We're powerful.


I'll do anything that Cris asks.

The women gave us a lot to eat.

Lenny clearly means business.

Spass was responsible.

Benjamin was really scared.

Would you two knock it off with the loud noise? I'm trying to sleep.

Earl told Neil that he wasn't happy.

Nora works in Boston.

How did you know that I was Canadian?

An Encyclopedia is a repository of knowledge and wisdom.

You don't look anything like your mother.


People gratuitously making a fool out of themselves is a consequence of a pluralistic and permissive society.

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Don't do such a shameful thing in public.

I'm worried about your health.

Maria isn't polite.

I like horse races.

The issue turned out to be very contentious.

We can really win this!

Vladimir is sharpening a knife.

Did your girlfriend like the flowers?

We stayed roommates for four years.

Ursula and Chelsea are battling over the boy they both have a crush on. Judging from the blood and teeth everywhere, this seems to be more of a matter of power than love.

Out of my way!

Don't interrupt me while I'm talking.

Moral and physical development are remarkable in the youth.

You already know the answer to that, Rafael.

Do we need to watch out for tigers around here?


I was so proud to be chosen.

To tear away from his dream world and, doing the daily needful, to step into reality was for Ronni increasingly painful.

That was unprofessional.

The stomach and the large and small intestines form the digestive system.

Who will take the place of his mother?


Am I right about that?

This just happened to me.

The train left two hours ago.


We have to stop him.

Please give him the message when he comes back.

It is said that she is an expert in skiing.

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We'll call you if we need you.

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We have lunch at noon every day.

Don't shout like that. I can hear you perfectly.

He left here a few days ago.


There is an urgent need for improved living conditions.

They say housework won't kill you, but why take the risk?

Who were they looking for?

He has become taller and taller.

I only believe half of what I read on the internet.


I've seen her on TV many times.

I disappointed my teachers.

She decorates her walls with posters.


I use that little flag as a placeholder.


You look a lot like someone I used to know in Boston.

Grandma likes watching TV.

Ramadoss made a batch of cupcakes for the party, and they were eaten in no time.

Siegurd probably knows how to swim.

I can't listen to music at night anymore because my headphones broke.

A vector is a unit vector if its norm is 1.

The population of Russia, as well as its progress in civilization, has considerably increased within these last hundred years.

Ask them not to go there.

That's what I need to do.

Rolfe tried to not let everyone know how much pain he was in.

Nobody saw me do it.

Who'll be taking over from Cynthia when she retires?

I am grateful to you for your kindness.


We have a wide choice of fruits at the supermarket.

He is devoid of humor.

Urdu is our mother tongue.

Which house did you live in?

Miho plays the piano better than Noriko.

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Thanks for your question.

Claudia continued working after a short break.

Friends don't always stay friends forever.

I could use a little help.

It's 8 P.M.

There was no indication that anything was wrong.

Thank you for the link.

The gifts will delight the children.

What's up, dawg?

Heidi devoted his life to the study of this phenomenon.

The cigars cost two Marks.

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I don't like the idea of them going without us.

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I've got lots of ideas.

Some people think microwave ovens aren't safe.

It looks pretty good.

What an incredible amount of work he has done!

Shall we pack everything together?

No, not me, but you!

Joyce has lost patience.

Hsi wanted Uri to learn French.

Snow is apt to fall in Chicago in late November.

It's kind of scary.

Let's listen to some Chopin.

Kory set the basket on the table.

Turkeer dashed into the room amid a shower of sparks and splinters of burning woodwork.

You must study five pages per day.

I wouldn't call this an improvement.

Have you made up your mind to become a teacher?

If it had not been for his advice, she would not have flown to London.

I didn't put it there.

I'm going to go get them.

Do you have children?

We've heard those promises before.

Tony is a friend of a friend of mine.

It would have seemed a lot funnier, if it weren't happening to her.

I don't have a passport.

As for the new project, I disagree with you.

Hsuan told me I was the one he wanted to talk to.

I looked and looked, but it wasn't there.

So what are your plans?

Seenu is Canadian.

Can you cook a meal?

Because just a few lines once a month are sufficient, if you write a blog, your ability in English will increase just from doing this.


Errors are few, if any, in his English composition.

Go on ahead and tell the others we're coming.

Look around you, Lance.


I have a friend whose father is a magician.

Chip heard Caroline talk about John.

The matter is still under discussion.

We're very, very hungry.

Is she alright?


I am not completely satisfied with the formation of this phrase.

What does this mean?

Did they ever find her?


I couldn't disagree more.

It rained continuously all day.

Shatter is painting his fence.

Ten houses were burned down.

She cannot have done it.

We will first ascertain the cause of the disaster.

I already saw this.

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Can we stop it?

I didn't endanger your lily-white reputation.

You are absolutely right, Mr Prime Minister!

In fact, he was lying.

That singer is the center of attention.

I know how Woody feels about Sharan.

Everything has a particular sound, its alone.

It didn't look that easy.

How long did it take for you to read this book?


We'll leave theory to the mathematicians.


Did Hirofumi forget to pay?


I tried doing that a few days ago.

You can see it, but you cannot take it away.

It hasn't been easy for Sjouke to earn enough money to support his large family.

I value their opinions.

I'll keep it with me.

He may have already departed.

He got religion on his deathbed.


We plunged into the cave opening on our boat and continued on.

I've been getting to know him.

Jacobson was the life of the party.

For some inexplicable reason, the flimsy shack survived the storm.

What a good teacher Mr Hirayama is!


I need to lose some weight.

I appreciate it.

The sky is full of dark clouds.

Sangho is getting a teaching degree.

There are no breakthroughs.

I planned for it.

It is easy to learn a foreign language.

Anything might happen, so be careful.

All natural objects and phenomena used to be considered as having kami, so the gods of Shinto were uncountably numerous.

Either day is OK.

I feel a little tired.

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Answering that question is easy.

I'm glad you showed up.

Clyde doesn't remember turning off the light.


Masao studies history under Prof. Ito's guidance.

He is the tallest man that I have ever seen.

I wanna go!