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    Wang, Yichen; Wang, Xiaofang; Chau, Henry; Si, B.; Yao, N.; Li, Yi (Soil Science Society of America, 2018-11-01)
    Soil water repellency (SWR) is a widespread property in soils around the world. It influences soil water movement and causes unstable flow. The mechanics of finger flow occurrence in water-repellent soils are not clearly ...
  • Spatial characteristics of bicycle–motor vehicle crashes in Christchurch, New Zealand: A case-control approach 

    Williams, Thomas; Doscher, Crile; Page, Shannon (University of Minnesota, Center for Transportation Studies, and University of Minnesota, Networks, Economics, and Urban Systems Research Group (NeXuS), 2018-10-22)
    This paper aims to examine the risk of bicycle-motor vehicle crashes occurring on a network-wide level in Christchurch, New Zealand, based on the spatial characteristics present in the road environment. To achieve this, ...
  • Ex-vivo cow rumen fluid fermentation: Changes in microbial populations and fermentation products with different forages 

    Fang, Haitian; Al-Marashdeh, Omar; Zhou, Huitong; Podolyan, Andriy; Hickford, Jonathan G. H.; Edwards, Grant; Cameron, Keith C.; Cheng, L. (Taylor & Francis, 2018-07-09)
    This study investigated the effects of three forage treatments [herbal plantain (PL), ryegrass-white clover pasture (RW) and root crop fodder beet (FB)] on ex-vivo rumen fluid fermentations. Quantitative real-time Polymerase ...
  • Understanding New Zealand’s changing vehicle travel patterns 

    Sheild, Richard Cameron (Lincoln University, 2018)
    In recent years New Zealand has seen a changing trend in its vehicle kilometres travelled (VKT) per capita, which has generally trended downward. This is part of a global trend occuring across a number of western countries, ...
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    Wyckhuys, K. A. G.; Wongtiem, P.; Rauf, A.; Thancharoen, A.; Heimpel, G. E.; Le, N. T. T.; Fanani, M. Z.; Gurr, G. M.; Lundgren, J. G.; Burra, D. D.; Palao, L. K.; Hyman, G.; Graziosi, I.; Le, V. X.; Cock, M. J. W.; Tscharntke, T.; Wratten, Stephen D.; Nguyen, L. V.; You, M.; Lu, Y.; Ketelaar, J. W.; Goergen, G.; Neuenschwander, P. (PeerJ, 2018-10-19)
    Biological control, a globally-important ecosystem service, can provide long-term and broad-scale suppression of invasive pests, weeds and pathogens in natural, urban and agricultural environments. Following (few) historic ...

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