What's the job?

I need to know what happened that night.


Will you swim with them?

I won't go down without a fight.

These trees were planted by them.

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Who'd like ice cream?


Emily is my favourite girl.

Do you watch movies?

I swore I'd never be like Sanjeev.

Kurt is all words and no action.

There's a radio on the table.

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She is terrified of hospitals.

I've still got a lot to learn.

I have several friends who speak French fairly well.


I remember playing with those.

Has anybody here been to Boston?

What she needs is practice.


You've been amazingly tolerant.

I'll definitely miss you.

A typhoon is coming, so be careful.

That was important.

My sister and I hate the taste of peach.

This year the cherry blossoms are coming out a little later than usual.

I'll keep an eye on you!

Is she coming, too?

I want him kept away from here.

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It's a great day for a picnic.

I am surprised by a lot of the things he does.

I hope that she'll get well soon.

There is a garden in front of the house.

Did you give the order?

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A nuclear war will bring about the destruction of mankind.


Can he come too?

Would that I had met you then.

When can I travel?


Try to hold on until a rescue team arrives.

I always liked soccer.

You're being detained.

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We know perfectly well that he specialized in that language, however we can not allow him to take any sentence written in it, because that is not his native language.

Is that illegal?

The party was, on the whole, successful.

It was not until last night that I got the news.

Of any stranger, wisemen are suspicious.

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This gift is from Jeff.

Don't you remember the question?

Japan's consumption of rice is decreasing.

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Ilya is afraid to say anything, isn't he?

He has found your cap.

I don't want to talk about it now.

We're in uncharted territory here.

Languages act as distorting mirrors: one is more prone to hearing languages that one speaks.


When we eat too much, we suffer from indigestion.

Why don't you want to go to school?

They were walking along the street arm in arm.

Brent vanished without a trace.

That looks unlikely.

He prepared for his death.

He received a large sum of money in compensation for his injury.

I'm not strong enough to do this.

Join the sports revolution.

I was your student a few years ago.

I think you look hot.

Dawn continued walking down the hall.

Drinking much is dangerous.

Suzanne doesn't know who Jared's boyfriend is.

Are there still some empty seats?


Can you tell me what you're doing?

I can't really help you at all.

Raja slept like a child.

He's just jealous.

He is singing with a lot of ornamentation.

How much do these two honey doughnuts cost?

How's the world treating you?

How could you not tell me that you're my father?

I do have a plan.

The mother signed to Alice to follow her.

Never trust a politician.

Let's meet up somewhere.

I don't crack your mugs.

Jinchao and I don't get along with each other.

I would like to repay him for his kindness.

He was suspect in that he had no alibi.

I'm really proud of him.

Ernie is still in the kitchen, washing dishes.

We weren't given food or water.


I'm going to fly to the moon.

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This shirt doesn't fit me anymore.

That is good to me.

He didn't do it.


Elric thought it might be a trap.

His observation is sharp, but he says very little.

A flight attendant was rescued from the wreckage of the passenger plane.

I don't work for her.

It speaks.


From the menu-bar's "Reply" select "create follow-up message". The message you reply to is quoted.

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Have they told you anything yet?


A polyglot is someone who can read upside-down.

His karaoke voice would put a professional to shame.

If you mess with drugs, you're asking for trouble.


Gary asked Sanjib why John was so unhappy.

Michelle came to see me just the other day.

I was weary of doing the same thing over and over again.


All the seats are occupied.

Do you want to leave here?

Thomas told me that you told him that I wouldn't go to his party.

They were servants.

Adam has lost his focus.


Merril's parents have separated.

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There's a rumor that the President will resign.

Does it look bad?

Kevan felt a little dizzy.

Is it too late to say I'm sorry?

Bruno is eating a sandwich in the lunchroom.


The movie was so funny that finally even Susan burst out laughing.

I really am very thirsty.

Want a drink?

I don't want war.

He always parades his knowledge of English.

The rain has stopped.

Root already knew what was wrong.

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Would you abandon me?

Let's stop at the next gas station.

I did my best to keep you out of it.


It doesn't matter how small it is.


They drove away.

Why should I tell him?

Stop picking on them.


Never did I dream of hearing from Dwayne.


Price can neither read nor write.

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His vocabulary is inadequate.

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I think it helps to learn to pronounce words.

I've already told you the truth.

I never regretted having helped him.

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Rise and shine, Johnny! Time to go to school.


I'll do my best, I promise you.

He can't see nor hear.

We like girls.

If this ever happens again, I'll probably get fired.

I hope my mistake will escape his notice.


I worked enough on my German today.

She denied having been asked to go on a business trip.

Susumu and Fletcher are trying to sell their house.


Shahid is dating someone.

They are extremely popular among teenagers.

It looks like it is going to clear up soon.

This water isn't drinkable.

I always pass on good advice. It is the only thing to do with it. It is never of any use to oneself.

I was disappointed at the results.

The cruise for M.I.T. alumni was called "A Ship of Tools."


Antonio snuck out and had a few beers with the guys.


If what Rajendra told me is true, then we have nothing to worry about.

Teruyuki made me a birdcage.

How long did you stay in Germany?

He is a potential leader.

"He did right," the colonel nodded.

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I don't want to hear your excuses.

Floria is losing them.

Ask as many times as necessary.

Benjamin doubts if Ernest will come tomorrow.

Lou and I like the same kinds of things.