The teacher I wrote to you about has not yet arrived.

The man's name is Chip Jackson.

I need urgent help.

This subject should be discussed in detail.

Is it that you can't or that you don't want to?

Johan closed his eyes and began to count sheep.

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Trying asked Frances for assistance.

Debi shouldn't do that kind of thing.

I'm smarter than Marie.

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I'll treasure your kind words.

Life here is much easier than it used to be.

He made a gesture of impatience.


You should do what Matthias says.


Your privacy is important to our company.

Whenever you need help, feel free to call on me.

Mahmoud doesn't want them there.

His good nature seems to fulfill the role of reducing the family's trouble.

Andy is usually very emotional.

I must remind Jianyun to pay his rent.

I slept only three hours.

Did he succeed in passing the examination?

We've got three unsolved burglaries.

She walked as fast as she could to catch up with him.

Claudio brought his lunch today.


A totally lawless state will be quite lawful carried through space and time.

Srivatsan really scared you, didn't he?

We eat so we can live.

Brenda was very calm.

God, this place is huge!

Want an apple?

The ceremony took place in the afternoon.

Jerald and Shakil were together.

His face was cyanosed from decades of drinking.

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This all sounds extremely familiar.

It wasn't easy for me to do that.

Why did you agree to help him?

Can you tell me how to get to the library?

Barbara didn't take his own life.

Curtis has to make his own decisions.

Do you know where I can find her?


That daimyo holds a fief yielding 100,000 koku of rice.


The door was locked, so I couldn't get into the room anyway.

I didn't say much.

Does a cow have a pink udder?

The footprints weren't Tandy's.

Nine pounds of gold was needed to gild the victory medals.

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Integrative medicine refers to a many faceted medical approach that emphasises individual differences and aggressively includes the latest scientific techniques based on modern Western medicine as well as various other medical systems like traditional medicine and natural medicine.

Being kissed on the lips makes me happy.

Ricardo knows nothing about Lynnette's family.

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Morgan was grateful.

I'll pick you up in an hour.

Her hobby is collecting stamps.

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The weather is cold all year here.

The recent frequency of earthquakes makes us nervous.

That transcription is wrong.


He is from home.

Jerry and I were both at the meeting.

My house is far away.


Let's drink something?

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I prefer poetry to novels.

It's an in-joke.

Make good use of this opportunity.


We shouldn't have tried doing that without Darrell's help.


Are there any pretty girls in town?

I wish Marvin would stay away.

Gregge checked to see if his gun was loaded.

I wish I could be in Boston right now.

I will always remember you.

In contrast with you, I am able to recognize my mistakes.

Over the years my mother lied to me about so many things.


I'm still trying to figure out this problem.


He learned Russian when he was young.


Let's put in a lot of time on that project.

That's not going to stop me.

Thomas was waiting at the gate.


Everything happened so fast.

This room rents at 50 dollars a week.

Petr got up and went to the window.

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That's why we're sitting here.

An enemy yesterday can be a friend today.

He guessed the amount of money I had in my pocket.

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I'm glad I don't have to be on that jury.

How should this be done?

This woman is mentally challenged.

Rainwater is pure.

I got detained at the airport.


Let's start with beer.


I hope there's plenty of air in here.

If I tell you a story, will you go to sleep?

Many children don't like vegetables, but my little brother loves them.

Indonesian has long been regarded as the local bridge language.

She needs to be the center of attention all the time.

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It's generous of you to teach me some additional things.


She teaches us English.

Mr. Smith lived in Kyoto three years ago.

I just don't want you to get hurt.

Lois has a lot of responsibilities.

What if he comes back now?

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Can I have a one-day ticket?

I am employed as a librarian in an academic library.

I want a new shirt. What do you want?

What is needed to win a lawsuit?

Tell me about yourself, please, Sir Anthony.

Don't let Jeannette cross the street.

I couldn't have wished for a better gift this Christmas.


He made a model airplane for his son.


Srivatsan is shy and cowardly.

Would you like me to massage your chest?

Her career is on the line.

How are you feeling, Kenneth?

You're too smart for your own good.


I wasn't aware.


Please don't look at your mobile phone while we're eating.

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Isn't Lowell supposed to be here by now?

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This squid is five quids.

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A guy named Farouk came to see you.

I've loved you from the moment I saw you.

We look forward to seeing you again.

Jane didn't buy it after all.

My parents don't like my boyfriend.

I just finished the work.

Pieter seems to have everything sorted out.


I'm such a loser.

How does that sound?

Can I borrow an umbrella?

They did a good deed in helping refugees.

This is a DVD.


That is a heart.

I couldn't shake off his hand.

We should play by the rules.

She sounded irritated.

I came to say I'm sorry.

The days turned into weeks, and then into months, and then into years.

Sekar won't mind if we stay here.

Now that I've had sex with a girl, I no longer think about him as often.

Yesterday's board meeting was a ten-strike!

Your face is familiar to me.

I can't quite understand.

Even though I'm sitting here in the sun, I still feel cold.

I won't let anything happen to you.

Are you fully recovered?

I play tennis.

Leslie was really irritated.

The firmware update adds full character support for notifications in eighty languages.

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You haven't told me about Dustin yet.

That crazy squirrel belongs in a nuthouse!

Is he reading a book?

It seems that you don't like Rebecca either.

I recommend this brand of coffee.


The hotel we stayed at was very nice.


You must think I'm a complete idiot.

You believed Monty, didn't you?

There's something for you on the table.

I can't hide the fact from you.

I am fasting today.

I had some money stolen yesterday.

I used to read detective stories before going to bed.


You're both crazy.

He took her out for a drive.

So, what did you want to talk to me about?