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Online Payments

Collect dues and fees. Send reminders. Create reports.

Homes & Lots

Directory of property owners and residents.


Send messages and share info. Keep residents informed.

Board Meetings

Schedule board meetings. Organize agendas. Track votes.

Document Storage

Store documents. Share with residents and board members.


Track neighborhood restrictions. Collect fees for violations.


Create a budget to avoid financial surprises.

Vendor Tracking

Create work orders and track contractors

NABORHOOD • hoa toolbox

focused on simplicity · built for homeowners

Common HOA Challenges

Naborhood was built to solve the most common problems of managing a homeowners-association.

  • Difficulty collecting payment from owners.
  • No enforcement when covenant restrictions are violated.
  • Important documents get lost.
  • Board meetings are difficult to organize.
  • Contact information for property owners is not current.
  • No easy way to communicate with property owners.
  • Lost vendor contact information.
  • No budget to help manage money.
  • Board Members who move or relocate don’t transfer knowledge effectively.

What Homeowners Want

Homeowners who live in neighborhoods with associations are challenged with similar problems.  Associations are typically managed by volunteers. Quality can vary greatly, and most times they’re lacking in many ways.

Naborhood has crafted a solution to improve the homeowner experience.

For homeowners, the convenience is experienced through an easy-to-use web application that enables them to pay dues, contact each other, stay informed and be heard.

It’s finally possible for homeowners to have a positive experience with their association.

  • Easy Payments

    A convenient portal for homeowners to pay online. Funds are transferred through a secure connection. Receipts are emailed after payment. Transactions are logged and can be retrieved when needed.

  • Member Directory

    A convenient listing of property owners. Helps neighbors stay connected and improves overall security. Owners have the option to opt-out if privacy is preferred.

  • Announcements

    Messaging tools that help homeowners stay informed about what’s happening in the neighborhood. Send info about neighborhood events, construction projects, and board meetings.

  • Feedback

    Messaging tools that empower homeowners to provide useful feedback about things that matter. A structured way to give everyone a voice.


Role-Based Sidebar


Responsive Design


Smart Tiles With Real-Time Data


Permission-Based Content

5-Star User-Interface

We spent a lot of time designing an interface that’s simple and easy-to-use. We crafted components with built-in intelligence to help improve user experience. Our Smart Sidebar™ displays hyperlinks based on user roles. For example, a homeowner will see different options than an administrator or board member. Our Smart Tiles™ display real-time information as it changes. For example: number of active properties, account receivables, and unresolved covenant violations.  Naborhood is also fully responsive and designed to work with mobile and tablet devices.

What others say about us

“Before Naborhood, it was difficult to organize board meetings and keep track of what we discussed. Now its easy to send invitations, create an agenda and manage meeting notes.”

Frank BarnhardtBoard Member | Blue Ridge Homeowners Association

“Its really helpful to be able to look at income, and create a budget that is realistic.”

Trent MarsonyPresident | Hidden Hills HOA

“I love the ability to pay my dues online! So convenient.”

Maxine LennersonResident | Henderson Homeowners Association

“The newsfeed is so helpful. I’ll never miss another neighborhood BBQ by the pool!

Henry LerangeHomeowner | Riverside Ranch Homeowners Association
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