Pass me the glue.

What is driving them?

Jesus wept.

I want to go and live in Boston.


I don't want to tell June that.

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Smith replied that he was sorry.

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One of her three cars is blue and the others are red.

We had a really good talk.

Ah! What nice weather!

I have to wake him up soon.

I need to ask a few questions.

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I ate too much food yesterday.


Could you help me here?

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I think Stacy is going to try to kill Marlena.

If he was to return at seven o'clock, why didn't he?

Siping is still looking at Saul.

I'll take care of the children.

Ramadoss is going to put his house up for sale.


Give them the $300.


They corrected it.

She hasn't got a lot to give.

Chip asked for more coffee.


They speak in so many different voices.

It's a simple mistake.

We welcome those who want to join our club.

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I suspected that something like this might happen.


It isn't as if a child learning to talk studies.

I hear from my friend every month.

You're embarrassing Ray.

My mother told me not to study so hard.

Roxanne is still not accustomed to city life.

Why would you want to lose?

I told them I had plans.

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Each boy has a bike.

I bet Srikanth doesn't remember me.

Why do children have to carry such a heavy bag?

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Everybody tasted the food.

He couldn't find any refuge.

Wasn't that a lot of fun?

What's in the bottle?

Can we really afford that?

The girl smiled at me.

I need to think about this.

Today's math class was more interesting than usual.

This sanza is really good!

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Mr. Smith has come.

The man is a woman.

Tim surprised me.

Did you actually talk to him?

Yang doesn't like my friend.

Arlene and Rolf went shopping together.

How much longer are you planning to stay here?

Did Tomas really want Timo to do that?

Grant always gets home at about 6:00.


Do you agree that we should leave now?

Seen from a distance, it looks like a ball.

Mom, I don't want to go with Grandpa. Leave me here.

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I was off duty at that time.


Give the devil his due.


You can get ahead in the world.

We have had fine weather this week.

Nick took out a pen and a notepad.

How much did that spaceship cost?

The Shinano is longer than any other river in Japan.

I think it only matters to you.

I'm looking for Roy. You haven't seen him, have you?

Hello, I am new to Tatoeba.

I can't give it to him.

Remove the lower-most background layer.

Perhaps it's too late.

Marty didn't keep her promise to help Sir.

My sisters were cooking when I came home.

She was pleased with the new dress.

We must rescue the environment from pollution.


I'll buy what we need.

The horse of a hurried man is often sick, but that of a lazy man often stumbles.

The sound woke her up.

I learn Arabic.

I wonder what Per will do.

This document is classified.

I snapped the thread on my canine.

She complained continually that there was no money left.

The days are getting longer every day.

Most of the clothes that Europeans wear are made outside of Europe.

Don't be a trouble to mother.

I decided not to try anymore.

I was told that you witnessed the murder.

she has quietly in the clasroom

You look amazing.

And then he quickly looked around to make sure that nobody saw it.

He leaned on his elbows.

Duplicates of this sentence have been deleted.

The village people built a wooden bridge across the river.


There is something wrong with me.

I was a fool to trust them.

He rarely goes to the movies.

Kathy washes his hair without using shampoo.

Do you know who invented this machine?

I heard my name called from behind.

It was all my idea.

Recently, I've been developing a spare tire. It must be middle age...

Is there much snow here in the winter?

All his teeth were sound.

They expressed their deep love of their country in their own ways.

I hope that I gave you enough money to buy everything you needed.

Come to think of it, a pizza is a pie chart that shows how much pizza you have left.


Who'll buy the theater tickets?

Emily is thirsty.

The truth is I've always liked Boston.

Starbuck couldn't understand us.

I didn't greet you because I mistook you for somebody else.


I don't speak Russian.

I'm excited.

Hotta crushed the box with his foot.


I gave her just what she needed.

It is difficult to understand his theory.

It's a hard, dirty job.


You hate opera, don't you?

I thought you'd figure it out for yourself.

His car is in fact worn out.

Huashi is acting strange.

Don't think little of the ants' lives.

The train did not arrive on time.

We easily found parking.


Patrice was up half the night studying.

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Niels may have done that already.

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I want you to love me.

Nancy is economical with her smiles.

They were caught on camera kissing.

Did you write down the number?

Jill was a great comfort to me when I was ill.

That hat looks good on him.

Although Portugal eventually won the football tournament, there was no doubt that the Iceland team had acquitted itself well.

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Jared eats a healthy breakfast every morning.

I love Luther.

Clifford gave me that book.


Some believe that seven is a lucky number.

There has been a little confusion of names.

Tait launched a vicious personal attack against Billy.

I'm not leaving until you tell me what's going on.

Don't give up on me.

I love the beautiful day.

I thought Spock would never find it.

Michelle has been absent from work for three days.

I'm reading the newspaper.

It is simplicity that makes the uneducated more effective than the educated when addressing popular audiences.

I tried to master English for more than ten years, but I failed!

There is a mistake in this sentence.

I pay someone to do that for me.

I don't want to be cruel.

Desire is a source of discontent. Try to control it.

I could hear the voices of several other guests who had arrived and were already eating together in the main dinning room.

What would you have Roxanne do?

She suddenly burst in on our conversation.

I will try to eat it in one bite.

Only give your opinion when it is requested.

He refused to close the door.

There was an accident on the side of the road.

I confess I'm miserable.


The cowboys rounded up the herd of cattle.

I'm on my way to see them.

That's the choice we made.

Giant snails have invaded Florida.

My mother called me.


Dana tried to say something, but Edmund interrupted him.


You're immature.


I've asked you this question before.