I had complete mastery over my feeling.

You must take care when you cross the road.

We climbed to the top.

Max told Dave to go talk to John.

The creation killed its creator.

I wish I had my own car.

Teruyuki told me you had a cold.

Please call me at eight tomorrow morning.

I feel nothing.

The businessman withdrew from the transaction.

Could you please let me through?

It was a very foolish mistake.

I'm sorry, it won't happen again.

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You don't listen to me.

I'm not for spoiling pets.

His policies were too progressive.

Mat asked me if anything was the matter.

By the end of the year, the number of people who have spent the night in hotels in our city will pass the one million mark.

Please fill out the attached job application form.

I never thought of coming to your place.


Tommy couldn't answer the last question.

I will not let her escape this time.

We're in a bit of a hurry now.

I wasn't guilty.

He was awoken by the noise.


We went to the park, and we played there.

I told Harry the truth.

I thought I had given Margaret the key.

Lloyd deeply regretted doing what he had done.

Why do you have that?


Dick dated Milner for three years.


Is context really necessary to understand the subjunctive?


Darrell worked as a physio.


I want a camomile.

He fulfilled his obligation.

Is it too big?

She changed her mind again, which made us all angry.

We must find the money, Madam Chairman, for the sake of the children.

Ramanan left the party at 2:30.

That's why I don't approve of your plan.

We're in the well.

I promise you I'll help him.

Do you happen to know what happened?

There are those who translate and those who fuck shit up.

Osaka is the second largest city of Japan.

He left his umbrella on the bus.

Ubuntu is a popular Linux distribution.

I'm not sure what's wrong with him.

Maybe you could talk to her.

I wonder if I hurt his feelings.

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Do you think it's easy to find a job in Germany?

Sherlock Holmes is smoking from a calabash pipe.

What time should I wake you up?

Between you and me, he was dismissed for bribery.

You're a nerd.


We have to bring the matter to a close.

Did Rajendra seem OK to you?

Fortunately, she didn't die.


Did you really fly the plane?

We had a good deal of snow last winter.

I was very scared of snakes.

For me, humanity is a matter's shape.

I attended the class with Arnold taught by Professor Jackson.


Siegurd doesn't have to work so hard.

You people are unbelievable.

I know you want to see Phillip.

I arrived just when he was leaving.

I'm as tall as he is.

What more could you want?

Do as she says.

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This company manufactures computer chips.

I have a theory about him.

Can I speak with Clark?

He cut some branches off the oak tree.

Maurice hit Claude with a pillow.


Svante plays the vibraphone exceptionally well.

We opposed his plan to build a new road.

We were in Boston all weekend.

You should drive at a safe speed.

Rich might help you if you ask him politely.

She doesn't yet know the truth.

I used to be a guard in a maximum security prison, and now I am a physician.

She went on a trip for a few days.

He cannot have done it by himself.

I just noticed it.

That's not really the point.

What're you babbling about?

For goodness sake.

Who's your doctor?

A homeless man and a three-year-old boy argued for an hour about whether or not Batman has superpowers, which he does not.


'A' comes before 'B' in the alphabet.

I took interstate 58.

Novorolsky doesn't like children.

If it were not for this defect, I should hire him at once.

A terrible demon lives in the forest.

They already know it.

When did you get my letter?

Shark fin soup is commonly served at Chinese weddings and banquets.

Have you been naughty or nice?

Doug is wearing sunglasses and no shirt.

Where and when did that happen?

We were at the park.

We stand for liberty.


I sometimes use scissors as a can opener.

I like spring the best.

Russ barely said anything.

Antonio didn't have to help if he didn't want to.

Aaron wears strange clothes; people often laugh at the way he dresses.

The small seed became a large tree.

That's kind of you to say.

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Doesn't it feel good?

Sarah helped us.

He is unsociable.

We should never forget that the Titanic was built by professionals and Noah's Ark was built by laymen...

You are a calm man.

I'm trying to cheer you up.

Four horses roam the pasture.

A calamity was avoided by sheer luck.

Paola said he doesn't know Isidore.

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Chinese women are very difficult to understand.


I was being serious.

Jeanne is really clever.

Gregg says he already knows how to do that.

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Alex is pooped.


This is odd.

Sooner or later, the hostages will be released.

It will not be long before she comes back.

It goes both ways.

Everything's OK.

I don't want to share my room with Son.

He was looking into the possibility of buying a house.

Terry went to the massage parlor.

You can have three tries.

Jeffie kept coughing.

Case never changes.

It would be wonderful if you could sing at our wedding.

Our success was due in part to good luck.

Kent can't ever seem to make up his mind.

So she works at this factory, huh?

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Please remind me to give back this book.


Toby was on the news last night.

The young adapt to change easily.

Shopping malls are quickly mushrooming in this very urban city.

I don't need any bit of your charity.

Doug is in the other room getting dressed.

In September, there are just a few people here and there on the beach.

She put the key in her bag.

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The river flows through the city.

Edmund's not in his room.

He was rejected because his health was poor.


I wasn't innovative enough.

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It's one mile from here.


We hope to see you again.

The weather won't be fine.

Beethoven was a great composer.

It just gets worse.

It was so obvious.

Can we turn on some lights?

Betsy seems to be reliable.

Isaac and Kee gave exactly the same answers on the test which made the teacher suspicious.

The water levels in these glasses are the same.

I'll give him your message when he comes.

I think this medicine will do you a lot of good.

She was advised by him to come back at once.

It helped me a lot!

Have something to eat just in case.

Everyone looked unhappy.

He must be a gentleman to act that way.

My parents persuaded me not to travel alone.

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I repaid him the money I owed him.

Are you writing this down?

We lost our way and did not know what to do.