-off institutions occasionally need an infusion of capital. For Villanova we redesigned their alumni outreach and fundraising collateral, putting an emphasis on the school’s commitment to maintaining its place as one of the nation’s top academic institutions.

Villanova Villanova Villanova Villanova Villanova Villanova

Villanova Basketball

Armor partnered with a local brand experience agency to design a permanent interactive installation in Villanova’s basketball practice facility. The goal was to showcase the breadth and depth of Villanova’s storied basketball program to visitors and potential recruits. The result was a custom-built iPad experience that powered an enormous 20 foot display wall.

Villanova Basketball Villanova Basketball Villanova Basketball

Post University

Post University was in need of a website that was as flexible as their learning options. So whether living on campus or attending classes from the comfort of home, Post students now have a go-to resource for all of their educational support and institutional needs.

Post University

AZ Helps

Working alongside AstraZeneca and its AOR, Armor built AZ Helps, an iOS and Android app that allows patients to track their medication usage. The app covers the broad range of AZ medications and is a one-stop-shop for disease management.

AZ Helps AZ Helps AZ Helps


BevChek is a behind-the-scenes player in the beverage industry, providing restaurants and bars with tools to monitor consumption and inventory. This iPad-based app leveraged their existing technology and brought them directly to consumers.

Bev Chek Bev Chek Bev Chek Bev Chek


When choosing a bank to manage your money, perception is everything. Regions came to us in need of a new website that showcased their on-going commitment to customer service and community.


Bridge Bank

"Show us what banking will look like in five years." That was the challenge given to our creative team and the resulting UI surprised and delighted the Bridge Bank client to no end. (Unfortunately, banking being what it is, it might take them five years to implement.)

Bridge Bank Bridge Bank Bridge Bank Bridge Bank


As the official credit card of the NBA, BBVA was looking for a unique way to connect with fans at the arena. We designed a mobile site that incentivized card sign-ups via notifications for deals and discounts on team merchandise.


Mutual Boiler Re

Mutual Boiler Re is a leader in equipment breakdown reinsurance, a less-than-glamorous world of industrial machinery and farm equipment. Armor worked with MBRe’s AOR to create a WordPress-based site that has helped the company distance itself from its peers.

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Sodexo is a provider of culinary services for businesses, hospitals, schools, retirement communities, and other venues. Armor worked with their AOR to implement a new recipe site – In My Kitchen – that showcases Sodexo’s culinary expertise.

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Keystone Property Group

If you’ve ever been shopping for commercial real estate, the most important bits of information – availability, square footage, costs, etc. – are often non-existent or lost behind a bunch of pretty pictures. We helped Keystone build a site that gives potential clients exactly what they want.

Keystone Property Group

Big O Tires

As North America's largest retail tire franchisor and marketer, Big O Tires needed a website that matched the brand’s commitment to great customer service. We helped build an online experience that emulates the care, know-how, and accessibility of an in-store visit.

(819) 419-8422
Big O Tires Big O Tires Big O Tires Big O Tires


When one of the biggest names in fuel shifted focus from oil to retail, Sunoco quickly realized the need for an industry-leading and consumer friendly web presence. The new website has transformed the way Sunoco engages with its customers online.

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Sunoco Sunoco

Philly EyeWorks

Think Warby Parker but with flair. For eyeglass wearers looking to express themselves in unique ways, Philly EyeWorks is it. Armor helped develop a Magento-based e-commerce solution that powers the firm’s entire operation.

Philly EyeWorks


For the better part of a decade, our team was responsible for Pennsylvania’s alcohol education. We followed our One Show-award winning work for anti-teen drinking & driving with Call The Shots, a campaign aimed at reducing binge drinking amongst 21-34 year olds.

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