Stop talking and get back to work.

These facts are mutually related.

In March 2014, the Administration launched the Climate Data Initiative, bringing together extensive open government data and innovation competitions to develop data-driven resilience tools for communities.

You were a prison warden for ten years.

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Where did you get that suit?

Let's just begin.

I don't like the heat during the summer.

I am a translation system but I am not automatic!

I recognized the actor the minute I saw him.

Kimberly unlocked the door for Kusum.

Boston is one of the places I visited last summer.


We can do something.

There's a good chance that he'll be late.

The crime was premeditated.


He had to leave the city, so he moved to Berlin.

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No sooner had I entered the room than I noticed the smell not only of tobacco but of gas.


His persistent efforts resulted in failure.

He looked for every possible means of escape.

She is suffering from kidney failure.

Mum! Can you pass me the toilet paper?

This book is to me what the Bible is to you.

I will have read Hamlet three times if I read it again.

So, Alfred, tell us about yourself.


Ha ha ha, very funny.

What a pair!

My conscience bothers me.

Rakhal's French is gradually improving.

Are you sure you didn't recognize that guy?


Shouldn't you be at work already?

She is strong.

He was sent to save the princess.

Be careful up there.

Monty was holding a small box of stuff.

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Cary and Ruth usually speak French together.

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I was insulted in front of other people.

We train together.

Kolkka asked Masanobu out on a date, but she said no. A year later they were married.


The Dodgers went on winning with irresistible force.

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I don't think you have the guts.


Jacobson had a clear conscience.

It's impossible for someone to be older than his mother, unless he has a time machine.

Philip asked for my assistance.


What have we become as a society when we need alcohol to enjoy ourselves. It has become a pretext for outlandish behaviour and just plain old debauchery.

We were wondering who it was, and it turns out that it was you!

I can't call them at home.

He tried to seduce me.

Beethoven was a great composer.


He regarded the money as gone.

They've been chanting for thirty minutes.

The party's Tuesday.

There's nobody here.

I'm sorry we dragged you into this.

Nora realized what had happened.

Why do I feel this way?


Ofer wants to get home before dark.

I think those are Konstantinos's books.

I don't like you that much.


Otherwise we will have to cancel this order.


Could this be love?

Stevan was going to shoot me.

Silver costs less than gold.

We students all like baseball.

It looks like the data you lost on your computer is irretrievable.

Boys always promise that when they want something.

He majors in social anthropology.

The spider spun her delicate web in the garden.

They aren't dating... yet.

Did you play tennis yesterday?

The plane was blown up by hijackers.

Don't knock it unless you try it first.

Rand should've done that weeks ago.

Jean thanked me with a smile.

Joon has killed again.

I really hope not.

She lied and I don't like liars.


I caused you to die.


Isn't that what we anticipated?

We haven't even seen it yet.

You're considerate.

He was in the habit of taking a walk before breakfast.

He remains sick in bed.

They experienced a pain in their legs.

The system is working very well now.

Syun died before the ambulance got here.

What a wonderful town!

They claim that next summer will be the hottest of the century.

Tait had something to do.

Boys have their own bikes these days.

I saw Ti and Bruce together.

Do you want Toerless to help you?

You're really absent-minded.

Danielle knows how to help us.

He's a clever little bugger.


I'm going to wait here for you.

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Could you tell me your name again?

Nichael and his teacher were talking to each other.

Were you with my father today?

Storms have abraded the outer layer of paint.

I use this computer.

Isn't that childish?

Who will you be going to Boston with?


The sentence is short and simple, but without context it will be useful to almost no one.

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The rain became snow.


He likes to play tennis.

I finally realized what was happening.

Is there a similar proverb in Japan?

Her scream brought the police.

Comrade Stalin drew attention to the fact that language is extraordinarily important in the life of every people, and for their struggle for independence, freedom, and progress.

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We think, and this allows us to do the marvelous things that we do.


He added sugar to his coffee.

She frankly admitted her guilt.

This month was kind of difficult.

Goro had the kindness to take me to the hospital.

Tell Thuan we're on our way.


We're making a logo for the firm.


Gregge is moving quite fast.

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We weren't ready.

They did not join unions or strike.

I decided it was a good idea.


Mushrooms are a kind of fungus.

I wasn't really having fun.

Are you learning Chinese?

It is important that no one is allowed to slack off on their assigned work.

Who's this?

Ro was tortured.

We hope the next 20 years will be even more successful for all of us.

I have my own restaurant now.

Glad to meet you!


I really don't feel the cold.


Every morning, I go shopping.

He is anxious to get back into circulation.

I know how to survive

Raymond needs to win.

I buy two pretty flowers.

I saw a little boy called Tony Evans.

That's an option.

Are there any French magazines in your school library?

I just heard that Terry and Sekar are coming back to Boston for Christmas.

Ken was fined 7,000 yen for speeding.

That guy is a total bummer.

He knows how to mop his room.

The storm is coming our way.


It was nice to talk to her.

He went skiing.

He drinks like a fish.


Human beings are created to create things.

They should have bold ideas.

Fasten your seat belts.

Snow covered the bus.

Let it all hang out.

I know what happened to him.

Lindsay continued driving.

I sensed immediately that something was wrong.

Don't forget to brush your teeth before going to bed.

Those colours go well together.

I'm looking for a man who is supposed to live here.

If I catch you hitting my cat one more time, I'll kick your ass. I'm telling you, this is your last chance.

Sometimes he acted as if he were my boss.

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What time does the club open?

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The students promised to uprise if that substitute ever returned.

You don't know what you're doing.

I am going to husk rice.

Whatever you say, I'll marry her.

We need to protect ourselves.