Before all Memory is Lost

Women’s Voices from the Holocaust

A one of a kind collection of prose, poetry and diary excerpts from women Canadian Holocaust survivors.

The Holocaust

An introduction to the Holocaust.

For Educators

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The Memoirs

The memoirs – published in English and French under the imprint of The Azrieli Series of Holocaust Survivor Memoirs – are distributed free of charge to educational institutions across Canada, and are for sale at bookstores. E-book versions are now available.

The program is guided by the conviction that such stories play an important role in education about tolerance and diversity.

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Delve deeper into the lives of the survivors through rare interview footage, memoir excerpts, photographs, artifacts and an interactive timeline and map in our new digital platform.


About This Site

The Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program was established by the Azrieli Foundation in 2005 to collect, preserve and share the memoirs and diaries written by survivors of the twentieth-century Nazi genocide of the Jews of Europe who later made their way to Canada.

More than half a century later, the diversity of stories allows readers to put a face on what was lost, and to grasp the enormity of what happened to six million Jews – one story at a time.