Alternative investments have primarily been the domain of institutional investors, such as commercial banks, mutual funds and insurance companies. The vast majority of individual investors have had limited access to this asset class.

Moon Equity presents to investors the opportunity to invest in top tier private equity traditionally only available to large institutional investors. Based in Singapore, our primary geographical markets are within the Asia Pacific region.


Asian acquisitions remain largely untapped despite attractive valuations and growth potential due to market access obstacles. Investment success is reliant on deal sourcing quality and exclusivity. A combination of astute asset selection, market opportunity and direct ownership creates the maximum return of value for investors.

Moon Equity connects investors to exceptional growth stage companies, leveraging on technology to simplify administration and facilitate investing. Diversified across buyout, growth and IPO stages, direct investment opportunities are available to our investors at lower investment entry amounts and fees.

We take a proactive stance to help our investors evaluate target companies, identify attractive investment opportunities and profitable exit strategies, through a partnership in which you have the final say.


Moon Equity connects businesses to quality capital and potential acquirers. Through our network, we bridge the gap between fast growing startups and investors that seek to work with them. Each investment opportunity is evaluated on its own merits and capital is raised directly for investment into the company rather than for hoarding cash reserves hedge fund style.

Moon Equity looks forward to working with passionate entrepreneurs and strong management teams who aim to become leaders in their respective fields. Businesses seeking funds for expansion and growth stages are welcome to raise with us. A variety of capital raising options such as equity, fixed income and profit sharing are available. Their suitability is dependent on your business objectives and stage of company development.

We form close working relationships with the companies we back to help them grow and achieve their critical milestones. Advocating collaborative approaches, Moon Equity fulfils your capital requirements in a timely and cost efficient manner.


For further information or enquiries, please feel free to contact us at 9044206814 or fill out the form below.


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