Little help did he give me.

I kind of wished you'd mentioned that before.

He took over the business.

Here's my big brother. Doesn't he look good?

Never turn your back on them.

He translated French into Japanese.

His story is well worth listening to.

They defeated our team by three goals.


You're not going to believe what happened to Kyung.


The girl imagines that she is a doctor.

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Brown is not her natural hair color.

You were drying clothes

Tell her we'll be ready.

Let's go fishing.

The world is getting smaller every year.


Is that old car giving you any more trouble?


There's nothing we can do about that problem.

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I make a mean margarita.

Don't worry about it. Everything's going to be fine.

It does more harm than good.


I share a bedroom with my sister.

When you expect to get something for nothing, the only person you're fooling is yourself.

It still hurts.

How hard would it be to do that?

Vijay inherited his uncle's estate.

Are you trying to distract me?

We're totally cool with it.

Brandon sounds perfect.

I've heard that he won't be in this country for a long time.

He will have dinner.

He has yet to learn that he has become a father.

I know that downloading music from the internet without paying is wrong, but I do it anyway.

Did you take the clothes out of the washing machine?

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You'll be quite safe.

There is no one who is born under an unlucky star, there are only people who cannot read the sky.

I need to get in there.

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Do to others as you would have them do to you.

Sylvan's doctor suggested that he take a vacation and relax a bit.

The store closed down for good.

I'm afraid I dislocated my right arm.

It works incredibly well.


Tickets are now on sale.

Tell me how you feel.

You have no future here.


I know why you aren't happy here.

The man aimed a gun at the detectives.

Have you ever heard Matthias's music?

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Nichael returned to the campsite.

Please let me know the status.

Keith wasn't good.

I just want to be a little happier.

Are you studying?


We are starting to eat.


Cheese doesn't digest easily.


Your dad will be proud of you.

Thanks to the good weather, the outdoor concert was a success.

Put it back where it was.


Andrea and Pravin have a very complicated relationship.

We are overfishing the world's oceans.

Without Esperanto you miss something.


Owen picked up his helmet and put it on.

Her health is improving little by little.

Leora closed the door behind him.

Keep your eyes closed until I tell you to open them.

All of a sudden, the clerk lost his temper.

I've been a little busy, Marguerite.

Will you have time to have lunch with me?

He won the race with ease.

Will you let me use your telephone, please?


In order to use a computer, you must learn to type.

Where did you mention them?

He gave me some stamps.

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I heard my name called from behind.

He was sent to prison for a crime that he did not commit.

What do you find attractive about her?


I'd sure like to help them.

She is too meek.

We'll send her a card.

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Our century has seen a notable increase of knowledge.

Izchak doesn't need to do that, does he?

I left home when I was young.

How do you know who I am?

Ricardo is pigeon-toed.

You wanna help me lift this up?

She blushed when he praised her.

Please wait in front of Room 213.

A function that is both quasiconvex and quasiconcave is quasilinear.

Stevan didn't like Lynn very much.

I'm painting the house.

Come on, it's not that hard.

I'm bored right now.

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Seeing the eagle against the red of the setting sun, Lech took this as a good omen and decided to settle there.

I became very nervous when I couldn't locate my passport.

The papers that were in the safe are gone.

He bathed and dressed.

Are you going to be able to do this?

Kristen can read Egyptian hieroglyphs.

The daisy is white.

I used to go fishing quite often, but now I rarely go.

I'll ask Monica the next time I see him.


Wilmer and Bobbie met with John.

They're smiling at each other.

For my part, I don't like this picture.

I owe Pravin some money and must pay her back by next Monday.

The dining area is always busy.


What a great party!

We shall start after breakfast.

The word "hybrid" is derived from the Latin "hybrida".

I never should've opened my mouth.

It happened in 2013.

My father stayed a few days in Frankfurt.

I have no choice but to take the red-eye back to New York.


I married my daughter.

Apparently all that doesn't work perfectly yet, but the system is interesting.

Could you put your seat back up a little?

Do you know those people?

At least tell them how you feel.

She did nothing but cry all day.

They're in their element.

Money is a big bother: you can live neither with it nor without it.

He likes to travel. I do, too.

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It's time we talked.

Please don't come in.

I probably should've asked Arnold that question.

I told her to stay in her room.

Don't misunderstand me; we are not making any promises.


What are you hiding?

This isn't Australia.

Don't let them see you're afraid.

She loved her children alike.

Jem finally changed his name.

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What do you do on Fridays?

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Burr was not satisfied with Hamilton's answers.

I can't fake it.

Go on the offensive.

My bed never felt so good.

Klaus likes adventure.

Dieter left an envelope on your desk.

Now, I'll take your temperature.


Christopher Columbus's happy meal toy was a limited edition clumsy noob waiter toy that whenever is set to walk, trips and falls on its face.

Pamela knew that she was developing a problem when her usual five o'clock drink started happening at twelve o'clock.

Philosophy is my passion.

This is an ice cube.

I don't know where I'm going.

You said you needed a favor.

Now this is more like it.


Dawn knows something's wrong.

When Mat saw him, a look of surprise spread across her face.

I'm eager to be allowed to do more private-sector investment.

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I almost passed out.

For corn's sake!

There's no doubt that he's innocent.

Glen spilled his drink.

I've never seen this much money at once before.

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Nobody knows that better than you.

Kerri wants me to believe him.

Do you think we convinced her?

Chancellor Merkel said that all Syrian migrants would be allowed to come to Germany and apply for asylum.

Museum officials think that ETA wanted more Basque art in the museum.

Pravin died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Please give me a hamburger.

What's your strategy?

The savage robbed me of my precious jewels and ran away.

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Rodger testified against Rudy.


You have to learn to respect people as they are.