You only did what you had to do.

Why didn't you listen to Starbuck?

Which one is the department store?

Apart from joking, what do you mean to do?


I drank tea yesterday.


I hope you and your wife can make it to our party.

This isn't a map.

Do you mind if I open the window and let the smoke out?

The exception was in China, where flat bread was probably not eaten.

He knows her by sight.

The forecast rain never eventuated.

Kimmo went into the bank.

Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny.

How long will it stop there?

It is best left untouched.

I'll stay in Boston for three months.

No matter how hard you try, you can't finish it in a day.

I want you to look at something for me.

She was raised in the United States of America but her mother tongue is Japanese.

I wanted to do it, but could not.

As a young man he flirted briefly with communism.

All what he said was right.

Do you have a problem telling people what you really think?

Your shoes aren't the right size.

My heart beats fast each time I see her.

Please tell the others everything you've just told me.

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I got my decayed tooth pulled out.

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I want you to think about it.


I'll take in the washing before it rains.

I don't know how much more of this I can take.

Both my parents came to see me off at the airport.


I just heard them.

This is the package you've been waiting for.

Good, as always.

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Her goal is to become a teacher.

Why were you holding his hand?

His words pierced to the heart of the matter.


He set out to find his lost mother.

She prepared herself for the tennis match by practicing for hours every day.

I stay with you.

We're on earth to look for happiness, not to find it.

You write very neatly, don't you?

If you can't solve this problem, ask your teacher.

How could you even forget that?

Hurry up! You should be ready by now.

Would you ladies care for some refreshments?

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I told Glynn what I saw.


The beetle buzzes.

Did Phiroze tell you to say those things?

I got five years in prison.

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I've dreamed about it every night for the last three weeks.

Let's not argue for the sake of arguing.

The surgeon persuaded him to undergo an organ transplant.

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Do you have Time magazine?

Skip would be so happy.

I saw it being killed.


This is the player that scored every goal.

I'll be good.

His name is Kenji, but we call him Ken.

I want you to trust me.

Polycystic ovary syndrome is the most common endocrine disorder in women from young adulthood to early middle age.

The slogan "Arbeit macht frei" at the gates of the Nazi concentration camps was entirely cynical. The prisoners who believed the deceitful promise that work would set them free had no real chance of freedom, regardless of how much they laboured. Many of them were worked to death; many more were deliberately exterminated.

Have you ever heard of the concept of linguistic relativity?

Someone has been throwing beer bottles over the fence and into my back yard.

I really wish to see you today.

He tied the parcel up.

We need to get rid of the guards.

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He called me a coward.

It has been ten years since my father passed away.

We're stuck with each other.

Think it over.

I considered leaving school, but thought better of it.


Tell me you're not afraid.

Hsuan won't tell us what he knows.

Vernon didn't notice the mud on his shoes.


She accepted her offer.

How do you define life?

Hurf wasn't there today.

There was no water in the well.

Do you recognize any of these names?

Elwood doesn't know what happened, does he?

It goes without saying that at that time a kind of friendship beyond master and disciple grew between the two of them.


Healthy adult teeth should be permanent.

Have you heard that a psychic dwarf just escaped from prison? There's a small medium at large!

I believe she'll arrive in a short time.

I used to dream about you.

The session will be prolonged again.

I reasoned him out of his fears.

Ted was certain of winning the game.

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Ted's really got computers on the brain.

Do you know any haunted house in the neighborhood?

Dan was sent to a maximum security facility in Florida.

I've figured it out.

I've been told that you can't be trusted.

His company is under his control.

I wanted somebody to talk to.

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I don't know what I had.


I hope I can get my taxes in on time this year.

Soohong does good work.

I'll throw you a stag party.

If you want to run, then run.

I've dreamed about this for years.

Grant wanted to cut the supply lines between the two cities.

I wonder what has happened to her.

Someone asked about Texas.

You thought I wouldn't come tonight, didn't you?

I saw your name on the list.

This explanation doesn't mean anything!

I don't remember where I met Elaine the first time.

Semiconductors were the top United States export to South Korea.

Well, Sanand, we were worried about you.

It was Mendel's good fortune that the arrival of the pea weevil postdated the completion of the pea part of his research.

He doesn't realize that he doesn't have time for these things.

Few passengers survived the catastrophe.

He's outstanding in his field.

I did what I was asked.

This gift is from Tobias.

I feel faint.


The girls laughed loudly.

There were hardly any teachers at the school that students could talk to.

The fence is painted green.


Wow, you look really beautiful.

Are you going to attend ceremony?

It's almost my bedtime.

Pedro's insane.

How much is your hourly pay?

Jim and I are married now.

What do you do exactly?


Tandy must've finished it by now.

I remembered you immediately.

Why didn't you read the magazine?

I haven't been told anything.

Marie told me a joke.

I'd be happy to show you around.

There is no precedent for such a case.

Yvonne is always sleepy.

The date of the event is to be determined.


Are there big rivers in Germany?


I'm going to pick her up.

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Do you want to come back home?

I don't think Hilda is the right person for the job.

I'd wish the moon would fall upon the Earth.

He cut himself the first time that he cooked dinner.

I don't understand what you see in Tuna.

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

I can't explain it to you now.


Cool fall is here.

This ticket will admit two persons free.

He is good, not to say exceptional.

I'd hoped to speak with Gerald.

Vijay borrowed Ken's car over the weekend.


You're a handsome fellow, aren't you?

The policeman suspected the man was guilty.

In Korea, there's a popular theory that says that: "If you eat a quarter of an Iceberg lettuce, you will fall asleep". Thus, amongst truck drivers in Korea, lettuce is known as something that should not be eaten before work.

If you request a further discount, we suggest changing the terms of payment.

We don't know where Dewey is.

I explained him the procedures.

Can you do that in a day?

It's been weeks since she's written.

I thought it was a mistake to go talk to Kathleen about that.


Did you just hit Emil?

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Their jeans do not fit.

Be careful swimming in the sea.

Did Nou say anything about me?


I don't know if you'll be here when I return.

Jakob may have done that already.

Connie didn't go to the bank.

Gregg warned him.

Time will pass quite quickly when you read something.