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The twilight merged into darkness.

Where did you take my blanket?

This is the first time I've ever washed my car.


How did you and Herman get here?


Isn't that why we're here?

What are the points of interest here?

I don't want to get my clothes dirty.


She treats me as if I were a baby.

Are these sentences correct?

Kashgar's pomegranates are the most famous.

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My birthday is in October.

It's hard to tell Englishmen from Americans just by the way they look.

Write to me sometimes and let me know how you are doing.

We were surprised at the sight.

Do you want to see something extraordinary?

I helped Jaime do some chores.

He's a total genius!

My hours of study are from 8 to 11 p.m.

We're flying to Boston tomorrow.

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It's a long way to the station.

You think you're funny, don't you?

I just wanted to take a look around.

Strange to say, his prediction has come true.

The police aren't after us anymore.


I repeated the word several times for her.

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There was a large castle in my city.

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Yesterday was Sunday, not Saturday.

You're going to have to do it.

Sandy volunteered to do the job.

I can live without it.

What you're talking about is more important than how you say it.

Andries should be fired, too.

You should not have gone to such a dangerous place.

We do have other choices.

The desert sun grilled him.

You used a condom for birth control, right?

Pandora is persevering.

I suppose we are to get there soon.

I haven't exactly been prudent.

Four hundred and sixteen Chinese Olympic athletes are in Rio.

It was right around here somewhere.

A pretty waitress waited on us.

This is one of the most beautiful paintings I've ever seen

Girl as she was, Joan was not daunted at all.

He objected to my smoking.

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Do you think you're smarter than Ramesh?


"How long will you remain in Boston?" "Until Thursday."


You're a good actor, pretending you were late because you don't feel well.


Why did you bring them?

I'm talking.

There were points in her testimony that didn't add up.

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I told you Pandora would help us out.


We could go there now.

Janos won't go to the market.

Kent could tell that Rakhal didn't enjoy the concert.

Have you ever seen a purple butterfly?

You were really cute when you were a kid.

It was an eye-opening experience.

Altogether, things are going well.


Liyuan is a heavy smoker.

Shai is teaching me to paint.

I don't want to take advantage of anyone.

He loves to gossip.

You're more talkative than most of Jwahar's friends.

Do you object?

I love cake.

Thank you, I understand everything.

Tell Geoffrey what's on your mind.

Let's go get something to eat.

Why would someone with Arlene's experience need our help?

He walked her to her car.

There is little hope of her recovery.

The covers of this book are too far apart.

He always wears heavy clothes.


School isn't for me.

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Miki's worth about a hundred million dollars.

The hole is big enough.

I do not like any of these hats.

This is important to them.

Have you ever served as a witness in a court case?

I'd like to speak to the manager.

This rain coat comes in all sizes.

Francois seems extremely excited.

So, this is the nata-de-coco that everyone is talking about.


My younger sister got married in her teens.


Are you frivolous?

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Whether I be rich or poor, intelligent or stupid, I have nothing to prove to you.

This spider rarely bites humans.

He's a fan of Klingon opera.

Have you ever seen us dance?

Please call the FBI immediately.

I remember those days.

Her sister I like very much, but her brother I do not like.

Why is Elias so happy?

The notebooks should be put in a drawer.

Fuck everything.

What were they doing here?

It's quite nippy today, so take your coat with you.

Yuka types better than Alice.

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I'll tell you the truth now.

I anticipate that there will be trouble.

Are you still married to her?

I used to go to the baker's.

How do I thank you?

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Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.


I invited her to a movie.

The United States of America is a democratic country.

Christopher and Moore are members of a secret society.

I make a point of arranging sentences in my mind before writing them down.

Who should write it but himself?

Joseph never leaves the house without her hijab.

I'm surprised it was that easy.

This bike is awful; it's too heavy.

Can I be your friend?


The final exams will probably carry over into next month.

They were the nightmare of the elderly.

Paul began living by himself at the age of sixteen.

Laurie will ruin his clothing.

I couldn't sleep on the plane.


I lived with a foster family for a couple of months when I was younger.

Afghans need our support to develop their economy and to help them reconstruct their nation.

Bradford isn't always late.

I'm a cheese connoisseur.

She was abducted by aliens from the planet Tatoeba.

This escapes my jurisdiction.

My opponent once signed into law a bill outlawing cute puppies. Can you really vote for such a person?

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Vassos loves chili.

Did Marika read the Quran?

Please don't make me help him.


She served us a good meal.

That's a pretty strong statement.

Permaculture is a branch of ecological design.

I'm pretty sure I can help her.

I have the feeling you had something else in mind.

Tell me about what you did today.

Tomorrow is a holiday.

Turn the page.

Don't ask me. Ask him.

Those Hungarian girls are very pretty.

It was from Jisheng.


I'm afraid I am not at liberty to do that.

Do Nicolas and Lievaart get along?

I asked him to leave at once.


Isn't it better to get drunk and cut loose once in a while and blow off the tension of daily frustration?

I've already talked to the manager.

Ozan was dead before the ambulance could get there.

How do you know all these things?

I've set the stage so now you just have to show some guts, OK?


Suwandi rummaged through the contents of her purse, but couldn't find what she was looking for.

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I didn't think you would come.


I wanted to be a piano teacher.

Having a cold, I was absent from school.

I'm sure Nhan misses you, too.

That's what I'd like to find out.

Let me look at you.


My friend comes to the library to study.


Gunnar is out of my league.

Could you hold on a minute?

That wasn't one of your better ideas.

Americans have to spend hours figuring out their taxes.

Martyn went to the university's open day.


I decided against doing that.


When translating sentences, we often get corrections by other users, so we improve our knowledge of the languages we already know.