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Rashed Al-Watania Group

The RASHED AL-WATANIA GROUP FOR GEN. TRAD. & CONT was formed as Proprietorship Company in 1965 and today ranks as one of Kuwait ’s foremost business houses. It has interests in engineering and construction, manufacturing and industrial investments, Information technology, trading and specialized services among others. The Group comprises of more than 20 companies with a combined currently annualized turnover of more than US$ 6 billion (2012) and employs over 4 8,000 personnel. Many of the Group companies are market leaders in their field, not only in Kuwait but in the entire Gulf Region. With the various fertilizer production projects, in Kuwait and internationally, currently under implementation, the group is set to emerge as one of the largest urea producers of the world.


Rashed Al-Watania Groupto finance Qatar Community Hospital and New University project.
Rashed Al-Watania GroupIT wins Microsoft Country Partner Award
Rashed Al-Watania Group join to finance the Saudi new University project to its 50% (301) 471-8502
Rashed Al-Watania Group Targets Africa and Europe for investment by the end of the year 201
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