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UPDATE: WE LISTENED! Student Voice Grades 6-12 Survey updated

30 Years of Research. Proven Impact.

For over 30 years, Dr. Russell Quaglia and his team at the Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations have been collecting information about what education stakeholders think, believe, and feel about their schools. The data from these surveys has shown time and time again that certain conditions must be present in school for students to reach their fullest potential.

Student Voice Data Shows Impact on Academic Motivation
56% of students feel like they don't have a voice in decision making at school. 7x When students believe that they have a voice and that teachers are willing to listen and learn from them, they are 7x more academically motivated!
54% of students believe that their teachers don't care if they're absent from school. 6x When students have a sense of Self-Worth, and that teachers care about them, they are 6x more academically motivated!
43% of students think school is boring. 14x Students that are meaningfully Engaged and feel that what they are learning will benefit their future, and 14x more academically motivated!
36% of students believe that teachers know their hopes and dreams. 17x Students that have a sense of Purpose, believe they can be successful, and are supported by their teachers, are 17x more academically motivated!
89% of students feel that their teachers believe in them and expect them to be successful. 8x When students feel that they are encouraged to try their best and are supported by their teachers, they are 8x more academically motivated!
31% of students feel that students respect each other in their school. 4x When students feel that students in their school are supportive and respect each other, they are 4x more academically motivated!
(Quaglia School Voice Report 2016)
Student Voice
Student Voice Survey

Student Voice

Offered for grades 3-5 and 6-12 in English and Spanish, the Student Voice Survey measures the important 8 Conditions that impact student voice, aspirations, and academic motivations, as well as assessing student perceptions of their personal voice in the school.

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iKnow My Class
iKnow My Class Survey

iKnow My Class

This survey helps individual classroom teachers in grades 3-5 and 6-12 discover students' perspectives about themselves as learners, course content, and instruction. It allows for ongoing, formative assessment of student perceptions and engagement and allows teachers to make necessary midcourse adjustments. This survey is available in English and Spanish.

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Teacher Voice
Teacher Voice Survey

Teacher Voice

The Teacher Voice Survey assesses staff perceptions of the teaching and learning environment, provides educators and those that support them with a powerful tool for understanding both what motivates and inspires every person to achieve, and how well the staff believes their school is meeting those objectives.

Parent Voice
Parent Voice Survey

Parent Voice

Knowing that parent perceptions are an important part of understanding school culture, the Parent Voice Survey measures parent perceptions surrounding students' Self Worth, Engagement, and Sense of Purpose - vital factors for all students to realize academic, personal, and social success in school.

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