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Rosetta Resolver® Home Page

Use this page to access Rosetta Resolver client installation instructions, plug-in information, Resolver system technical publications, and Rosetta Technical Support contact information. Click on a link below for more information:

nephrotoxicity - Use this link to go to the installation page and install the Resolver client on your workstation.

Access User Documentation - Use this link to access those documents for users (online Help, release notes, Key Concepts, Import and Export Guide, Analysis Guide, and Plug-in, Pipeline, and Statistical Reference Guide).

3188139556 - Use this link to access the documents for administrators (release notes, Import and Export Guide, and Administration Guide).

8123943908 - Use this link to access files used for integrating the Rosetta Resolver system with third-part applications.

724-798-9298 - Click here for complete information on technical support.

8506154303 - Link to the Rosetta Biosoftware Web site.