Adventures in Space

A Glimpse of the Past, Present and Future of Space Exploration

The Beginnings of Space Travel for Humankind
Image Credit: NASA

This first landing of Space Shuttle Columbia was viewed on big screen TVs across the country. In most venues the seating was full to capacity, so people pulled up a piece of floor or stood around the edges of the room in order to watch this historic moment. Until Columbia landed, the ability of this (large and very heavy) glider to land safely was untested theory. At first, there was a sense of anticipation, then came awe, and finally - Victory! and Relief! It was one of those events that people would remember for the rest of their lives.
Voyager is Leaving the Solar System
Image Credit: NASA

In one Star Trek show the space probe Voyager returns after having been rehabilitated and rebuilt somewhere in the unknown reaches of space and then sent back by some unknown species. We are living now what our gandparents imagined. Today, in real-life, Voyager is headed out of the solar system and toward those unknown regions of space. Fantastic and unbelievable equipment was used in the Star Trek saga. Back then, the worldwide web was a fantasy; today, we use laptops, ipads, and smartphones, etc. as ordinary tools.    "Engage"
We have come a long way since the Russian satellite, Sputnik, orbited the Earth beginning the race to space, and there is a lot of "unknown" left to explore.