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We stand for liberty.

Don't think about stuff like that.

When he came back, the woman had walked off.

I consider that a good opinion.

Are you guys doing anything right now?

Harry turned up the volume.

It would be better for you not to ask him for advice.

I want you to convince Patty to help us.

We've got them.

These shoes have lasted one year.

Grace didn't help me at all.

I'm earning money.

Lori walks to school.

Let's get out of the rain.

Julius couldn't believe his good fortune.


For a girl of her age, Winnie expresses very clever, remarkable thoughts.

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Marco will have to do it by himself.


Do you remember where Anatole lives?

They argue that the distribution of wealth should be equitable.

He would learn how to keep financial records.

We want to measure your temperature.

A notice came in the mail.

Are you completely crazy?

I'd like another beer.


Would you sing us a song in French?

This dress creases easily.

She was always finding fault with me.

Did you think I wouldn't find you?

I want to go on a trip with you.

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It wouldn't be bad if you come as well.


I'm unprejudiced.


Just let me finish.

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Life is a mystery.

Can you confirm that?

I enjoy the wisdom of Socrates, which was the basis for Plato.

Do you have a rough idea of how long it will take?

A little nap and, just like that, I'm as fresh as a daisy.

In 776 B.C., the first Olympic Games were held at the foot of Mount Olympus to honor the Greeks' chief god, Zeus.

Mehrdad looked down at the dog.


You may go anywhere you like.

Where's your hat?

I need a pair of pliers.

We took turns driving.

How can I get rid of all those fallen leaves?

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You seem to want to take all the credit.


I'm happy for you two.


That is the building where my father works.

Nguyen doesn't drink now.

I've come to save her.


Dan invited Linda for a very specific reason.

The Nikkei Stock Average lost nearly 200 points to close yesterday at 18,000.

His request was tantamount to a threat.

Lois can do anything he wants to.

Protecting her is my responsibility.

Sumitro already knows the answer to that question.

Please tell me the truth.


Marshall has no idea how long it will take.

What kind of odds are you giving?

Jose kept my lighter.

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Is the cat all right?

He trained his dog to fetch the newspaper.

People don't do that.


Actually I wrote her a card.

The cherry blossoms are at their best.

I see that he is an able man.

It frequently happens here.

I asked him to help.


Today I'll go to the cinema with Graeme's brother.

Daren showed Kikki his baby pictures.

Let's go get a beer.

Howard told Tammy that he felt out of place.

I haven't even told my wife.

Are you finicky?

Many people can't imagine a meal without ketchup.

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I don't want to talk about it, okay?

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Rob didn't press charges.

How are you coming along with your French lessons?

They had a good hunt.

What are the five senses?

Barton is worried that Louiqa's new medicine is working just a bit too well.

Dylan was ecstatic.

We can't keep this a secret forever.

I'm going to get some coffee.

We all know that Mendel was way ahead of his time.

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Most important of all a clock has to be accurate.

Perhaps she is mistaken.

The sound wasn't very audible.

He was only bothered about concrete questions.

I wish it were possible.

I gave all the money I had left to the hairdresser.

How long did you wait to see the doctor?

What's the deal?

The future progressive tense is used when expressing events and action in progress at some future point, however the example sentence cannot be understood in that way.

Marcia looked grim when I told her the story.

Which do you prefer, tea or coffee?

The young should respect the old.

I'm not afraid of you.

Pokemon is one of the best animes in the world.

As a rule, Japanese people are not good at foreign languages.

We have enough time.

I have nothing to go by.


Srinivas is holding something.

I am a very sad man.

Heaven and hell exist only in the human heart.

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Will there ever be something better than this?

I'm going to make a tour of Kyushu this summer.

Simon told me he was going to try to find another job.

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Pantelis had only one chance to get things right.

They broke off their engagement.

We'll have to fall back on our reserves.

I thought Price was your friend.

He's an oceanographer.


Hello, I'm Niall. What's your name?


He's not supposed to be here.

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Everybody came to the class on time.


Ramesh noticed that Micheal looked worried.

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Let's drink something?

Earl put his keys on the dining table.

He did not study abroad for nothing.

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Children love to sing.


Man is the only animal that can make use of fire.

I got that from them.

Isabelle wants to know when we're going to leave.

He often used to stay up until late at night.

Donovan doesn't know you were helping me.

I don't see why.

Taeko, come on from stage left.

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I should have listened to Surya.

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I was surprised by his rudeness.


I saw John at the library.

Let's go back to the party.

I have to call my father.

It took me three hours to finish my homework.

I read a letter.

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We've got to get them to bed.

A highwayman robbed a foot passenger of his money.

Suwandi seems positive.

Circumstances did not permit me to help you.

I thought you might like to know that Eric is planning to be here tomorrow.


Pamela handed the picture to Nancy.

I want to be more like them.

Pierce was wearing a white lab coat.

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They're my cousins.


Could you give me some examples?


Mosur was sentenced to fifteen years in jail for being an accessory to murder.

You're really something, you know that?

We were very sad.

Kenji is a good speaker of English.

Blaine wasn't polite to Sidney.


There are not many people who speak German in my country.

You are acting like a three-year-old child.

I hope that my friend will come.


How soon does the concert begin?

Are you still having difficulty with physics?

The project was a failure but it did pave the way for the success of later efforts.

The villa was silent.

The storm was accompanied with thunder.

I got a bug in my eye and I can't get it out.

Annard said he couldn't find a job.