He got full marks in mathematics.

Panacea didn't promise me anything.

This juice tastes sour.

I'll eat something once I've finished.


Panzer will be out of town next week.

What does it look like to you?

There are not less than five hundred students here.

Children should obey authority.

Mother asked the babysitter to watch the children.


A stupid boy called me.


We will stay here until Sunday.

I came, didn't I?

Let's run for it.

Everyone is still here.

He performed the trick with ease.


I feel like I've been cheated.


The name of my city is Jhelum.

This used to be a parking lot.

She finished writing a letter.


I'll be your guide.

She's always putting on airs.

How does Carsten manage to stay so slim?


What if she doesn't like me?


Mahesh wanted from Brad more than he could provide.

I still feel healthy.

I'd rather have ice cream.

Joseph did his best to distance himself from Rob.

He founded the school five years ago.

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You'd better give up smoking.

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I hope they have a good time.


Hui is really angry right now.

Let's go to the flea market tomorrow.

Your pen sucks.

I've had enough of your snide remarks.

The skin gradually took on a healthier look.

He got through with his work.

I asked because I thought you knew.

He lives in this lonely place by himself.

I was hungry.

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I've got to get me some work.


I remember this.

Are you calling it a night?

I'm going to leave now.

I think this is good.

I'll go to Boston next summer.


There was a decapitated body on the coroner's table.

The unemployment rate went up to 5%.

I don't like her at all.

He chastised them for being noisy.

Cathryn said he was planning to wear a black tuxedo.


You're not starting to believe this stuff, are you?

We may as well begin without him.

Pia met a friend of Carl's at the airport.

Shanghaiing is a practice from the mid-19th Northwest United States that consisted of conscripting men as sailors by coercive techniques.

He's cruel.


You can have every confidence in me.

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It wasn't Gail who shot Rathnakumar.

Sometimes I get out of line.

She likes stories.

I am dead.

Spend some time with me.

It won't be easy to find someone capable of taking his place.

I find that to be a relative concept.

I'll get a fire going.

I take everything back.


He can't speak English.

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The Imari porcelain plate that my father cherished was quite heavy.

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He's just a crazy old man.

I made him tell the truth.

I don't know why Real didn't just tell us.

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The disappearances of seven female college students have seized the nation's attention.


The majority of the peasants living in this godforsaken village cannot read nor write.

The sun reigns in the center of all.

I haven't seen her since last month.

Somalia is called "Soomaaliya" in Somali.

Have you ever watched sumo wrestling?

I thought Arlene was unemployed.

Steen and Rees are both fine.

They named the ship Queen Skip after the Queen.

Roy tried to put the key in the ignition.

She likes music very much.

I thought I was a train.

Johann must be very hungry.

You need to enjoy yourself and have fun once in a while.

His grave is there.

He spoke.

Ima might know what to do.

I went for a long walk.


John can't do it, nor can I, nor can you.

The soul of such a man is likely as tender as silk.

Shari sometimes stays up late at night.

It's dangerous out there.

Samir seems to be unwilling to listen to suggestions.


She alone is able to use the personal computer.


This board bores easily.

Vijay isn't strong enough to lift that.

We heard tigers roaring in the distance.

Do you remember anything?

Ira took his shirt off.

I like Alex Marcelo.

I threw away my shoes.

We have pilaf, lo mein, and kebabs in our restaurant.

Lay the table!

Stanford University has educated entrepreneurs like Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

The match ended with no goal.

He pretended to be sleeping.

Hello, John! How are you?

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Norbert didn't catch any fish.

Are you coming this evening?

They bestowed several gifts on the royal visitors.

Are you sleeping, Kirk?

Grab an umbrella.


I work only to go on vacation.

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It couldn't have been that bad.


The market is next to the pharmacy.

Today's a bit warmer than usual, isn't it?

Bea is wearing a blue sweater today.

Martin, this shit just got real. Fetch the chainsaw.

Don't you ever give up?

According to legend, those woods used to be haunted, so people would avoid entering.

The more people, the better.

They struggled.

I have to find out what's going to happen.

Women and girls would cross over the street rather than meet him.

Please place all articles not related to the lesson inside your bag.

Some died, others were wounded.

He's coping with jet lag.

Do you want me to believe that?

Don't worry about the work.

Either Steen or you is to go.

Newton became Warden of the Royal Mint in 1696. He became Master of the Royal Mint in 1699.

It'll be over soon.

She doesn't like Hillel's dog.

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Kory always wanted to join the air force.


Grace isn't present.

We'll all be home in time for dinner.

Do you have the remote?

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I don't sew their clothes.

The criminal tried to cover his tracks.

You can't escape.


She kept questionable company.

He is not an adult, he is sixteen years old!

We must get rid of him.

Shoppers crowded the streets.

Could you give us more details?

Peter loves Jane.

I'm surprised to see you smoking; you didn't use to.

I experience nausea when I go on too many rides.

The teacher intervened in the quarrel between the two students.

So what are birds actually?

I have cookies for breakfast every day.

I shall never forget your kindness no matter where I may go.

That's of no concern.

She is an actress.

The two men were tried by a military court.

Rudy has been talking about getting a new car for the last three years.

Don't lose your head whatever she says.

The teacher explained the new lesson at length to the students.

I was born in Kyoto in 1980.

The debate will continue.

I'm not sure that's what Sue really wanted to say.


You need a thief to catch a thief.

The test result isn't what I expected.

Someone must lead.


This magazine has a picture of the Queen.