Trying is everybody's friend.

I wish we could ask Thomas that question.

Newsflash: People a couple of hundred years ago didn't speak the same as we do.

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My briefcase was nowhere to be found.

I would like batteries for this device.

He often entertained his friends over the weekend.

I hope I haven't interrupted you.

I'll probably stop doing that.

Most people are open books.

Cristi is still trying to convince Rick to help him with his homework.

On the eve of the festival, people go out for a walk by the river.

I could really use a drink.

When did your friend leave for America?

Did you really think that movie was funny?

I thought I'd try what Josh suggested.

Chip walked in carrying more supplies.

I didn't shower.

Who taught you how to do that?


Blayne told Raif to wait a little longer.

I think it's about time we told Srikanth that he's adopted.

I just wanted to see if Suzan was OK.

We know it was you that took Julie's umbrella.

Toft tried to prevent Sir from going to the police.

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I put the lighter out.


Brandon wanted a job.

Torsten says he's already paid.

He reneged on the agreement.

There were islands in the sea.

Can man live without having a social life?


Must I go with you?

Ethan, come check this out.

Your goodwill sank into my heart.

Damone thought that Tor was a genius.

Giles knows Boston.

It is delicious.

He had to reduce the price of his wares.


We enjoyed playing football.

Tell him you'd like to leave.

I expect him to get over the shock of his failure.

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I'll help her any way I can.

Where did the Olympic Games originate?

Rick certainly can't become a member of our club.

All of us aim at success.

I'll speak to them alone.

That goes beyond a joke.

That was really ugly.

I have to prioritize.

Don't count your chickens.

Lorenzo doesn't look like her mother.

This is an operator.

I was up all night working on that.

Arthur's family moved to Boston in 2013.

Alice hung her head in shame.

My sister has given me an Iphone, but I do not know how to use it.

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We felt full from eating the lobster and other seafood.

Kerri is clearly hiding something.

We happily accept your proposal.


Young Tanaka is the stupidest person in the department.

Would you like me to do something about that?

Have you ever made ice cream?

He fell asleep with the window open.

I just heard her.

They were always making jokes.

Surya abused alcohol and pain pills.


She is a twin.

The subject turned out to be fascinating.

Do you have something stronger to drink?


I saw Linley at the restaurant.

It is a labor to persuade her.

Gene is wearing a stethoscope.

Hey you, make a reservation.

He reflected on how quickly time passes.


They came out well.


I'm officially on vacation.

People usually shake hands when they meet for the first time.

I want to get home now.


I've come to find Darci.


Amy wants something new to wear.

I'm very happy for you.

It was hard for me to get out of bed this morning.


Management has even cut back on toilet paper since the crisis.

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I thought you hated her.

You'll be seeing them soon.

I got up early this morning to go fishing.

Sales have been off this month.

Antonio left quickly.

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This project is shovel-ready.

I assumed Angela and Claude were husband and wife.

The picture has been drawn well as yet.


This is the pair of sunglasses I bought in Boston.

The poor duckling was driven about by every one; even his brothers and sisters were unkind to him, and would say, "Ah, you ugly creature, I wish the cat would get you," and his mother said she wished he had never been born.

They stole her wallet on the train.

This is a typical blog.

It's just not fair.

Donn certainly isn't going to volunteer.

Do you have friends in your class?

Promise me you won't laugh.

I have exams from dawn till dusk.

He got involved in shady business affairs.

Polish girls didn't want Justin Bieber to come to Poland.

I'm taking off my jacket because it's warm.

His happy life went on in a small village.

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Don't leave your dog in the house all day.

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I didn't mean to do it.


I guess I can't blame you.

Hold on. I'll check.

What did you give him?


I thought it was unnecessary for us to do anything about that today.

Why don't you like the way you speak?

All took part in the negotiations.

They have one thing in common.

There are about 1,800 billionaires in the world.

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Everything is copacetic.

In 1901, Einstein took a job as a temporary high school teacher and married Mileva Maritsch.

He doesn't know the truth yet.

All of a sudden the sky became overcast.

I'll be at your party, but I'm not sure about Petr.

How should I say?

My girlfriend is named Laurie.

Cut it out.

I've heard it said that English is for making money, French for making love, and Spanish for praying to God.


Van and Elliott were close.

This is definitely not what I wanted.

My brother talks too much.


That's the way I used to do it.


You and me are the same age.


I wanted Bradley to go out with me instead of Hamilton.

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Dan got a job at a newspaper.

You don't understand the procedure.

He was wearing black trousers and a beautiful white shirt.

As more paper money came into use, the value fell.

I heard Marie close the door on his way out.

We will let him try.

I do not know the train schedules, could you find out for me?

It is doubtful whether he is telling the truth.

I will go to New York next week.

It's hard to believe that Duncan wasn't aware that Jose was in love with him.

Price was the first to enter the room.

I pardoned my friend for his poor manners.

I'm not overly concerned about that.

These items are rather hard to obtain.

I think Karl has a secret admirer.

Major took off his coat.

I've never told anyone that before, not even my mother.


You're supposed to help her.

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The crowd broke out in hearty laughter.

Romain deserves a standing ovation for his incredible collection!

This is not what we want.

That plan seems reasonable to me.

I have a very tight schedule.

The directions are simple.

I wanna see your expression.

By tomorrow morning all the world will have been covered with snow.

Timo didn't keep me waiting long.


That smells delicious.

She took a walk before breakfast.

Such skills could be put to many practical uses.

It hurts to have to say this, but it's the truth.

The walls of my room are too thin.

My umbrella will serve for a weapon, should the occasion arise.

Something's very wrong here.

He's incredibly stupid.

I can produce several pieces a day if I'm lucky.

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Takayuki put the list on the bulletin board.

You sound like Harmon.

I'd like your opinion on this.