They had a baby last week.

Can I have a toke?

What've you been doing to Joon?

I'm a tall doctor.

I'm getting married next Sunday.

This is the first time I've ever brought a painter home.


I told them it was urgent.

The woman awakens the girl.

I'm taking Ned to Boston with me.


Pitawas used to be overweight.


She did nothing but cry all day.

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I would like to use your word processor.

After mature reflection, I've decided to accept their offer.

Mesut Ozil is one of the best midfielders in the world.

The man spoke in a low voice.

That's not right.

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For God's sake Bob, lighten up.

Where is the Romanian embassy?

Juha is having some problems with his grades.

Noam has already moved to Boston.

He excluded the woman from the suspects.


You like arguing with me, don't you?


This is a weird one.


Christophe was kneeling.

The long-range forecast says we will have a mild winter.

Jose wasn't able to make Jess laugh.


I knew I should've married her.

Now it's over.

Sridhar doesn't have a computer.


Uri made up his mind to be a firefighter.


Everyone posed for a picture.

I've learnt something from this book.

Is there a chance this will happen again?

They moved to the village, where they lived a happy life.

She is always very affectionate with her relatives.


No passengers were killed in the accident.


A fish leaped out of the water.

You said it was beef. However, I think it's pork.

Thuan seems to not like you very much.


You're the only person I know that doesn't like bananas.


Mats and Marty talked for at least an hour.

Somebody's watching you.

I have a firm belief in his innocence.


We should let you see them.

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Make Sarah go away.

I could tell you that I love you, but I'd be lying.

I totally disagree with Vladimir.

I'll let her know.

He's friendly with all his classmates.

Well? Will you come?

He's incredibly stupid.

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I've already left a message.


I only weighed 55 kilograms when I was in high school.


I see what Hotta meant.

They felt weary after their hard work.

She bought the dress on impulse.

You may take the book home so long as you don't get it dirty.

This can't be a real diamond.


The police couldn't find any footprints outside Irvin's bedroom window.

I see you haven't forgotten your stuff.

In the heat of the moment, Patrick slapped Ruth.

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Will you excuse us, please?


Can you take that chance?

There was once a king who had three daughters.

The teacher reads the book.

Do you know an ethnic dance?

Can I use a credit card?


She likes the teacher.

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Russia is larger than Pluto.

Aliens are among us!

Laurie seems conceited.

It was a stupid mistake.

Kees found Louise's attitude hurtful.

We're coming back tomorrow.

We need twenty eggs all told.

We won't be going to Novo's party.

Stupidity is not a disability!


I was really proud of that.

Still still is the pond I remember.

Kazuhiro asked me to do it for him.

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I'm so doggone exhausted, I can't even think straight.


You need to smell the roses.

To lose weight I swim every day, one hour in the swimming pool.

The question was discussed in detail.


He didn't do it on purpose.


That's my box.

Ram almost never forgets to wash his hands before eating.

I gave Stephe many chances.

Stacy has been trying to get rid of the mice in his house.

She prayed that her daughters would forgive her.

Ravindranath is clever and ambitious.

They do nothing but complain.

It doesn't look too bad.

Your story doesn't corroborate what I've heard before.

The past is the past. There's nothing you can do about it.

The ship had taken on water and was down by the stern.


Please let me pay.

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I only found out about that a few days ago.

I can't speak for him.

How do we know that he's innocent?

It seemed to work.

Why aren't you there?

Kamiya put his seatbelt back on.

Jim fell in love with Donn the moment he met her.

I'm trying to study. Could you please be quiet?

The boy was so dependent that he could not function in society.

The shirt is clean and dry.

Lou bought a house in Boston.

Cathy is as strong as an ox.

I hate that cat.

Gustavo went straight home.

Ramadoss wasn't able to find a place to park.

From whom did you hear that rumour?

I wished Mr. Bluff a "Merry Christmas," and hurried homeward through the cold and nipping air.

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She lost sight of her friend in the huge crowd.

How is the @ sign pronounced in your language?

She's already married.

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She turned eighty-one.

For ages, man has been fighting against disease.

I doubt whether it is true or not.

She's jealous and possessive.

He's fluent in Japanese.

This book was new.

Am I that much different from everyone else?

The teacher ordered the classroom to be cleaned.

I was out last night with them.

I want to become better at playing baseball.

Listen to me, I beg of you.

"Why are you throwing books in the fire?" "Because I'm cold."

Do not say it again, OK?

Don't forget to take your vitamins.

I think you might need to slow down.

They have agreed to come.

A beard doesn't make a philosopher, nor does wearing a cheap coat.


He could not join us because he was ill.


I'll provide you with all the necessary information.

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The peasantry revolted wielding pitchforks and clubs.

Matti shuffled the cards.

I told you to stay here.

His face fell when he heard the news.

That's all I can give you at this time.

I tried to convince her.

The only way to have a friend is to be one.

You're too naive.

The war ended with many victims.


I have nothing to add.

He lit another cigarette, but immediately put it out.

I'm sure you all read about it.

Let's work together.

It's definitely possible.

I knew I could do it.

You can't hit Josh and expect him not to hit you back.

She's done her homework.

I'm new here.

That's the exact amount.

Duke's neighbour said he would keep an eye on Raja's place for him while he was away.

I'm not sure what Those's objective was.

I don't care what he does.


You're not well.


Why don't you believe Hy when he says he's busy?