Because of his advice, I was able to succeed.

This letter's for you.


Florian is still passed out on the couch.

Do they sell books?

Boys, be ambitious.

I'm almost certain that Takayuki can speak French.

I speak good Japanese.


Billie was very mean to Felix.

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You have a very nice car.

How could I forget you?

That doctor's experiments have blazed the way for new discoveries.


There was a lot of wind.

We've seen aliens.

Could you tell me how to get to the nearest station?

Did you remember to thank Jason?

I study from eight to eleven.


The politician was removed from office.

Naresh hasn't slept at all since the day before yesterday.

It was so dark.

Nothing can stop you.

Norman thinks that Sassan won't be able to pay all her bills this month.


I see.

He received a telegram saying that his mother had died.

We've spent almost thirty years here.

The cinema is bursting at the seams.

It's a catch.

Such measures were not necessary.

Our train is delayed.

I want to be free.

I think Hsi can speak French. However, I could be wrong.


It's doubtful whether Frederick will come.

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It's not over.

Foxes, squirrels, hedgehogs, and many other small animals live in this forest.

How long should I microwave this?

It's an Indian dish.

He was suspended from school for a week for bad conduct.

I'm glad to meet you, too.

Just put it on the desk.

It is inconvenient to work in evening clothes.

Donna's wife doesn't like it when he smokes in the living room.

I'll be disappointed.

Dwayne would probably choose this one.


You just need to relax.


We need actions, not words.


Nobody will beat him.

I was there once.

I think Kaj is possessive.


She's sitting as if charmed by the music.

There was a moon that night.

Uillean Pipes - translated they'd be called elbow pipes - are irish bagpipes that are blown up using bellows, in order to be able to drink while playing.


I thought he would come.

Why am I so complicated?

Now you do it.

Byron went to Boston to stay with one of his cousins.

"You OK?" "Wha-... Yes, it's nothing."

Who is the fastest one here?

Instead of going to school, he stayed at home.

I was angry that she had deceived my children.

I'm not allowed to talk about it.


Did you sew this by hand?


He pretended not to know me.

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Reiner was really drunk last night. He probably didn't even know what he was saying.


It seems that no one knew the truth.

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It's raining in my heart.

This is where it's all happening.

Oleg put on oven mitts and took the cake out of the oven.

This is the project I will be working on.

Actors and politicians never pass up a photo op.

There's nothing I can do to help them.

I just wanted my old life back.

Sheep are raised for their wool and meat.

Is it that bad?


What are our plans for today?

I think Sedat now understands.

I milked the cow.

What are you thinking?

Could you come to my office when you have a moment?

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It is not easy to speak English well.

Carisa knows precisely what he's doing.

Tricia was mentally ill.

At the moment, the time difference between Japan and Italy is eight hours.

It made me cringe.


Tomas hasn't painted the fence yet.

I met Fred on the street.

I think Gunter is good-looking.


Myrick is very bright.

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The dog was in a box under the table.

It was pretty cool.

It will not be long before he recovers from his illness.

They lifted her above their heads.

I couldn't believe it when they told me.

Do you ever happen to snack between meals?

When you go to Boston, where do you stay?

You'd have done the same.

I loved the play.


He likes touching huge biceps.

It looks rainy.

Louis's very upset about something.

They didn't win, did they?

It was the proudest moment of my life.


We smell with our noses.

He's quite an unpleasant fellow!

You don't have to wait with me.

I made a really big sandwich.

Swimming is not permitted in this river.

I don't even have a bicycle.

I found the book boring.

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I love this part.

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Tareq knows that Lorenzo loves him.


I'll miss this place.

I'll take you wherever you want to go and buy you whatever your heart desires.

This one's yours.


I was wondering what you were doing.


This dictionary is of great use.

Moore made an angel in the snow.

I want coffee.

I'm baffled.

So, straight, then to the right, and then?

She is almost as tall as you.

Everybody thinks I'm dead.


See if you can find out more about Stewart.

Urdu is his mother tongue.

There isn't any water in the well.

The bottle is full.

Teri took a walk through the garden.

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Emily is now working in Boston.

Jarmo is a valuable client.

For the time being, he's staying at a neighboring hotel.


I think I'm all right.

The pizza's ready.

The farmers are forced to produce the crops in the greenhouse.


Everything he told us was pure fabrication.

I wish I could turn back the clock.

Let him in.


Where is English spoken?

Because he was unemployed, their wedlock failed.

She brought him to our place.

I can't help sneezing, I caught a cold yesterday.

How long has Bryan been in town?


Mr. Smith and I have been acquainted with each other for a long time.

If you don't want to talk to me, that's OK.

I'm not the trendy type.

From the way they talked, I presumed they were married.

The cat settled down in the sunlight by the window.

What's your favorite audio player?

We got many grapes.

That doesn't reassure me.

He put a lot of time and effort into preparing for the exam.


For more information, please visit our website.

In Victorian age, women were considered "Angels of the hearth".

She was wearing a short skirt and high heels.

They have one too.

I'm a friend of Sorrel's.

You said you could play the piano.

It's so noisy here I can't hear myself think.


She has a cool job.


There is nothing to complain about.

Judith pulled a funny face to try to stop his baby crying.

Syed's hooked on cigarettes.

It is by no means an easy job.

I need to arrive in Boston before noon.