Latex is a natural ingredient that comes from rubber trees.

Holy cow!

I'm trying to figure it out just like you are.

Sam is as ready as he'll ever be.

She is known to everyone.

He removed his sunglasses.

Was anyone hurt in the train crash?

We were reading a book and it was a very good one.

Men become more attractive from their thirties on.

She didn't feel good.

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I was shocked to see it.

I thought you said it was getting fixed.

Her oldest daughter got married.

I said let her go.

This sentence doesn't exist.


I don't sound like that.

Did you already kiss someone today?

Pass on, please, and do not obstruct the way.


We need to talk to everyone.

Do we have enough time to finish this before Susanne gets here?

Can I get a pillow?

Why don't you go fly a kite?

Read chapter 4 for Friday.

Let me speak to Sumitro.

Would that make you happy?

Shuvra is three thousand dollars in debt.

Are you learning French?


We had so many good times.

I won't be going.

She has known him only a fortnight.

What exactly did you anticipate?

The dragon flew a dragon kite: the kite was flown by the dragon.

Can you fix this or should I call a plumber?

Each year, twenty-seven million acres of the tropical rainforests are destroyed.

Actually, I don't like coffee.

What kind of oranges do you plant here?

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Cliff must be Drew's brother.


The fruit is sour.

The shipment was damaged by the rain.

Ross put his empty glass on the table.

I'm not sure who to talk to.

You've really helped me today.


As far as I can tell, Andrew's French is pretty good.


I thought you said nobody liked Roberta.

The bird went up higher and higher into the sky.

The fan asked for his autograph.

Can I go swimming this afternoon?

The invitation said that popcorn and soft drinks would be served.


I was born and brought up in Matsuyama.

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I've gained three kilos.


I believe he is an intelligent person.

I didn't enjoy that.

Keith is a lovely woman.

You bought the last round of drinks. Now it's my turn.

French is spoken in parts of Italy as well as in France.

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Your guess is quite wrong.


I just got out of jail.


Oops, I farted again!

Leslie has killed before.

Russian astronaut Alexei Leonov performed the first spacewalk on March 18, 1965.

They kill two birds with one stone.

Think about it.

Oh, is that the way you milk a cow?

I will harvest my wheat in July.

Tell me you'll do it.

Pablo walked out of the hut.


Yesterday, as I was walking along the street, I saw an accident.

That was unbelievable.

But "experiment" is not the appropriate word.

I have no intention of sharing my ice cream with you.

What is my task?

I was offended.

I thought Elliott wasn't allowed to eat candy.


Tai plays the violin well.

The boy set a bird free.

The police officer called for backup.


She's the only one who survived.

Have a nice meal!

We travel light.

I think Dawson is brave.

If I had known it was going to bother you, I wouldn't have done it.


I've instructed Srinivas to help you.

A habit is very difficult to shake off once it is formed.

Should we wait for you?

Powder is soluble in water.

You'll be able to drive a car in a few days.

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He is still at large.

I saw him just this morning.

Where did you buy your pants?

Guy pointed at the coin on the floor.

They might be taller than you.

My father is worried about my health.

I'll be hanged if it's true.


You can hardly expect me to help you.

Hui is still a bachelor.

I could never replace them.

That's bound to be a problem.

I believed you.

Before the advent of video games children played cowboys and Indians.

He's not looking at the book.

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Old has lost weight recently.

I'll buy him a pencil.

I have no children.

Willie is taking a walk with Sangho and should be back before long.

We are both her boyfriend and girlfriend.

They're worried.

I finished the homework, and want to go to bed, but now it's time to go to school again...


If anyone missed our November news, here's your chance to catch up.

That's a book of incredible prophetic power.

Our bodies are not designed to cope with stress for long periods.

Brandi could hardly make himself understood in French.

I know a guy named Ellen.

Sherri doesn't like washing dishes.

The train pulled out exactly on time.

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Sugih is a good choice.

He got his neck broken in the accident.

The water's leaking from the elbow of the pipe.

Long-term unemployment can be very frustrating and demoralising.

She followed me into the kitchen and picked up a knife.

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I think Nadeem works in this office.

Jelske came even though it was raining.

Guests began arriving a little after 2:30.


Let's ask Leora.

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I don't have time for breakfast.

I may be homeless, but I'm not stupid.

He won't live long.


Erik makes more money than Kathleen.

We're all creatures of habit.

You were right about him.


Would you carry this up to the second floor for me?


Stay there for a moment.

Shutoku isn't mad at us.

Jose is getting married next month.

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I couldn't catch that.


Keith didn't want Teri to call him all the time.


I don't know how, but Barbra did it.

The air is bad here. Will you open the window?

I'll explain everything later.

Life is like photography; you used the negatives to develop.

The mailman emptied the mailbox.

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We have completely outstripped the other companies.

Her cousin lives in Europe.

I have read both of these books, but neither of them is interesting.

I can only tell you what I know.

Do as she says.

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They have branches all over the world, from Calcutta to New York City.

I'm always under stress.

Donn followed my advice.

Shyam got straight A's in school.

Hui has killed before.

How brave of you to go alone into the primaeval forest!

You'd better not go out today.

Did you feel the earth shake just now?

I had no friends except for Mah.

I saw Mat's car pull into the driveway.

I don't wish to be rescued.

He owes his success to his parents.

Money isn't the only thing that matters.

Take your time, Kristian.

My family enjoyed the picnic.


Cindy felt Tovah's forehead.

I don't know, she really has a condescending way of talking, don't you think? Sometimes it gets to me.

He makes believe that he is a practical statesman, but in really he is a cunning politician.

I might be able to help.

He was making sheep's eyes at my daughter.