Reduce Costs.
Empower Employees.
Improve Your Payroll Process.

Save up to 75% on administration payroll costs and increase cashflow while offering employees a great new benefit.

Your Wage, Your Way

Reduce financial stress and improve your quality of life. Ensure you have your money when you need it.

How It Works


Flexiwage Pay Scheduling

Budget your income across your pay schedule, to ensure you have enough money at each stage in the month, without having to resort to borrowing.

Digital Payslips

Flexiwage delivers payslips straight to the employee and retains them in GDPR compliant, secure storage for employees to reference as needed.

Employee Self Service

Employees manage their own account details and bank details, empowering them to manage their data and their money, their way while removing the administrative overhead from your payroll team.

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Consolidate Payrolls

Flexiwage enables employers to switch from weekly or fortnightly payrolls to a single, monthly payroll without impacting on the frequency employees get paid.

Improve Cashflow

Enjoy the benefit of retained payroll funds in your bank accounts, as the funds will leave your accounts slower throughout the month.

Retain Staff

Retain your employees by offering them more flexibility and help them to manage their income more effectively.

Attract New Staff

Attract more candidates by offering a great benefit, allowing them to have flexibility on how they are paid.


Financial Wellness

Financial wellness means peace of mind. It is knowing you have control of your income and your life. Flexiwage lets you control, budget and get paid your wage, your way.

Reduce Stress

Reduce the stress of debt by setting your payment schedules. Know you will have money in your accounts at the right time, each month.

Control Income

Flexiwage allows you to control what money arrives into your accounts and when.

Budget Better

Flexiwage lets you determine exactly what money goes into your accounts, so you can budget more effectively.

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We have dedicated members of the Flexiwage team, who will help guide you through the implementation process and support you with any questions or problems, which may arise.

About Us

At Flexiwage we believe employers care about their employees, we believe they care if they are struggling to manage their income or are at risk of falling into debt. We also believe that a happy employee is a more productive and engaged one.

We are industry veterans with over 100 years combined experience in the Payroll and HR sector. Allow us to help you improve your payroll process, reduce costs and at the same time increase employee engagement.


"Any HR Person thinking of moving their staff to monthly pay should contact these guys."

- Gareth McGrane,
Head of HR Grafton Merchanting

"I moved the lads to monthly last year and they have only forgiven me now that they have Flexiwage – Love it!”"

- Jonathan Shaw
CEO Party Rock Travel

Our Team

Anthony Cronin
Chief Executive Officer

Anthony is Flexiwage's founder and has been in the Payroll industry for over 15 years. Most recently as Global Payroll Implementation Manager for EY. He previously worked as Lead Consultant for ADP working with multinational companies on Payroll Transformation projects. Named in 2017 in Payroll World Magazines ‘Reward 100’ as one of the most influential leaders in Payroll.

Paul Ryan
Product Manager

Paul is Flexiwage's Global Market Expert and has been working in the HR and Payroll industry for 20 years. He has worked as a Programme Manager and an Independent Consultant for the some of the worlds leading providers including ADP, Convergys and Cloudpay. Paul has led multinational HR and Payroll Transformation projects for clients including BP, Coca-Cola, Siemens, Intel and Dixons.

Nick Chambers
UK Sales Director

A proven successful Entrepreneur, and driven individual with 30 years of Sales expertise honed in Retail,Vehicle, Mortgage, and Business Finance. He is Principal of Chambers Investments, and Acquisition Director of Wentworth Clean Power. Nick is also an active Councillor of Surrey Heath Borough Council. As well, he has a charismatic talent of creativity, and his people skills are highly motivational to the Flexi-Wage team.

Jaymes Cadby
UK Sales Manager

Jaymes heads up our Sales & Marketing function, primarily for the UK & Ireland. Jaymes has been in Sales for over 20 years and he has worked in a wide variety of different sectors and industries. As a result he brings with him an excellent understanding of the Sales and Customer Relationship Management process.

Michael Alken
Sales Director

Michael is our Sales Director and has been working in the HR and Payroll Software Sales industry for over 30 years. He was formerly with SAGE and is currently Sales Director and part owner of Quantum Software, Irelands 4th largest Payroll Provider. Michael brings a wealth of experience in the sector, to the team.

Jonathan Shaw
Chief Financial Officer

Jonathan is a Qualified Accountant with over 12 years extensive experience working in the Financial Services industry, in both Ireland and Guernsey in the Channel Islands. Jonathan has worked with a wide variety of clients in the Investment Management Sector and has previously worked for companies such as PwC, EY and Allied Irish Bank.

Ryan Miller

Ryan is CEO of Keeping Co and also runs Flexiwage Australia’s operations. He is a Chartered Accountant and in the past has worked with KPMG, as well as being a Director in various practices throughout Australia. Keeping Co are a Xero Gold Partner with offices in Sydney and Melbourne.

Lindsay Melvin
Advisory Board

Lindsay has been in the Payroll industry for over 40 years and has to date had a distinguished career, including as CEO of the CIPP (Chatered Institute of Payroll Professionals).
Lindsay is a vocal advocate for empowering employees and has led national initiatives in the UK, alongside the government to tackle personal debt.