Social Circle

is THE social talent platform providing a simple and effective solution for brands looking to engage with leading social media influencers and talent across YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and thousands of blogs.

Social talent have the unique ability to engage with their audiences in a way never seen before. This can give brands access to hard to reach and niche audiences in a way that traditional marketing platforms can't.

We work with a huge variety of social media influencers across the globe, identifying the best talent, with a highly developed offering, delivering relevant talent to work alongside brands.

How it works?

Getting social influencers and brands working together should be easy. It's our mission to make sure it is.

Social Brand

Brands post their campaigns, specifying what their needs are.

Social Talent

Social Circle finds the right talent for the project.

Content Marketing

And works with the agreed talent on delivering the campaign.

Whether a social media influencer has more than 7 million YouTube subscribers or 500 followers on their blog, our platform can choose the talent most relevant to a particular brand's needs. We work with a huge variety of talent across most platforms and have a proven record of bringing talent and brands together to create engaging and effective campaigns.

To make it simple to use, we have a guide based on the number of potential engagements. Things can change once the right talent has been identified of course, but it gives users an idea to start with. And don't forget, it's not just the numbers of followers or engagements that gets results, it's how those influencers relate to their audience.

Social Circle covers a multitude of interests in sectors ranging from beauty to pets; from rugby to ballet, and pretty much anything else in between. Want to find a 34 year old mummy blogger in Essex with an interest in Ford Trucks..Social Circle will find her!

Social Brand

Our software also tracks trends around the World, monitoring the stars of social media and identifying influential talent from an early stage.


We think working with brands should be simple, straightforward and easy for you, so you genuinely benefit from the experience. To make it easier for you we..

  • Only contact you if we think you are right for a particular brand or campaign
  • Handle the brief, clearly and simply informing you what is expected
  • Manage the process of working with a brand
  • Deliver reports to the client
  • Manage offers and payments to you

Once you register your free sign up to Social Circle, you not only get sent offers to work on relevant campaigns, but (if you choose to) you'll receive regular news from our team about upcoming events, awards, legal advice and news. You also get a talent liaison person who will help you through any queries you may have, and be on hand with any advice you need.

548-349-4589   about how Social Circle can make it easy for you to earn money by working with brands.

Talent Onboard



Just as we believe it should be easy to talent to work with brands, we believe it should be simple for brands to work with talent!

We provide brands with a number of ways to work with social talent. Once a brand posts a brief on our platform or contacts one of our team we take care of the rest.

Once a brand posts a brief on our platform or contacts one of our team we take care of the rest.

  • We identify the right (and relevant) talent for the campaign using our extensive database of social media influencers
  • Communicate the brief to the talent you'd like to work with, (if they accept the brief)
  • Manage all offers, distribution, tracking, and payments
  • Deliver reports to the client
  • Report in real time on the Social Circle platform so you can see how the campaign is going 24 hours a day

Speak to our team   about how you can best use Social Circle to engage with thousands of social influencers with millions of followers across an unparalleled range of interests.

Talent Onboard



OPTIONS - The Choice Is Yours

Social Circle provides a number of ways to work with social talent.

Managed Service

Basically, we do it all, creating and managing the campaign from beginning to end.
We manage every detail and every communication.
That includes all the talents liaison, campaign management, campaign tracking, in-depth up-to-date reporting, payment handling and so much more.
We provide brands with their own log in to monitor results when they want them.

Direct Service

Designed for brands who like more direct contact with talent, we guide both sides, making sure only the right campaign goes to the right talent.
We advise and agree rates with talent.
Provide links, tracking and reporting.
Payment handling.
The remaining day-to-day campaign management is between the brand and the talent.

Influencers Focus Group

Brands can find out what the social influencers that matter to them think about a product, a campaign, a service, actually pretty much anything...before it goes live.
We contact the influencers who's views most matter to a brand's audience.
We compile the report findings back to the brands.
Brands know how their "new thing" will be received by the people that matter to them before any expensive launch.


Want your own Social Circle?
Good communication isn't a speech; it's a conversation!
Our Bespoke option allows a brand their own uniquely branded zone on Social Circle to regularly engage with their social influencers, for regular updates, news, feedback and more.
Using the Social Circle database, tracking & reporting, more talent can be added to engage with the people that matter on a regular basis.

Speak to our team   about how you can best use Social Circle to engage with thousands of social influencers with millions of followers across an unparalleled range of interests.

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