I want you to make me a promise.

I think this is better.

You cannot analyse the data efficiently unless you draw a plot.

I felt that.


The train is made up of seven cars.

Let not the king say so!

His life, like most, was full of ambiguities.

Where did you get all this information?

I thought I might find you here.

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Joni has family problems.

I promise not to sing.

I've decided never to vote again.

He's after me.

There must be a reason that Brian isn't here.


Bobbie couldn't hear what Donnie was saying.

"Dorothy is young." "How young is young?" "He's thirteen."

I thought it was my brother.

You're holding me too tight, Hugh.

My mother finally came home.

I always enjoy playing tennis with Neal.

I heard her speaking English as fluently as a citizen of the USA.

The system says I do not have the necessary permissions to delete the folder.

Rex opened the hood of the car.

They are dead.

Maybe we could spend some time together.

She is highly talented and well educated.

We don't talk a lot.

They used to buy Nike shoes.

I thought you went to your room to sleep.

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I don't know how to write in English.

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We were sorry to hear the news.

He likes to do everything for himself.

Shouldn't we ask her first?


"Bruno, there is something I want to talk to you about..." "Yes, what is it? Is it something serious?" "Yes, sort of..."

If you're trying to scare me, you're succeeding.

Do you know who wrote this novel?

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His wife being out, he cooked dinner for himself.

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We can get a weather bulletin every day.

If you have pain in your chest, consult your doctor right away.

I don't know exactly what I'm looking for.

She gave him everything she owned.

The party tickets go for ten dollars and upward.


Some of his students admired him, and others despised him.

He sits wherever he wants to.

I took care of it myself.

Do you have any further questions to ask?

Maybe we're too late.


Glen looks happier today than he did the last time I saw him.

The hostess complained that I visit her so rarely these days.

Don't attach it to your head.

The religion was in its glory in those days.

You don't need to sound like a native speaker in order to be understood.

Bobby and I have played poker together many times.

We couldn't do that.

He elected painting as a career.

If you had a word processor, you'd be free from all this trouble.


Ms Jaguar offered Mr Clinton the position because she had faith in his capabilities.


I wish I'd taken more pictures.

Can't you do anything to help Randolph?

My ex-boyfriend was brought up in Portugal.

We should get going on that.

How much do you make a month?


She takes great pride in her appearance.

Nobody talks with Sanford anymore.

She flung her clothes on.

We won't let you die.

They might have what you want.

No one spoke up in his defense.

I hurried to the house only to find it empty.

Her face was drenched with sweat.

Those who know me, know that I am Catholic.

Every sane man is accountable to his conscience for his behavior.

Do you want a snail in your eye?

We realized it was pointless.

Jim dropped his pen and bent to pick it up.

Try not to think about it.

You don't want to do that.

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Here's a list of things that Kitty needs to buy.


Is it possible to repair the washing machine?

Nothing was to be seen but the blue sky.

Happy morning.


Edwin must realize what he's done.

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Behave yourself in company.

We all knew about it.

He is badly off, because his book doesn't sell well.


We didn't go anywhere.


She takes after her mother so much.

Dragons are imaginary creatures.

Can you clarify that?


I'm sorry that I didn't email you sooner.

How many people use these?

What is your phone number?

How much do I owe you?

Let me try to talk to them.


I caught a cold yesterday.

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He put the key on the desk as usual.

I want to apologize for the way I acted last night.

Do you like caramel-flavored ice cream?

Do you ever talk to them?

Don't leave it open.


Bring me a dry towel.


Some stars began to appear in the night sky.

Winston always asks the same three questions.

Drew left this house to me when he died.

My cousin took me by surprise by coming without previous notice.

I don't know how you can put up with all this noise.


Traffic and passers-by stopped as they were slowly seen off from the little village.

Beckie looked like he was going to start crying.

He took two tablets of aspirin to get rid of his cold.

I was mildly disappointed.

Julia woke from his nightmare, screaming.

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He used to play with her in his childhood.

I am only too happy to know that fact.

I've already waited two hours. I can't wait any longer.

I boarded the train bound for London.

A herd of friesian cattle graze in a field in British countryside.


The word takes on a somewhat different meaning when capitalized.

The buses run every ten minutes here.

It's merely a joke.

Something is the matter with my watch.

I'll take you also the printed stuff.

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You can tell Amedeo not to worry.

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She seems to have known the truth of the matter.

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Socorrito left the room without Myron noticing.

She's following a get-fit programme.

The sun went behind the clouds.


Put me in touch with her.


Even Rome was built in one day.

Please phone him.

Maybe we should tell them.

She is very nervous and is always ill at ease.

In this regard, I agree with you.

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What does Arnold have to do with this matter?

But always pleasure is accompanied by pain.

You've done what you needed to do.

Christofer said some things that didn't make sense.

Rayan looked at the painting on the wall.

I'm watching TV.

As there was no bus, I had no choice but to walk.

His speech got awfully boring.

I didn't want to worry them.

Can that be achieved?

The committee consists of fifteen people.


After the residents leave, the house is empty.

What a pleasant surprise to see you here!

Who else are we talking about?

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We'll be happy to do our part.

The question is who will make the decision.

Grab me one, too.

I am very afraid to go.

Tell Donovan to take his time.

Jakob thinks Mick made a big mistake.

The nineteenth century was the age of the white man's civilization.

My father's a farmer. His family doesn't have money, and his life is very difficult.

Send in something to eat or I'll kill a hostage.


You've won!

Shahid probably doesn't remember what Collin looks like.

You can drive, can't you?

He ended up expelled.

There were few students remaining in the classroom.

Nadeem found himself in a tight spot.

You could've told me. I would've understood.

It's a miracle that he survived the accident.

Nor is there any weapon of thought wherewith to defend.