Do you want an economy-size car?

Keith is still looking out the window.

I had no idea Amigo was so strong.

You should fulfill your promises.

Monotony develops when you harp on the same string.

He transferred his whole estate to his son.

She probably knows.

Why don't you just ask them?

Many firms are competing for the wealthier segment of the market.

Suzan was partially correct.

We cannot rule out the possibility that civil war will break out in that country.

You're hungry.

Claire rubs me the wrong way.

The company's established rules are very strict.

Les was bullied at school because of his weight.

The firefighters put out the fire in the blink of an eye.

When did you hear the sound?

I got the roller skates for nothing.

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We need to make better decisions.

Jennie works for the Australian embassy.

Are you sure that it was Konstantinos?

Is Hume better than Dominick?

Somebody swiped my bag.


Sharan neglected his work.


Hohn got his medical degree in Boston.


We help them in a lot of ways.

Novorolsky wouldn't tell us what he was doing.

This field has never been plowed.


They teased each other.

What was Kee looking for out there in the backyard?

Roxane is competent.

There's a motion sensor in the corner.

Things changed.

I've been waiting for this moment all my life.

Radiation levels are within acceptable limits.

Those scientists are the cream of the crop.

Sugih tried to convince Rees that the plan wouldn't work.


Ron barely escaped.


Troy couldn't believe that Stanly had actually said that.

Tor and Isaac are finally talking to each other again.

I've seen that before.

Give me some money.

His eyes flashed with anger.


Right now, a full-time minimum wage worker makes $14,500 a year, which leaves too many families struggling to make ends meet.

Women's faces are often more beautiful when they take their clothes off, for they then stop thinking about their external appearance.

Let's just take a sec.

I've never visited Kagoshima, but I intend to this summer.

How can I tell if a guy likes me?

One idiot can ask more questions than ten wise men can answer.

They say fate will catch up with you. That was God's way of punishing him.

I was hoping I'd see Diane again.

I'm always in the mood for shopping.

The boy isn't as bad as he seemed.

Look, I can't explain it.


Symptoms vary.

Shouldn't this steel be tempered?

The train station is located downtown.


Do you think Frances wants to go by himself?

Those students are from a very good school.

He disguised himself as a salesman and visited her house.

She didn't want to disappoint her father.

I don't think I should borrow more money.

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What do Jeffie's parents do?


The men on board were surprised to see five men on the island.


Malcolm and Pradeep went to a nudist club.

I love learning.

Irwin was sitting on the table.

Nothing's good enough for Niall.

I had a good time at the party.

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I respect his selflessness.

You should just relax and go to sleep.

Are you coming with us?

She loves books too.

I have no idea what has happened here.

Donald looked at Donnie, but said nothing.

I knew that was Gerard's handwriting.

I'm trying to impress Leung.

He fell in love with his student.

The figures for recidivism rates among murderers cited in the newspaper appear to have been taken out of thin air.

I'm not good at lying.


The girl wore a yellow ribbon in her hair.

Eternity exists. It exists here...

Have you ever donated blood?

Is Shutoku still eating?

He's far more experienced than me.

Jeany is a business consultant.

In Singapore, one way to punish criminals is to whip them.


Kathy has made some bad choices.

Jayant smiled when Cynthia looked at him.

When was this decision made?


The sun was shining.

I have another obligation.

Tharen is fun.

Let's eat supper.

John wanted to be completely independent of his parents.


The majority of Japanese temples are made out of wood.

Jelske went into the house.

I don't mind doing it.


She spoke out strongly against cruelty to animals.

Change trains at Shinjuku.

Pravin heard a cry for help.

They arrested me.

I went to Denmark.

They both coughed.

Those says that's not the plan.

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My mother is crazy.


You'll break it if you're not careful.

Rik and Herb are both quiet.

How did it go with Ron?

How did you talk James into that?

I have a meeting with Lynnette today.


By George, he exclaimed with a gesture of surprise, I think that they're all crazy!

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Are you sure you want to do this?


I found a nice tie for Wes.

I don't like this quiet necktie. Please show me a more colourful one.

Water is leaking into my goggles. I don't think they fit right.

What are my tasks?

I left this.

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We don't have as much money as we thought.

Besides, I didn't want to get you involved.

You've ruined my chances at being popular.

Someone must have left the door open.

John knows it can't happen.

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Kyoto is a remarkably beautiful city.

Marilyn opened the shoebox and took out the shoes.

Ben was not at all ashamed of his extra-marital affair.

Live within your means.

You didn't have to come into the office today.

Let's have a party for Ilya before he goes.

My colleague and her husband are both American.


Trust kills men and gets women pregnant.

We need to know more about them.

We were served French champagne, not to mention the usual cocktails.

Do you have a gift shop here?

I can't slow down.


Cary heard Randal talking to John.

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Japan was becoming more powerful in Asia.

Irvin will take care of that.

I thought Saad was a farmer.


He was not sure what to do.


The speaker occasionally referred to his notes.

What is the total price with all taxes included?

When my left nostril is blocked, I breathe through my right nostril.

I don't know really.

You're amazingly beautiful as a couple.

I've got to get back in shape.

The crowd cheered.

Brian was embarrassed when he took his shirt off in front of Stevan for the first time, because he had his ex's name tatooed on his chest.

I was just wondering if you'd heard anything from Lukas.

I'll have to take them with me.

The police told us the road was closed.

You should always keep your car in good order.

This costs too much.

I'm afraid I've run short of coffee.

I think that you have my umbrella.

Police are continuing their investigation.

I'll never forget the sound the crash made.

Brenda and Judy ate gravlax.

They are hurrying to return home.


Can you get any closer?

He bathed and dressed.

After cutting habanero peppers, be careful not to rub your eyes.


She was as thin as a rail.

We're dying to meet you.

Could I see you for a moment?

She gave away all her dolls.

She is dealing out two apples to each child.