I'm pretty certain I haven't made any mistakes.

In which town are you?

I wish I had studied harder in my youth.

I have a meeting today.


Wrap tape around the pipe.


Most guitars have six strings.

This isn't really happening.

Who wants to go next?

Have you ever wanted something so much that you'd do anything to get it?

Even though someone came, she still remained uneasy.

A hard wind is blowing.

In any case, he's your big brother.

By tomorrow morning all the world will have been covered with snow.

We've found it.


They asked about the others.

Was this wall built to keep people out or to keep them in?

I am studying the Persian language.

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Siegurd likes romantic comedies.

The Japanese flag is a white rectangle with a red circle in the centre representing the sun.

You're taking the wrong sow by the ear there, pal!

This is our policy.

May I change the channel?

Amedeo spent the night on the couch.

He told his sons to help each other after his death.

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Tell me where you were last night at the time of the murder.

I studied for a while this morning.

That's nice to hear.

I leave uncultivated today, was precisely yesterday perishes tomorrow which person of the body implored.

I've found an apartment.


I'll keep an eye on Jingbai for you.

All of our afternoon classes have been cancelled.

I don't plan on doing that.

Did you really talk to him?

Who is watching the movie?

The novel takes place in Victorian England.

Wendell got a lucky break.


Thank you for your hard work.

Mordred betrayed King Arthur.

I don't know why he quit the company.

Why doesn't she have anything to say?

What you were taught is wrong.


Do you drink diet soda?


Did I just say something stupid?


My mother taught me how to make osechi.

Angela is very successful.

We're all right now.

This hat will become her.

I'll let you go back to work.

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The small duckling can swim and has demonstrated this ability.

Ann thinks I'm stupid.

I was on the air for two hours yesterday.

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Shall we go to drink coffee or something?

Would the two of you shut up?

Are you getting nervous?


He promised to help me, but at the last minute he let me down.

You made a list, didn't you?

I'm not complaining and so far no one else has complained, although working conditions are truly terrible.

The poor are often disempowered by the language practices of those in power.

It is no easy thing to do.

How could you not give me the message?

Don't waste it.

Sit here, you'll feel better.

She planted some pansies in the flower bed.

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Must we take the bus?

What do the papers say?

Suwandi wanted to be the first to shake hands with Vice after her concert.

Is this interesting to translate?

You remind me of your mother.

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That student raised his hand to ask a question.

Lend me your car for tomorrow.

This is a worthwhile endeavor.

I plan to do the same thing you do.

The question is why not.


This world is but a place of passage.


It can't be!

Your camera is not as excellent as my camera.

Your will be done on Earth as in Heaven.

I think I've found something.

What is your greatest source of inspiration?


We want to donate money.

Tears began to roll down her face.

I was trying to look out for Melinda.

Frank asked us for our opinions.

She was forced to give up.

I appreciate that very much.

Pia killed himself three months ago.

The rains entered a lull.

I don't share my problems with Hughes.

I want you to find out why Pontus wasn't here today.

I think about you often.

He proposed that we should start at once.

I'm trying to get enough money to buy a new guitar.


Rod is very methodical in the way he does his work.


My parents worry about my health.

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In the middle of the test, my stomach started making noises (Growl), I was embarrassed.

Damone is probably up in his room.

Calvin is sharpening his knife.

She's older than him.

We were glad to hear that he got back safely.

If he wasn't lazy, he might be rich by now.

I assumed that was why you called me.

Clarence won't be ready to leave until 2:30.

But in return they get a clear look at important games, and if they miss something, they can always rely on the commentator's description or the instant replay.

Every time I looked at him, he was yawning.

Vote for me!


I am living from day to day.

Jarmo told Arlene he didn't have anything to do.

Count up to thirty.

I'm not the least bit interested in role-playing games.

If you eat unripe fruit, I'll tell you ten to one that you'll get sick.

What's troubling you?

Neither am I!

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Milo won a free trip to Boston.

Mistakes were made.

The car collided with a truck.

I don't have to follow her.

Despite his wealth, he is not at all happy.

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Don't put sugar in my coffee.

It seemed like a dream to me.

Because of TV, boys and girls don't want to read books.

They make a lovely couple.

I'm not busy tonight.

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Vick bragged about his new phone.


We can't just sit here. We need to get up and do something.

I'm Urs's guardian.

He is no longer full of activity.

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I think you shouldn't have done that.


Don't you ever say anything?

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Why is my cat attacking my bathrobe?

I honestly don't know.

Lukas told everybody at work that he was getting married.


You can't accuse him of theft without having proof.


She turned up her nose at our offer.


She hardly ever sees him.


We must trust each other, Tanya.


Please show me the menu.


When he got to the station, the train had already left.

Charles was in unbearable pain.

You should be more patient.

Angela was taken aback when she noticed that the photofit of the suspected burglar looked like Jill.

They like Think.

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I assume I was invited.

The Allies would not be stopped.

Spock inserted the key into the lock.


Don't try to do this without my help.

I'll ring you up tonight.

That child certainly has a will of his own.

I know all about him.

Let's see what's happening in this big country.


She blushed deeply.

Toerless would be a good choice.

Are you enjoying your stay here?

The company is equally owned by the two groups.

Knowing that every minute, maybe even every second can count for a human life makes you hurry.

Could you find me an attorney?

Hey, will you grab me a cookie?


Many decisions are not closely related to life.


Bonnie didn't say anything about going to Boston.


Do you any idea what this might be?