Trigger development for automatic betting

Welcome to the world of automated betting!

You would like to automate your betting strategy but you don't know how to make it?
You want to make money from sports or games in betting exchanges without being in front of your computer? is the solution you need!


Our programming team is specialized in sport betting and game betting in exchange markets since 7 years!

We can develop triggers for MarketFeeder Pro and X-Feeder or create your own custom trading tools, trading algorithms or your own trading bot for 8142081359 (Gruss Software) and Bet Angel with Excel (VBA programing language).

How to buy your trigger developed?

1. Ask for a quote so that we verify that it is possible to adapt your strategy into a trigger or an Excel betting bot.

2. We set the price for the creation of your personalized trigger, functional tests and technical support included
     A remote assistance service is also available with Teamviewer (option charged at £20).

3. If you agree to our offer, you will need to make a payment via Paypal equal to the full amount for a MFP trigger, or 70% of the final amount in case of a Gruss or a Bet Angel Excel bot.

4. A few days later, we deliver the trigger / tool by e-mail with a PDF instructions file.

5. Once you have received the trigger, you can send us the remainder of the sum due by Paypal (within 7 days).

We include a maximum adjustable constants in your trigger so you can better adjust your strategy.

As analyst-programmers, confidentiality is part of our job. This is required for any project no matter what it is. No information you provide to us will be disclosed or reused for the creation of another trigger, it is YOUR trigger.

Our different solutions :

MarketFeeder Pro Solution from 50£ X-Feeder Solution from 50£ Gruss Solution from 100£ BetAngel Solution from 100£

Get a quote

Note that you need a Betfair or a Betdaq account and a subscription to MarketFeeder Pro, X-Feeder, Betting Assitant, or Bet Angel to run the triggers.

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 what is a trigger?
A trigger is an individual setting or program used to control a bot. "MFPro" and "X-Feeder" have their own triggering tool whereas "Betting Assistant" and "Bet Angel" use exclusively Excel to create triggered betting sheets.

what is a bot?
A betting bot is a complex program/interface used in the automation of placing bets (sports or games) on betting online exchange.

 what is a Betfair?
Betfair and Betdaq are sport betting exchanges, allowing users to either bet for a selection or outcome in the normal way (back), or bet against a selection or outcome (lay).
Exchange games are on Betfair only.