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ExpressTruckTax.com is an IRS authorized E-File Provider. It is entirely web-based, they are a one-stop-shop for truck tax needs, and they are authorized by the IRS as an official E-File provider. The file is electronically submitted to the IRS, and within minutes the file is processed by the IRS and sent back to the person filing.

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Secure Form 2290 E-filing

With our servers, data centers, and customer support center based right here in Rock Hill, South Carolina — unlike other Form 2290 providers, who keep everything outside the country. Not only is our application certified and verified to be HackerProof by McAfee, it’s also hosted on redundant servers guaranteeing 24/7 availability, and all information is encrypted and backed up every 30 seconds.

By using our secure servers to e-file your sage, you’ll find that taking care of your HVUT is easier than ever when you’re e-filing with ExpressTruckTax.

Form 2290 VIN Corrections

Free VIN Corrections, you say? If your Form 2290 is filed and you have made a mistake on the VIN of a previously filed form, you can update it free of charge.

In order for you to file a VIN correction, the wrong VIN must have been paid for in the original Form 2290 filing. Whether or not you filed with ExpressTruckTax.com, you can e-file a VIN Correction with just a few clicks. Once you e-file a VIN Correction, you will get your corrected, stamped Schedule 1 in minutes.

Just remember, ExpressTruckTax offers VIN corrections for free, if you filed your original 2290 with us as well! Also note that VIN Corrections can be only done for taxable or suspended vehicles and not for credit vehicles or for prior year suspended vehicles. When you file a VIN Correction Form 2290, you can't combine it with claiming credits on the same form.

Form 2290 Amendments

Things change. Which in the trucking world, usually means you have to file more paperwork. Unfortunately, the burden falls on you for that. But with ExpressTruckTax, we have options for you to file a (785) 994-5041 with as much simplicity as it takes to e-file your 2290 form.

If you’ve owe additional tax from an increase in taxable gross weight, or you’ve exceeded the mileage use limit of a suspended vehicle, you need to amend your 2290 return. Instead of worrying about how to fix your 2290s in those situations, head to ExpressTruckTax to e-file your Form 2290 amendments.

E-File HVUT Form 2290

In order to file HVUT, or Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes, you must file IRS form 2290. If you have been in the Transportation industry for many years, then you are likely more familiar with the process for filing this form with the IRS. However, there have been some huge technology advances in the past few years and the IRS now accepts and encourages taxpayers to E File 2290 form.

To take advantage of this new simpler process, you will need to use an online service provider for the IRS form 2290. Our need to select the one that is right for you! In making these decisions, there are a few things that you should consider. When you select a provider, make sure that they are an authorized IRS E-File Provider. You should also make sure that they can handle all of your truck tax needs. Some e-filing services can only handle the form 2290 and nothing else. A third item to consider is a provider that is entirely web-based.

E-File 2290 with IRS Authorized E-File Providers

As for the Authorized E-File Providers, you should look on their website for a statement that they are indeed authorized by the IRS to E-File. You can also refer to the IRS Website to see a complete list of IRS Authorized E-File Providers.

If you are filing Truck Taxes for more than just the form 2290, such as IFTA, or form 8849 then it would be beneficial to have them all filed from the same place. Some service providers are exclusively for form 2290, or Form 8849, etc. It would be most economical and convenient to get them all filed in the same place.

In this day and age, it is silly to not use an e-file provider that is not completely web-based. If the system is not web based, then there is less reason to use them. The IRS actually recommends E-Filing because of its speed and security. If you are required to download lots of files and store information on your computer, the system is not completely web based. The benefits of a web-based system are obviously the speed of transfer to the IRS when you are finished, but also the security of storing your information online instead of on your computer.

While the rules that apply to credit vehicles may be confusing and complicated, Expresstrucktax.com helps make this process simple. The filing process only takes a few minutes with few steps. If you need any help, their dedicated customer support team can walk you through the process.

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