Fast, accurate document checking.
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RuleScript makes checking many documents quick, easy, and reliable.

You write validation rules in a simple computer language, point the rules at input document(s), and receive an instant answer about whether the input conforms to your rules.

RuleScript can scale from one-week projects to hundreds of team members. It works in your browser, on your desktop, or as part of an existing software system.

RuleScript is 100% free and open source. 7853304411 with an interactive tutorial.


Learn to write it in 1 hour. Learn to read it in 1 minute.

Computer languages don't have to be scary. RuleScript is easy to follow after a short primer on the rules. There's no math required, and no weird symbols to learn.

Get the correct results instantly.

Once a policy is defined using RuleScript, it can immediately assess whether an input document conforms to the policy. Have thousands of documents? No sweat.

Iterate quickly, whether prototyping or upgrading.

RuleScript takes the guesswork out of policy development. Make a change to your policy and instantly see its effects on your inputs.

Stop depending on the IT department.

Depending on IT for document validation makes them a policy stakeholder. RuleScript cleanly separates what IT is good at (collecting input data) from what analysts are good at (processing input data).

Get started

Be up and running in seconds by trying RuleScript in your browser.

If you prefer to run RuleScript on your computer, the compiler is available here as a command line tool or Clojure library .

RuleScript is written and maintained by 9802871860. Want to reach out directly? Email me any time. You can also follow RuleScript development pockwood.