I think that I'm doing something wrong.

Now it's too late.

We don't even know what we're fighting for.

How did everyone react?


This account does not agree with the facts.

Just tell me who she is.

It happened very fast.

It was my fault, not Connie's.

God created man to enjoy, not destroy, the fruits of the earth and of their own toil.


I've never delivered a baby.

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I waited for a reply.

Did anybody see you there?

I want to spend more time doing things that make me happy.

I think you should go by taxi.

You must practice writing Swedish.

Emily has agreed to babysit the kids Monday evening.

I've never seen anything like this.

I need some nutmeg.

My boyfriend and I have been together for seven years already.

I don't start a sentence with the word "but".

How beautiful that flower is!

What are you doing with the rest of prepared rice?

Our house has a mouse problem.

You'll miss breakfast.

You should've never come here.

Barrett almost always wears dark clothes.

I got a new pair of shoes.


Everyone worked hard.

Sanity was kidding.

Celebrate! Tomorrow we may die!

He gave me a smile of recognition.

Non-verbal communication is just as important as what is actually said.

Boston is a very beautiful city.

Are you sure there isn't rat meat in that burger?

Novorolsky opened the picnic basket and grabbed a ham and cheese sandwich.

Joni accompanied me on the piano.

We buy bread.

Her only care is the safety of her children.

She always says the same thing.

Above all, I want to see him again.

He doesn't walk.

Barry is rather conservative, isn't he?


Free transportation will be provided, but you are expected to pay for your own food and drinks.

There isn't a single mistake in his paper.

All living things are connected in one chain of being.

The flowers wilt without water.

He ran away with the money.

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You forgot to tell me a few things.

What will that achieve?

Herman hates shopping with Cathrin.


You joined us, didn't you?

The police are looking into the matter.

She is old enough to hold a driver's license.


Money remains an issue.

Many students live in the suburbs of the city.

It wasn't very polite of Claude to make us wait.

Grant is far too busy to talk to you today.

I really appreciate you picking me up.

Graham will never amount to much.

I've always wanted to know what that meant.

I was overconfident.

I saw a crowd of children at the cinema.

It's because I love her.

I came to talk about her.

I'm not wearing a diamond ring, but I'm happy.

What's your favorite city?

Which gate is that?

Everyone remembers the happy days of youth as his halcyon days.

Where's Max today?

Do you like haggling?

I want her in my office.

Exfoliating creams remove dead or damaged skin cells.

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Have you taken out the trash?

Grammar is very difficult.

He had to stay in hospital for a whole week.

Jesus drove the money-changers out of the temple.

Give it time and you'll see.

He was home alone at the time.

She fell in love with a Russian immigrant.


I don't want her to see this.


He came across to us as being honest.

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There was no advance warning.

Knitting can be an expensive hobby.

The pencil is small.

The Representative Director supervises Directors' performance of duties.

Go and see if you can find them.

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Jem is learning a new technique.

Rabbits can swim.

Linda can't find the right words to describe his feelings for Kayvan.

It's just like a nightmare.

She is gracious to everyone.

We tried not to get in Stephan's way.

When you have finished reading this letter, burn it.

If Katsumi doesn't get his own way, he gets angry right away.

Listen to the rain.

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I'll follow him.


Her cheeks turned red.

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You seem to be thinking of something else.

I'm not calling you by name.

Let's plan a trip to Australia.

The two countries were united under one government.

After all, it is talent that counts in music.

Bruno and Christopher both enjoy playing basketball.

We'll get your money back.

Deb is fine now.

I was hoping you'd tell me.

He failed to answer the letter.

You're kind of cute.


Could you come in here, please.

She is well paid.

Could you make me a sandwich?


He tore out of the house.


She probably won't get the prize.

I bet Alain never kissed you like that.

What do you really think of me?

If we're going to do this, let's do it right.

My family's going to love you.

My hobby is collecting old bottles.

Keep the lights on.

I'm never coming back here again.

Common sense is instinct. Enough of it is genius.

Sabrina plugged his music player into his computer.

I want to see everything!

She has got a book.

What kind of bread do you usually eat?


They were too tired to climb a mountain.

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Mikey isn't fussy.

You're invited to dinner.

Julie was crazy, you know.

We have been friends.

I'm not well.

She wiggled her toes.

They were supposed to be here at nine.

Once in a while I play golf.

You're a doctor.

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Once, Christopher Columbus made a mistake. We say "once", of course, because he did this once and only once.

Spudboy is a very honest man.

I'll let it go this time.

Debbie told me he's never talked to Holly.

His cigarette burnt a hole in her dress.

Why do you close your eyes when you kiss me?

He said it didn't matter whether we stayed or left.

I'm glad Philippe was there with me.

The cavalry has arrived.


If that happens again, I'll leave.

"I've lost my wallet," John sighed.

Mikey is looking forward to taking some time off.


If you want security in your old age, begin saving now.

What did Rainer's house look like?

I just got out of prison three months ago.

You'd better hurry up.

Gil gave Saiid what she needed.

Chinese is much more difficult than other foreign languages.

Benjamin's singing is pretty good.

Whether he is for it or not, we will not change our plans.

They accused me of coming late.

Graham is an ex-soldier.

Let's not jump the gun.

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He put the spider in a terrarium.

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I'll just do it myself.

Raspberry jam on toast is my favorite breakfast meal.

He's desperately trying to make up for the delay.

Rabin is either mistaken or he's a liar.

Studying another language is hard, but worthwhile.

I met him while going back home.

The car just shaved the corner.

How was your birthday?

What Alain needs is guidance.


Who's Moe talking about?

Please return to your seats.

There were fifty passengers in the bus.


The opening address went very well.