Vic didn't seem surprised to see Kerry at the concert.

I don't see any customers complaining.

This book is a good guide for beginners.

That can't be!

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I'm sure I'll manage on my own.

It's unclear how long Tammy wants us to stay.

We're going north.

Excuse me. I need to move.

You can't rely on what was said before an election really mattering after the election.

My mind was in a haze after drinking so much.

It's a matter of survival.


Dan became a drug dealer.


The gust of wind rose suddenly.

This room doesn't get much sunlight.

Franklin isn't athletic.

I don't want to discuss my problems.

His belly as of ivory, set with sapphires.

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Shean's house was damaged by the flood.

I'm Jean-Pierre's daughter.

Everyone has faults.


I wish that Irfan was here to help us.

You can't always do what you want.

I still don't see how you can help.


I like trains better than buses.

I made my son a doctor.

Sandeep is an interior designer.

Jisheng should sue them.

Hugh didn't forget to do his homework this time.


As she hasn't written to me, I don't know what time she will arrive.

Don't listen to Cecilia.

It'll be very, very hot.

She does nothing but watch TV all day long.

I'm sorry to have kept you waiting long. A visitor has kept me busy till now.

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Hope and reality are not the same thing.

We're perfectly safe.

It is not enough to read great books once only, however carefully.

I would be thankful to you if you stayed until tomorrow.

Something smells good in here.

Weren't you listening, Hunter?

Are you sure I can't help?

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He meditated on his past life of suffering.

Wendi told Brandy that he wasn't hungry.

Thomas died in Boston in 2013.

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According to Raymond, Danish is the most beautiful language in the world.

Leif is prepared for this, isn't he?

You know what's going on, don't you?

It is very kind of you to invite me to the party.

The library is upstairs.

We have a contract.

Can I take your word for it?

He dashed the cup on the floor.

There was very little in the way of entertainment.

Thad climbed up a ladder to get to the roof.

You will recover from your weakness soon.


All my friends can speak French.


I'm sorry to bother you, but we've got a small problem.


I'd prefer to not take that risk.

I didn't see much.

Unfortunately, I have a commitment.


'needless to say' is often introduced as an idiomatic expression in the infinitive.

I can never tell when Rik is joking.

Throw me the ball.

Jordan shredded the lettuce.

Hirotoshi will be back after a while.

She gave him something hot to drink.

Will there be an extra charge for that?


This man only has to open his mouth for you to see that he lacks education.


The words escaped my lips.


I'm not wide awake yet.

There are fifty states in America.

What did that accomplish?

I can't do all of this without a little help.

The police officer arrested the burglar.

The sign indicates the way to go.

Every part of the island has been explored.

Let's leave it as it stands.

I'm pretty sure that Ji likes his job.

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"Has Masanao lost his reason?" "If there were what to lost..."


Our colleague's mother passed away.

That would be silly.

Laziness and success do not go together.


Indians inhabited this district.


Dan wanted to attempt the robbery.

You're stronger than Lawrence is.

This video is boring.

Darrell wanted to become a diplomat.

It's worth his salt.

What makes you think that'll happen?

All the soldiers were gallant.

That is the most beautiful thing of all.

This house is not for sale.

He was very old and ill.

That's a big sandwich.

This summer I went on vacation in Scotland.

I'm not mad at you anymore.


We will die sooner or later.

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy brown dog.

I lived with Larry for three years.

Claudia is a really bad cook.

I told her exactly what I saw.

Hunter sold the guitar that his father gave him.

We need each other.

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Let's see how the negotiations pan out before we decide.

You were so awesome.

Please sit down on this chair.

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Do you still believe Olof's story?

We were all wondering why you were late.

I am learning two foreign languages.

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It would be fantastic to have a zen garden in front of the house!

A wonderful idea just ran through my mind.

Will you or won't you come with me?

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That girl is far from being shy.

Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.

You don't have to wrap it up.

We'll have to talk this matter over in the near future.

There are at least five women standing outside, all claiming to be his wife.

Elisabeth is really getting worried.

Malcolm has an older brother named John.

"Say something in French." "Say something like what?" "Anything's fine." "Bonjour. Merci. There, I said something." "What, you're so boring!" "Didn't you say I could say anything!"

We know what we want.


Some of us hate him.

Unfortunately, I don't have a reservation. Do you still have a double room available?

They don't have any weapons.


When should I pick you up tomorrow?

In addition to taking the regular tests, we have to hand in a long essay.

Maybe we'll meet him in the street.

Get away from me. I mean it.

Bobbie is the guy with the beard.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

Kirsten was the one who told me about Delbert's accident.

I take a walk with my dog in the evening.

Please keep in mind that we have to be with other students.

Is this the first time you've had this symptom?

I've sent Noam home.


Happening in wartime, this would amount to disaster.

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You better hide somewhere.

We need to figure it out.

Dwight found the child crying in the street.


Because he is rich, it doesn't follow that he is happy.


I didn't forget it.

You cannot scale creativity.

"I'm sorry. I reflected on what I did." "Reflected on what you did? That's something that even a monkey could do!"

You need not take off your shoes.

Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations.

We don't really know her.

I'm Susan Greene.

"Pet loss" refers to the reactions of shock and anger that occur in owners who have been bereaved of their pets.

We couldn't make it happen.


Brazilian music is simply magical.

It was really good to see you again.

Valerie wouldn't take no for an answer.

Nobody can know this very well.

I am tired from running fast.

I'm going back to work now.

The walls have ears, the doors have eyes.

I'm 99% sure it's true.

What high school did Raja go to?

I need paper for the printer.

He asked for my permission to use the telephone.

Just as the argument got heated he interposed.

It's not funny! Do you have any idea how worried I was?

Which day of the week is it?

I'm disorganized.

That could be wrong.

I have often been asked that question.

Could you translate this sentence?

Kamel read a book while he was waiting for the bus.