I don't have a gun.

I'll tell him to call you back.

She made herself up before her visitor arrived.

We went to a firework festival.


When he saw me, he raised his hat and greeted me.


I was welcomed.


He easily catches cold.

I'm trying to understand.

We've forgiven you.

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You're not my commanding officer anymore.

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This is utter nonsense.

Who knows what's going to happen?

I spent most of the day in bed.

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Stu is headed this way.


That's why I'm a bachelor.

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Kimberly is probably swimming now.

Eileen was happy about it.

Did Hon tell Syun when John would be arriving?

He wrote a book on china.

Could you please tell me your height and weight?

People shouldn't abuse animals.

I had to protect them.


Did Mehrdad know it?

I made them go home.

When were potatoes introduced into Japan?

They divided the bread into two pieces.

Today I will not cook.

I ate the apple.

Who wrote such an unrefined article?

I am Thomas's cousin.

He remained calm in the face of such danger.

Does it involve me?

He called for a tax on earnings.

Do you know what your name means?

We produce palm wine.

What were Rajiv and Shel doing?

Patty owns a lot of land.

Tell them I'll call back.

It's too noisy in here.

Is this your beer?

Marlena is the one who gave me this bicycle.


An ectopic pregnancy is dangerous and potentially fatal for the mother.


Maybe I could talk to her.

Handsome is that handsome does.

I did what you asked.


Could you arrange to be here at five?

Jayesh heard a familiar voice.

The moon is distant from the earth.


The cheapest is the best.

I don't know whether he's younger or older than me.

The cage is open.

Are they paying you well enough?

I couldn't refuse.

Would you think about marrying me?

Don't you have a bike?

I rewrote it.

The students left.

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Bobby doesn't get it.

His parents believed in his approval.

Our father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Thy kingdom come, on earth as in heaven. Gives us our daily bread. Forgive us of our sin, as we forgive those who sin against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours. Now and forever. Amen.

Eat fruit!

Tandy didn't want to make the same mistake as Arnold did.

You can go there directly by bus or by train.

He wants to, she doesn't.

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Bradford pulled Jeanette out of the car.

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Roderick is milking the cows.


You're so paranoid.

His martial arts prowess has already reached a level of sublime perfection.

One, three, and five are odd numbers.

No, I don't sing.

We work for Nicolo.


I never got a chance to say goodbye to Jin.

This is the best-tasting cheese I've ever eaten.

It's not important which of the two books you pick.

Albert Einstein was born in 1879 in Ulm, Germany.

You must have made quite an impression on her.

Jealousy is an enemy to friendship.

I want us to start over again.

I wish I could remember it.

We should always be careful of what we do.

Her playful teasing galvanized him into action.

Plastic and Panzer weren't invited.

I don't know how to cook too many things.

Several children are playing in the sand.

Hold it, Leigh.

The horse's flanks are hurt.

It should be fairly obvious.

I want to think about it.

However much I searched, I could not find the book.

Saad seems apprehensive.

He gave me everything but took nothing in return.

Monty thought nobody was home.

I cannot swear at a policeman.

Matti may be a great player, but Brian Boitano is even greater.


He explained it in detail.

I heard some weird noises last night.

May you have a lovely day.

Could I bring you something else?

He is ashamed of his failure.


I've always been good at it.

You were asleep at your post.

Maybe we won't have to wait.

Could you come back here again tomorrow at 2:30?

Do you have anything in the refrigerator that I can eat?

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It's probably a false alarm.


Why don't you come over here and sit with me?


One day passed. Then another.

I am grateful to them.

Have you completed your preparations for tomorrow?

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Empty the drawer of its contents.

I couldn't get more than that.

Don threatened me.

Please pass me the butter.

We'll call you.

We refused to accept Joe's resignation.

I always liked mysterious characters more.

There's a lot that we still need to do.

This lake is the deepest in this country.

She wore a red dress.

They tortured the prisoner first and then killed him.

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It is five years since my father died.

I worked with Jerry for three years in Boston.

I want to do everything I'm supposed to do.


It's not the first time I see this sentence.

The relationship was a disaster from day one.

Let me tell you what I did today.

I'm not quite ready yet.

Kristen wants to pay later.

I hope Sanjeev will like what you made for him.

This field is full of wheat.

Griff says he's read all of these books.

French bread is delicious.

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This is Greg's dog.

I'm going to get ready for bed.

How hard could it possibly be?

What kind of shoes are you looking for?

But now to our next topic.


Tell her you're not ready.

Do you know why Polly came here today?

Did Lisa sign?

I bet you've got a few questions.

Sherman had no idea what to expect.

She was well brought up by her parents.

I will tell thy wandering, which do thou write in the tablets of thy memory.

Fine. However, I'm running late and you need to keep it brief.

I think it's a very good deal.

I live in Riga.

I wanted to do the right thing.

The secret was spread.

In the evening, we will have some guests.

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You should kick that bad habit.

I called my boss in Boston and he said I could stay in Chicago for another week.

It wasn't true.


What's your favorite toothpaste?

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We couldn't help weeping.

I don't want you to be upset.

He works well.

The anger showed onn her face.

I'm motivated.

I have been associated with him for ten years.

The train will depart soon.

She was dismissed on the grounds of neglect of duty.

I need you upstairs.

Tell me who you saw.

Western standard of living in Hungary - but when?

It is no good talking about it.

His soul was in heaven.

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This is good for us.