I don't want you eating donuts every morning.

A right angle has ninety degrees.

Why doesn't Reid like Lar?

Gene is married and the father of a daughter.

The man suddenly struck me on the head.

Let us know what you decide.

Japan surpasses China in economic power.

That's really not the point, is it?

She doesn't have any proof.

It's not like you're going to get arrested or anything.

I believed him at first.

His arguments don't convince me.

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She would have fallen into the pond if he had not caught her by the arm.

Fill up the ditch.

I'm sorry. Did I wake you up?

Debi found one.

You're probably too young to understand what's happening.


We are masters of time, not its slaves!

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Kristi asked me where the restroom was.

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I just met the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

Ken met Ellen here.

The garrison saw no choice but to surrender.


He is still fully active.

She is covered in confusion.

Justin has a skeleton key.


We soon caught up with them.

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Ginger is very useful in the winter period.

There may be a way.

Many tales of alchemy show up in "Journey to the West".


I won't be defeated.


This is no time for joking.

Children are admitted free.

He was unable to run fast as he was over 60.


The two laughed.


Why do you think Barbara is late?

Would you please not leave the door open?

I'm not too certain of that.

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The dog was covered in mud from head to foot.

I am going to make him a serious offer.

Amigo always wanted to join the air force.

Sandeep and Presley don't usually enjoy the same things.

You have to listen to me.


You're showing off again.

I just need to be alone.

I can't take it anymore.

Going at her house at this hour in the night? No way!

I hope you're right about this.


America is a country on the move.


I built a house within a stone's throw of the forest.

Do you have a mental health problem? You're always following me around. You're an adult so be more independent.

Could we come in, please?


Anne has a surprise for Rainer.

This violated the rules of the police department.

He died in your arms.

I should've told him earlier.

Are we gonna have popcorn?


It looks like Sergiu is getting ready to leave.

Write clear and unambiguous texts!

Who is born to be hanged will never be drowned.

Once he got the news of his daughter-in-law's death, he totally freaked out.

Lean it against the wall.

I hope that you will all be friends with me.

"What is this?" "Don't touch that."

I know your mother.

She is liked by everyone.

No other woman in our company is so proud as she.

I am ashamed of myself for my poor English.

Nowadays UNESCO recommends that everybody should use three languages: the mother tongue, the language of local communication and the international language.

Steen doesn't look busy.


Alert! Pedro, open your eyes, something is going on at the beach.

You should be a little more sensible.

She was caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

There is no breeze here.

Either she goes, or I go!


Shari is extremely talkative.

Rabin was given a warm reception.

She competed against many fine athletes.

Jeannette is studying to be a marine biologist.

She helped her brother out with his picture.

We took the cross-channel ferry from Dover to Calais.

Call Hiroyuki, but don't tell him what happened.


I never feel comfortable in his presence.

When did you buy that from me?

Make contact when it is convenient.


She gave him a sensuous smile.

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Now, go about your study.

If Tatoeba is addictive, does this mean that Esperanto speakers are more addicted than speakers of other languages, and can this addiction be the basis of a new common culture?

He won't bite.

My parents sent me a postcard.

It's a genuine question.


Please turn over the page.

He thought it foolish of me to go to Kyushu by bike.

I remember having met him in Paris.

Who was the last person to log on to the computer?

The bridge is closed.

I think I'm going to cry.

I can't run away from myself.

Did you sign it?

How deep is Lake Biwa?

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There's a man downstairs saying he would like to speak with you.

We pay a high rent.

You will be paid according to the amount of work you do.

Let's go have a chat with Andreas.

This is our ship's maiden voyage.

We all had such a good time.

Roberta is moody at times.

I blush to think of such conduct.

How well can you play tennis?

I don't know why you don't understand.

His salary is 250,000 yen per month.


Brendan answered the phone.

He was very naughty when he was a little boy.

Before we go anywhere, we should exchange some money.

It's really cold today.

I want a person who can speak French.

The Kansai dialects are said to have a "sing-song" quality because their pitch accents differ from standard Japanese, which comes from the Tokyo dialect.

What's the first thing you're going to do?

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I was terrified.


If you keep spending money like that, you'll be broke before you know it.

You'll have to go to Boston to meet Jerry next week.

Ramneek wanted some food.

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It's so weird.

He is a student.

He speaks ten languages.


Hsi didn't go.

Did Dori tell you that you could take it?

Robert is efficient, isn't he?

I try my best to be considerate.

It is easy to believe in freedom of speech for those with whom we agree.

I'm coming right home.

Can you call a taxi for me?

Please don't let us down.

Rumors of defeat were abroad.

Kate is a stay-at-home mom.

No one speaks with me.

It's very demanding work.

I knew it would happen this way.

This morning, I went to a fish selling counter and the flying fish was very fresh and also on sale.

The design of these clothes is indeed rather nice, but they are a little expensive.


By air mail, please.

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Even though I'm sitting here in the sun, I'm still cold.

It's really a big deal.

I can stay out of your way.

Mott can't dribble a basketball very well.

He heard the news calmly.

We acted the story of Columbus.

I've done what I can for Joseph.

Can you feel the difference?

Nobody wants to be hated.

I hope you enjoyed it.

I did speak, but no one listened to me.


Apples grow on trees.


You underestimated her.

I've never done it like that before.

Just tell him what you need.

I don't even remember that.

Sam won't be in charge.

I wandered through that region completely alone.

What Johan wants to do isn't going to help.

I think something horrible is about to happen.

You can give Hector all of it, if you want to.

Did you pay for the book?

Sassan was satisfied with the result.

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Hold your ground.

Billy was laughed at in public.

Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer.