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Automated Test Kitchen Checks on GitHub Pull Requests using Docker, TeamCity, and AWS Spot Instances

Being a model Chef user you're using Test Kitchen to do integration testing of your Cookbooks. It works great on your machine using Vagrant! So let's make sure these tests *always* run before code gets merged into Master in the GitHub repo.…


Creating your own PowerShell Repository with Nexus 3

Intro The introduction of PowerShell Gallery in PowerShell 5.0 is something that the Windows world has been craving for a long time (alongside Chocolatey, though I have somewhat mixed feelings about Chocolatey). The PowerShell equivilent to pip, gem, npm, it allows you to install community made PowerShell modules with…

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Pagerduty has a pretty kickass reporting feature, but my aim is to create a holistic dashboard for my team's operational work, and to do that I need to have all my data in one place. That one place? Splunk! I love Splunk, have done ever since seeing a presentation on…



Intro WinOps is a conference in London aimed at addressing the fledgling audience of Windows people trying to DevOps. It's also a monthly UserGroup which I attend regularly, so I was excited to see how the content translated from UG to conference. I don't have slide decks for all of…

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Mondo, YNAB, and an Intro to Go

Go I've been wanting to get into Go for a while. Despite the logo it's a very respectable open source project developed by a team at Google that "makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software". Crucially, Go is a cross-platform, compiled language that's used notably…

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