Franklin seemed surprised when I told him.

I've got a coupon.


The most serious problem the world faces is not the strength of the wicked, but the powerlessness of the good.

Woody would hate that.

Let's be careful not to catch a cold.

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The police observed the man enter the bank.

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The turkey was tender and juicy.

You've got to be yourself.

It is not surprising that he resigned.

Don't buy it.

Take a nap if you're tired.

You'd played.

Casper doubts if Kevan will come to school today.

It didn't take you long to get here, did it?

We're going to be late for the concert.


As you wish!


Revised didn't want to get in trouble.

Can I get you a coffee?

I want to be with you more than anything.


I don't think anyone notices what Rayan does.

The doorman will call a taxi for us.

All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure.

I don't approve of them dating each other.

We should ask them.

Were there any witnesses?

This airplane accommodates 400 passengers quite comfortably.

Edward no longer trusts Kaj.

Will takes everything too seriously.

It is bad manners to visit late at night.

Watch carefully how I do it. Did you see it?

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Tell me how Carolyn and Eduardo met.

Olson is going to be jealous.

I want to watch what's on TV right now.

The strangest thing is that he saved his arch enemy from an unavoidable death.

Watch what everyone does and do the opposite.

Those two are exactly alike.

Suzan has been seriously injured.

That may work.

I don't know if they still live there.

The launching of artificial earth satellites is commonly looked upon as an exploration of space.

It's not supposed to be this way.

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I'm old enough to live by myself.

Joan dropped her husband like a hot potato.

I won't be a second.

This box is too bulky to carry.

Please sit down.

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He never touches alcoholic drinks.

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The opposing team did not put up much of a fight, so we won hands down.

I'm unnecessary here.

I want to talk about something else.

I want you gone by sunrise.

Only you can save me.

If you want any money, I will lend you some.

We have to do something, Soohong.

Pradeep came up with an ingenious idea.

Do you speak my language?


Everything is different today.

That is insane. Only a fool would believe that.

My star and favourite person is Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish keyboard.He is my exemplar in keyboard playing style.

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It seems like the book store is also closing late.


What kind of jewel is this?


Don't talk about yourself like that.

Mount Elbrus is the highest mountain in Europe.

My wife will be glad to see you, too.

Fred was thrilled to buy the car.

I love sitting on the beach.

I hope you don't get lost.

The milkman came around at six every morning.

He's going to Paris next month.

Bucky has done that already.

That was really boring.

How did you learn to cook so well?

Vladimir denied being a thief.

Monty is the only one in our family who doesn't have a driver's license.


I think Duke is wealthy.

I like his attitude.

She looked after her baby.


Everywhere you look you can see damage caused by the earthquake.

They are normatively accountable for doing so.

It must, of necessity, be postponed.

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I want to see Mah before I leave.

Barely an hour passes that I don't think about you with love.

Eat your soup while it is hot.

I didn't ask you, Lou.

I've asked them if they would consider a compromise.

Oh, by the way, I have something for you.

I'm sorry, but I didn't receive any milk at my house today.

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It is unintelligible speech.

Think was bored out of his skull.

To begin with, you must build up your body.


He has endured sacrifices for the United States that most of us cannot begin to imagine.

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When are you getting off work?

He isn't here now.

The new computerised recording system experienced a number of teething problems before it was fully operational.

What did you say to her?

She lives in an apartment.


All we can do now is wait.

It seems that Tatoeba is working properly again.

Son took Molly's empty glass from her hand and refilled it.

Chinese is a language that has four tones.

Novo is a member of the SWAT team.

I'll be back by six.

By God!

I usually went to the movies on Sunday.

I can't believe I didn't even think of that.

She was loved very much by him.

The song reminds me of my young days.

Carl jogs every morning.

We were thoroughly satisfied with his work.

I know what today is. It's your thirtieth birthday, isn't it?

"Hi, is this Reid?" "No, it's Vinod. Sandeep says Hello."

He curled his lip in a sneer.

I'd rather go to the zoo than to a museum.

Floyd's book about his life with Teruyuki sold like hot cakes.

New York is among the largest cities in the world.

I have to move you.

Lack of respect is something I cannot easily put up with.

You killed the wrong person.

Stop stealing my sentences.


Dan befriended one of the waitresses.

We're ruthless.

It looked like you were in a hurry.

Hughes took off.

I've brought supplies.


Terri is glowing.

We can't just leave him behind.

I don't remember her name anymore.


Someone's singing.

I have a few minutes.

Learn those sentences.

How can I get to the train station?

That country broke off diplomatic relations with the neighboring countries.

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Myrick is the person I was talking about.

Look, honey. You can't do that!

What have we done to be punished like this?


Lloyd's a farther of three.

He left his keys in the car.

The train was late because of an accident.

I will give you back the CD in a week.

Turn yourself in to the police.

You drowned in the ocean, didn't you?

Can you name any plants peculiar to Japan?

Are we really surprised?

Great buildings, like great mountains, are the work of centuries.

That is not my field of work.

Duane is currently on death row.

Why do you attach importance to this incident?

I found my lost dog by means of a notice in the paper.

Jeremy loves me more than you.

We surrounded him.

The floor gave way.

Was she working yesterday?

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Having once tasted ink, she became thirsty in that regard, as tame tigers are said to be after tasting another sort of fluid, and wanted to sign everything, and put her name in all kinds of places.


I feel unsafe walking around at night.

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Somebody had drowned her in the bathtub.

I'm short.

There isn't any milk left.

I really like that feeling.

Give me a break. If you have something to say, stop making faces and say it.


There lives an old man in the hut by the lake.

He is desirous of going abroad.

I was waiting for him.


Correlation does not equal causation.

Our offer wasn't taken seriously.

They should go to hell!

You mustn't tell that to your parents.

Mats should be all right.

This is a book to read.

Are you sure that you want to go there?