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We found the right place.


"What did you wish for?" "It's a secret."

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Ask Nhan if he'll attend the meeting.

We'll contact you if we have any further questions.

I'll swim with him tomorrow.


You were told this was going to happen.


Mario smelled it.

I'm sorry to say, but the service isn't very good.

He has designs on that girl.

I don't like her at all.

Giovanni is an avid tennis player.

On cloudy days, you can hear distant sounds better than in clear weather.

This is getting serious.

Where's Judy going to sleep?

He whispered "I love you" into my ear and then kissed me on the cheek.

Noam stays inside all day staring at the computer.

For most people, reward comes from other people, not from themselves.

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The heavy rain made a mess of the bonsai.


George weighs not less than 70 kilograms.

It's all I need.

Why are you torturing me with that?

Cecilia lives next door to Jitendra.

Who is the boy swimming in the river?

We have given careful thought to both alternatives.

Brendan seems to be carrying some kind of weapon.

A traffic accident took place this morning.

You're arrogant.

I'll understand if you're not interested.

Good advice isn't expensive.

Farouk said that he was aware of the ongoing conspiracy.

I need someone who speaks Portuguese. Do you speak it?

While I'm translating sentences on Tatoeba, my wife is weeding the garden.

I was living in Boston a few years ago.


I'll get one.

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Everyone was present.


Please don't go.


I found this book interesting from beginning to end.

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When they were in Leicester it was obvious that they had a very warm relationship.


You're sitting too close to the TV.


The shadow falls upon the wall.

I appreciate that you have not had time to write.

Jose hasn't been well.


I want to know what's out there.


Darkness still covered the valley.

She lives by her pen.

You may eat as much as you want.


Marie is a naive student.


Why didn't you apply for the job?

Some women are very dangerous.

Why didn't you tell me you were Canadian?

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Suresh jumped up and down.


The police are questioning her.

I got a fish bone stuck in my throat.

Flowing water does not stagnate.

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Hui is learning English.

You won't believe it.

We sent for a doctor.

Agatha was having a great time.

Kevan watched Monty for a moment.

Wooden houses easily catch fire.

I was talking with Ricardo.

She was hard at work writing letters.

How can I become rich?

Evan, where are we?

He keeps all his savings in the bank.


Have you tried Japanese beer?

I haven't eaten for two days.

I was really surprised.

I first met Suzan right after he moved here from Boston.

Politicians don't always tell the truth.

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Jane keeps early hours.

That would be unfortunate.

What made us come to blows?

Kuniko is related to Mr Nagai.

I'm sorry if I spoke out of turn.


Wait one moment.

The losses are incalculable.

I can't answer why, but I can tell you how.

"You look terrific. Did you lose weight?" "I wish."

Where's Stewart working?

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Did you know Milo was a vegetarian?

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You're a nice one!

He has few friends here except you.

I gave my son a box of candy, which he opened happily.

Exports in January totalled $10 billion, a record for the month.

Has someone died?


Do you live in this building?

Better wear out shoes than sheets.

The orchestra is drowning out the singer's voice.

These fancy upgrades only serve to snailify the car.

Snow falls silently and piles up ... on top of me.

I can't, however, agree with your opinion.

Can you take that chance?

On hearing the sound, the dog rushed away.

It's possible I said that, but I don't remember saying it.


I'd like to borrow fifty dollars from you.


Is it true that you are going to study in London?

Such people are few in number.

Esperanto is one of the most melodic languages in the world.


She studied hard lest she should fail in the exam.

What are you making?

Everything was being burnt to ashes.


Maybe you're just not getting enough sleep.

We both won.

I'm not good at self-promotion.


We prepared for an attack.

Tricia did everything within his power to save the children that were trapped in the burning building.

He is the richest man on earth.

A hedge between keeps friendship green.

Poor light hindered my reading.

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Sid was not pleased.

Tagalog is a more sensual language than English.

He comes here almost every day.


Tanya used to work for the government.

Thierry wasn't used to failure.

Almost everyone has already gone home.

Cathryn is scared to talk to me.

He recounted his unusual experiences.

I've found the answer.

I never said you were lying.


I love Christmas lights.

Jesus hates you.

They felt their candidate would win in 1860.


Mitchell went back into the house to get an umbrella.


A kitten was born.

Albert Einstein's theory of relativity is the most famous formula in the world.

When is Mohammad's birthday?

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I'm used to no one liking me.

The firm provides its workers with their uniforms, but they are expected to have them regularly cleaned.

When does the game begin?

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That's a really old picture.

Let's make it Monday afternoon.

Dan's letter was postmarked London.

The church is at the foot of the hill.

She tried a third time.

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Can you just throw these out?

All great writers have their own personal styles.

I have at least one house.

Newton explained the movement of orbiting planets as the result of motion along a straight line combined with the gravitational pull of the Sun. His laws are all based on the idea that nothing is naturally at rest. He reasoned that all heavenly bodies are constantly moving, with no limits on space and time.

Personally, I like not being at war.


It must not be past three.

Who could blame Natraj?

You're about to go, aren't you?


I know what it's about.

Claude urged me to do that.

None of the other students spoke to me.

What do you imagine when you look at this picture.

They aren't here yet.

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I'll be able to help you.

I can't find anything.

Slow speech is characteristic of that man.


You really are short, aren't you?

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I can still work.

The factory is running at full capacity.

You'll certainly pass the coming exam.