Do you really want to go to Boston with me?

Indeed, computers are destructive.

Will you give me another glass of milk?

Rain or shine, I will go.

You must stand up for what you believe in or no one will respect you.

The game excited lots of people.

I do wonder - why is he late?

I want you to go easy on her.

For gall bladder surgery, go down this hall and take a right.


You should not interfere in other people's business.

I'd rather not talk about it here.

I don't dream.

How about going to a movie?

Can you tell me why you did it?

Have you went to Krasnodar before? It is a very popular resort for Russians, what, with all the beaches and the endless Black Sea.

I saw Marian three hours ago.

I'm not going to worry about it.

It was a pleasure to meet you.


Did you feel that?

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I don't believe that some day a majority of the world's population will speak Esperanto.

I said I'd have to think about that.

I don't want to cause anyone any more trouble.

Louis has a right to his own opinion.

Let's go out for a while.

I go for a walk every other day.

You can't keep hiding from me, Jose.

You must come to the party by all means.

Connie isn't going to sing.

I don't have to worry about my weight.

I'm outraged.

I know that you like coffee.

Don't let them see you.

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I didn't even know that existed.

We could get more.

You can come home.

What a bunch of assclowns!

Are you looking for more neighbors?

Billy lives just down the street.

Taking everything into consideration, he can't be the criminal.


Sergeant flinched.

May I see you for a moment?

Why am I stupid?

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We need to learn all we can about what happened.

Aren't you curious about it?

Corey drinks coffee to stay awake when he's studying at night.


What's your favorite dried fruit?


He carried six boxes at a time.


The money was all there. Nobody touched it.

No one knows yet.

The guards must keep watch over the jewels.

If you pay attention to your foreign friends, you may be surprised that their customs and habits are different from yours.

No one made you do anything.

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Tell him you love him before it's too late!

Tony lives in Kobe.

The soap irritated my eyes.

Ronald needs to pay more attention in class.

I will get even with you some day. Remember it.

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You said you could play the piano.

It will rain in the afternoon.

It's dangerous to ignore the signal at a railroad crossing.


I don't know how you can keep eating it.


We've got some difficult days ahead of us.

Our baseball team is very strong.

How can you tell Francis isn't happy?

Jacques knows a lot about you.

I really didn't do much.

You are to obey your parents.

We were at lake Balaton today.

We did not think her loud dress was appropriate for the time and place.

There were not more than one hundred passengers on board the ferry.

Children usually think and behave like their parents.

It is still colder today.

I would never be your husband.

That was the first time that a man walked on the moon.

How long will this battery last?

He didn't want to go to Japan.

Death doesn't choose anyone, it comes to anyone.

Why don't you try and get some sleep?


I am not more intelligent than him.

I'm not going to wait for him.

I wish I could have met him.

Can you see anything missing?

Lonhyn sat back and watched.

By George, he exclaimed with a gesture of surprise, I think that they're all crazy!

She had a beautiful smile.

I always try to deal with problems as soon as they arise.

Of all the books published recently, only a few are worth reading.

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This is a difficult time for all of us.

It's not always black and white.

I come home at 2:30.

The train station is next to the hotel.

I've got a package for you.

This love will never end.

I know someone who's available.

He's about to finish reading the book.

Everybody around here has a dog.

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I don't think this is a very good idea.

The leech sucked his blood.

We have bread and eggs for breakfast.

I love her with all my heart.

We'll contact them.

In Japan, the payroll tax is usually withheld from the monthly salary.

He was suddenly struck with chest pain.


He is really nice to me and I like him.

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I'm inclined to believe them.

She laid claim to the castle.

Come to think of it, it has been raining for a week.

Jeff assumed Margaret was talking nonsense simply because he didn't understand her.

This is a hybrid.

I can not understand how everyone said the Holy War occured for a good cause.

Trying almost never gets sick.


We slept in a very small tent.

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Polly showed Carsten a picture.

My favorite music instrument is the flute.

I forgot to pay the rent.

We had a glorious time.

That's all he has.

Have you seen her before?

Is that all you want?


How about you buy me a drink?

A dead rooster does not fear the fire.

Venkata believes that these quartz crystals have healing powers.


You're missing my point here, Taurus.


Uri married a rich widow.

For the lack of something better to do, Jeannie started cleaning his room.

Are you one of Billie's relatives?

Why is Jaime's name not on the list?

Not everyone can realize the dreams of his youth.

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The heart has its reasons, which reason does not know.

She isn't picky.

No one was hit.

Do you want the green or the blue?

I think that North Korea is the only country in the world where not a single native Muslim lives, yet some day, the US will find an Al-Qaida cell or, better than that, a link between the DPRK and Al-Qaida in the name of which US missiles will annihilate this Asian nation.


Rex is the one who gave me this book.


Norma doesn't understand the rules.

I'll tell her you dropped by.

Where did you park them?

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What are you doing here today?

That was pretty funny.

Yesterday I read a book that was unfortunately very boring.


You are a professor.

Those things disgust me.

I watched the sinking ship.


I answered, "Yes, I want it."

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Why are you ignoring me?

You will never know what she went through to educate her children.

Debi has my support.


I need to cancel my subscription.

I thought you didn't believe in ghosts.

Vasilissa washed her face, dressed her hair, put on her best gown and sat down at the window to see what would happen.

Please help!

I thought you might change.

We ought to do our best not to pollute our environment.

I encouraged Izzy to stay in college.


Nothing's happened yet.

Thanks for the explanation.

I am sorry I cannot help you.

He received an orphan.

The scandal was fatal to his political future.

Allen was a great help to me.

Philip says you should always tell the truth.

I know a good restaurant not far from here.

What she bought there was a camera.

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Come over here!

No one is at fault.

We all missed Pia.