I do not react well to surprises.

Carl won't help Justin.

In my childhood, I believed in Santa Claus.

He is in possession of this land.


Would you care for more coffee?

I need to check something.

Diana came out on the stage and started playing his guitar.

Roland gave me more money than I need.

Juri and Marie walked side by side.


She doesn't think about any kind of evil.

I'm not breaking their glasses.

Eileen got another message.

We're almost home.

She goes to market every day.

I know! Let me just say that Keiko is my SECOND cousin!

The doctor told Shadow that his hair will grow back.

Ricky has been worried sick.

He equipped his son with the will to persevere.

Leila demanded to know why he hadn't been told about the changes.

That story is household legend.

Bill is on his way to New York.

I have never gone to Florida.


I can't help loving her.

Riches are for spending.

We need a new rug.


Please remember me to all your family.


Philippe says this is what he really needs.

Johnathan is much shorter than Pierce.

Steen is our only hope.

Now that you have made your decision, you must act.

Christina offered Lance a handkerchief.


Irfan has an Australian accent.


This boy gives us a lot of trouble.

Tell me why you don't like her.

Population growth has given rise to serious social problems.

The emperor Theodosius made Christianity the state religion and banned other religions.

I sat there for a couple of minutes.


Can you hear us?


The more skills one masters, the greater contribution one can make to society.


I heard that Audrey is going to get married soon.

Be a loner. That gives you time to wonder, to search for the truth. Have holy curiosity. Make your life worth living.

There's something wrong.

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You talk really fast.

I enclosed the receipt in the letter.

One can acquire this book only in a store.


This is what we're up against.

How did that feel?

Some people believe that the world is flat.


The four basic elements are Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

We heard voices.

Kee tried to stay focused.

Answer the following questions in English.

It seems that my little sister got her wallet stolen at school.

He abused the privilege.

The suspect told a lie to the inspector.

Unfortunately, my trip to Indonesia fell through because I couldn't save enough money.

Of course chlorine can be very toxic.

Jane doesn't help me.

Get them away from me.


I think you've lost your perspective.

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Kiki cares.

I'll try.

A gentleman should open doors for his girlfriend.

Darin was branded a thief.

When is checkout time?

Poor little boy!

Would somebody look after him?


I'm not good at lying.

How do you know I don't know?

I don't want to keep my friend waiting.

She hid her face behind a veil.

I talked it over with Theodore, and we've decided to go, too.

You guys go on without me; I'll be fine.

Yes and no.

I go swimming once a week.

You have only to sit here.

Linda is Dan's twin sister.

May you win!

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Farouk has to go home.

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"Thoughtfulness" is a long word in English.

The coin is made out of gold.

Pain shot through his finger.

I respected Sergeant.

I had a puppy when I was a boy.


Do you know how to get to the Hilton Hotel?

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Please call on me tomorrow.

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You have mail.

Down with corrupt politicians.

We postponed our picnic pending a change in the weather.


It happens sometimes.

Where are we supposed to sit?

The cold is terrible this year.

If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well / It were done quickly: if the assassination / Could trammel up the consequence, and catch / With his surcease success; that but this blow / Might be the be-all and the end-all here, / But here, upon this bank and shoal of time, / We'd jump the life to come.

When is the pep rally?


They've been working on a new vaccine.

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We rarely come across big names.

Is he going to make it?

I want to marry a girl like her.


He won't come, will he?

Joanne didn't ask for money.

Kenn is the lead engineer.

You probably know more about me than I know about you.

I'm not going to ask again.

He keeps a straight face while telling a ridiculous story.

My mother made me a coffee and then went out in time to catch the bus.

I am diabetic.

I know you're probably wondering why I'm here.

What colour is the car which she bought for herself?

We already know you did it.


No ambiguities are allowed in a contract.

Lance has something to tell you.

Wendi is a very intelligent guy.


I met Roy, who asked me to give you this one.

It's already started to rain.

Can you break an egg with one hand?

My brother prefers windsurfing.

I expected this.


Please tell us something about yourself.

I'm sorry I can't help you now. I'm busy.

Jeffery and his dog ran across a wheat field.

The Qutub Minar and Red Fort are in Delhi.

This room rents at 50 dollars a week.

Knut made a fortune in oil.

Marie is my best friend.

I swim once a week.

I have a pomegranate.

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How would you describe the culture of your workplace?

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I thought we had settled that already.

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That doesn't really make any sense.

Just tell me what I have to do.

Saumya was pale.


My brother's murderer got off with just a year in jail. If that's not a travesty of justice, I don't know what is!

I've been angry with Moses.

Terrence slept on the train.


We cried in each other's arms.


Margie is doing that for Margie.

Did Guillermo ask you to come talk to me?

Hurry up, or you will miss the bus.

Kangaroo tail soup is known as an Australian dish, because kangaroos are found in Australia.

I can't speak Japanese.

Two people were killed in a traffic accident.

I'm not interested in what Connie thinks.

Did you see the solar eclipse yesterday?

He gave me authority to fire them.

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You can't fight a good fight with such a defeatist attitude.

I'm eating my lunch.

Whatever you do, don't pull this rope.

Just listen to us.

I think I try to do too much at a time.


The picture reminded me of Scotland.


Sri is getting better.

I'm watching the news right now.

Leif was sitting alone at one of the tables near the door.

I didn't know that he had actually lied to me.

I wonder what they've been keeping secret.


"Do you like it?" "The food was better in prison."

Perfectionists find it harder to function than average people.

Tatoeba.org is offline for maintenance.


Apparently, Alexis doesn't like me.


How many do I have to do?