Kriton made me write that letter.

What time did you close the store last night?

Let me help her.


I haven't seen you in donkey's years!

He likes either baseball or football.

My mother called me.


Who is this?

You know I can't answer a question like that.

Morton went into the conference room.


Why do I have to work with her?

Marie's dog bit Les.

Don't waste your time doing that.

That's how it all began.

Jess isn't very tough.


Why did you decide to affiliate yourself with Company A?

The cook is sitting in the kitchen.

Our head office is in Boston.

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If Tatoeba is addictive, does this mean that Esperanto speakers are more addicted than speakers of other languages, and can this addiction be the basis of a new common culture?

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"Ah, a raw egg for me!" "Is one enough?" "Yep, if I need more I'll top it up."

I have an urge to buy something.

You've never liked me, have you?

The question is whether he will come on time.

He wanted to teach English at school.

We don't need anything else!

They all turned to look at him.

Who's more important, me or Tatoeba?

Mr White appeared for him in court.

Kevyn forgot to ask Rajendra what he had planned to ask her.

Cookie isn't such a good name for a dog.

Let me handle that.

I'm driving myself home.

I will not want to redo it.

I'd rather die than marry you!


Advertisements urge us to buy luxuries.

I don't care all that much.

The hunting dogs followed the scent of the fox.

Will you go with us?

Let's hope you don't need it.

Who on earth is that?

We are looking forward to serving you again.

Let's breathe the fresh air.

I'm on the honor roll.

The night is young.

Did you live here?


I am slaughtering a chicken.

Is there a problem I should know about?

Let me get this straight.

We danced about the fire.

Shut up and don't say a thing.

I'm going to have to think about that a little longer.

There was a big fire near my house last night.

I think it's time for me to move to the suburbs.

Let's pretend we are aliens.

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Today's Monday, isn't it?


I prefer going for a walk to seeing the movie.

His grades took a big jump.

Randy finally took off his coat.

This one's nice.

Mehrdad should've won.

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Would it inconvenience you to go yourself?

I don't believe her.

Yes, that's pretty much what happened.

Leora is like a father to me.

To make matters worse, it began to rain heavily.

There was snow on the island of Lulus on January 14, 2012.

I've decided to lose weight.


I'm not going to shoot you.

We've learned from our mistakes.

I wonder if Huashi knows who left this package on my desk.

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It's completely visible.


Did you call?


I'm speaking of a lion.

Is that why you won't help Diane?

Dan offered to help Linda repair her car.

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Pretend you don't know anything.

I'll get the book.

Stop making a fuss.

I like listening to him.

I'll drive to Boston.

I wish Spudboy wouldn't keep bothering me.

She does not listen.

Jill doesn't like being pushed.

Some wounds never heal.

He got the reputation for being an honest politician.

I just need one more chance.

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Are you that stupid?

We'll probably never be in Boston at the same time Stefan is.

This is where the fun begins.

She translated it word for word.

I don't quite know how to say this.

We got dressed.

Denis may have lied to us.


Ralph wondered where they were going.

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There's no reason for concern.

This book is really boring.

I want you both to stop fighting.

It is raining hard now.

I'm faxing over the information right now.


If it rains tomorrow, I'm not going to the meeting.

Have you ever been to Hawaii, Takuya?

I told you this is what would happen.

I couldn't find anybody.

You are going through a difficult emotional time, but you will cope.

I'll meet them tomorrow at 2:30.

He said. "What a pretty girl she is!"

We finally reached the top of the mountain.

That's what I've ordered.

Marcos was watching TV.

A dog's nose is very sensitive.

Don't let Alex shut this door.

Susanne passed out on the couch.

Piercarlo was also at the beach.

Randell worked from early in the morning until late at night.


Something caught Donovan's eye.

Thank God.

I'll give you another chance.

I went fishing with Olson.

Cary taught me how to do it.

Vinod's mother told an extraordinary story of an out-of-body experience she had during her recent brush with death.

I've decided not to swim this afternoon.


He is friendly to us and wants our help.

But now I live in Tokyo.

It's pretty galling to think about how long the affair was going on before I found out about it.

Miriam is walking around.

Why would Everett lie about something like that?

He could buy bread and milk with the money he had.

Manolis is a retired registered nurse.

I'm seriously considering it.

Jackson said he was not worried about Texas.

Sam folded his clothes and put them in his suitcase.

You said you wanted proof. Well, here it is.

I ran out of the room without knowing what I was doing.

Briggs wasn't babbling.

A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.

Josip knew better than to ask Dwight such a stupid question.

He was laughed at by his friends.

I knew we should've stayed at home.

I'm not the only one who agrees with Vincenzo.

My older brother wants to study abroad.


The extent of the damage is inestimable.

That's pretty hard to forget.

If the concrete is not reinforced with high-quality steel, it will be worthless.

We didn't wait.

I've tried to be reasonable.


Christopher Columbus once sacrificed the corner of his hat to an Aztec god, bringing about years of prosperity to that god's village.

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I didn't read any books yesterday.

When baking a cake, it is important to stick to the recipe.

He has an important position in the firm.

Rahul ran on the treadmill.

I have included the names and prices of a couple of hotels which are reasonably close to where I live.

If you can translate the subject and object then after that it isn't so difficult.

You shouldn't speak when the teacher is speaking. It's common sense.

I excused myself from the table.

You have to live here.

The richer they got, the more confident they became.

He never puts off anything he has to do.

There's blood everywhere.

Bert's suffering.

People shouldn't stare at foreigners.

Look alive or you'll miss your date!

What if it was all nothing but wishful thinking? Would it make everything unreal?

Just pretend that it didn't happen.


This is a tribute to all the Native Americans who died to defend their land, their people and their culture ever since Christopher Columbus set foot on their land.

You should remember that.

I've already explained it to you twice.

Where are the guns?

They all just looked at her.

Shyam said he'd be right over.

We need to know where Victor is now.

I haven't talked to them yet.

Let's take a rest for a while.


They also built a sand castle.