News of her death caused great concern throughout the country.

Today he is a talkative guy who is native in three languages: Spanish (mom), Arabic (dad), and Swedish (the others).

As many as twenty students were absent.

Suu has an eye for modern art.

The teacher let him go home.

Carole is digging his own grave.

I'm introverted.

Barbara told the children an interesting story.

Why don't you ever help?

Did you know that Ozan was in a reality TV show?


I've decided to join the National Guard.


He saw in her eyes that she still loved him and hope arose inside him.

She has no more than twelve cubs.

Antony visits us twice a year.

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Now tell me, are you a good person?

Brodie knew why Lee was studying French.

There are also nightclubs where you dance flamenco.

We will make up for the loss.

I don't even know what's happening to me anymore.

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Don't make the same mistake again.


I shuddered at the sight of the snake.

He will have gotten the inspiration from that animated cartoon.

I felt sick.

Wolf thinks that cars have faces.

I think you're a liar.

The two boys never get along.

I lived in Vancouver during my sixty divorce crisis.

Gunter is the captain of this baseball team.

She made efforts to accomplish the purpose.

I'd like to see you when you are free.

Never talk to strangers.

My lawyer told me not to say anything.

How are we going to get home?

I'm sorry that I didn't reply sooner.

She quit her job for some reason.


Kendo is a martial art.

You're pretty good at that.

The theory is not accepted.

There's not going to be a wedding.

The French word "soleil" means "sun".

Mickey wouldn't hear of it.

I've been waiting for one and a half-hours.

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Hand me that lamp.

I have drunken deep of joy, and I will taste no other wine tonight.

Can you carry this for me?

I am kind of interested in foreign films.

This book is really small!

Who is younger, he or I?

Do you think he will like it?

We're too weak.

Dawson must've known this would happen.

Stefan's a master of the one-liner.

The painting is all but finished.

I prefer something better.

He may have missed his usual bus.

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I'd like to tell you something in private.

The disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle are inexplicable.

Lonhyn peeked inside the room.

Many people think that children don't spend enough time playing outside.

It's already started raining.

All your problems are concentrated in your heart, so you just need to examine yourself.

You've got to hide.

Yes, he did. He really looked like a doctor.

We met each other at a party.


If I have a lot of money, I'll buy a new car.

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What would you want to do?

Keep these instructions.

An ounce of practice is worth a pound of precept.

In this next slide we see an aerial shot of the company headquarters.

Since many organizations are putting effort into recycling in order to restore the natural environment, why won't you contribute to reforestation?

Where is Hakata station located?

It's been a long time since I've thought about Pantelis.

This spider can have a leg span of up 6 inches.

You can have half of my sandwich.

Dan threatened to send Linda back to the mental hospital.

Timothy climbed onto the roof.


He's the silent type.

Who is the owner of this house?

This must be a joke.

Here you can see beautiful colour combinations.

Well, I didn't exactly meet Marc.

Vistlik isn't accustomed to city life.

Granville can ride with me.

Does this metal absolutely have to be tempered?

I will quit that party.

I've been trying to hack my way into the system.

Margot and Gregg were married.

My sneakers stink to high heaven!

It's been three days.

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How about trying some sushi?

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I've decided to give Anthony another chance.

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We'll be there waiting for you.

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I have less than fifteen.


We have to find somewhere safe to wait.

Don't trust anyone over twenty.

Plagiarism is a serious transgression of academic ethics.

He is, so to speak, the Japanese Edison.

Waaahhh! I lost my wallet.

I'll be with Marie if you need me.

A global crisis is at hand.

I've got lots of questions.

Don't talk!

Can Gigi really do that?

I wish I had gone jogging or something.

Gregge found Catherine's attitude hurtful.

You were definitely drugged.

There were no more than five passengers in the bus.

In hindsight, this was a mistake.

We both knew the risks.

I love the fact that you love me.


I've got nothing else to eat.


Do you guys need a ride?

"Don't you have anything more interesting to do than translate stupid sentences on Tatoeba," she asked him.

You're not even thirty yet.

"It's still shallow, eh. My feet still touch the bottom." "It's quite a shallow beach. Yotsuba, you can still touch the bottom can't you?"

Don't make things tougher, please.

I cannot put up with his temper any longer.

Her answer couldn't be understood.

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Gypsy gives us everything we want.

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We want to go to France for our honeymoon.

We've got a lot of confidence.

Just about everybody sat down.

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They are plowing the field of wheat.

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Do you want me there?

She learned English like that.

Shatter promised us his assistance.

Since then, you were in a state of stupor for two months.

He would give an arm and a leg for that.

There's no one around.

Not that shirt, the other one.

Who is your girlfriend?

She's a talented singer.

Reading is to the mind what food is to the body.

Why are you so hard on yourself?


Globalization destroys the diversity of languages.


Could I get a little piece of that cake?

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Please speak slowly.


I wish I could become a bird.


His remarks on the subject are much to the point.


I must buy groceries.

I don't care if you come or not.

He got his right ear pierced.

He lied about his age.

The fingerprints left on the weapon correspond with the suspect's.

You've done this before, I can tell.

I hate dancing.


How difficult is that going to be?

I hate myself for hating her.

He set as his goal, the deposit of three million yen.

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I hope I can find someone who will help us.

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Today was the worst day of my life.

I am guided

She speaks Japanese well.


We were pretty noisy.


Go and open the door.

Nobody tried to help them.

They are as good as gold.

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Konstantinos is more intelligent than I am.

You should never have waited for me.

The machine stopped functioning.

What could possibly have gone wrong?

What time does the market open?

We told the dog to stay.

I know that sooner or later I'm going to have to do that.

There are many Roman statues in the next room.

I'll come right over.