That makes it tough.

Wolf couldn't remember what he had done.

Charon is considered to be a satellite of the (dwarf) planet Pluto. However, because its diameter is more than half as large as that of Pluto itself, it can be considered an equal partner; and Pluto and Charon can be considered a double planet.

Yukiko is an innocent girl of tender years.

I felt dirty and ashamed.

To be bored is a sin.

All men are like that.

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It is rather difficult for an old man to keep up with the times.

Do you have any small change?

"What manner o' thing is your crocodile?" "It is shap'd, sir, like itself, and it is as broad as it hath breadth; it is just so high as it is, and moves with its own organs. It lives by that which nourisheth it, and the elements once out of it, it transmigrates." "What color is it of?" "Of its own color too." "'Tis a strange serpent." "'Tis so. And the tears of it are wet."

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You're one of Yvonne's kids, aren't you?


We have a nice house.


'Hayastan' is Armenia's name in Armenian.

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Eduardo was so happy when he drove his first new car off the lot.

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Let's end this debate.

I'm never gonna let her live that down.

This application runs on Rhonda's phone, but not on Corey's.

You know everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.

It was raining quietly.


Mysore believes that getting married to Shyam was the best thing he's ever done.


He had to feed his large family.


He asked me to read 5 poems.

I'd never do that for Randolph.

I just ran three miles.


Knapper was with us.


Eduardo has been very upset.


Knudsen officiated the ceremony.


Lois is standing on his head.

Yesterday the students finished Chapter 1 so now they'll move on to Chapter 2.

You be quiet.

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It's no easy task to keep up with him.

In 2015, New Zealand's population is less than 5 million.

She should have arrived home by now.

I know all the signs.

I don't have to tell Franklin anything.


That beef is very tender. It just melts in your mouth.

The doctor tore his tooth away with a pair of tongs.

Ninja and Suzanne have similar goals.

After the concert, the crowd made for the nearest door.

They soon used up their food supplies.


I can't control that.


No, that's not normal.

That doesn't count.

Being at least bilingual is a must in today's world.

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When do you want to meet them?


Walking in the sand is difficult.


He was named Francis after his father.


She quit her job last month.


The plane was hit by a bolt of lightning.

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Are your grandchildren here in Boston?

She is so going to pay for this.

Loukas will soon be home.

Valentin drinks 100% pure orange juice every day.

Nobody told me it was going to get this cold.

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You have to leave home at six.

I'm ordering you not to obey my orders.

I must have it shortened.

They had little fuel for heating and cooking.

Boyd is still living at home with her parents.

Gil is my younger brother.

Tony went to Boston for the purpose of carrying out an important business transaction.

What is the smallest distance ever measured?

There is nothing I like so much as the smell of roses.


Did Svante do it?

Tolerant seems to have many friends.

Cows eat grass.


I will make a video of you.

With the way my luck has be running, it'll probably rain tomorrow.

Your composition is free from all grammatical mistakes.

He dismembered the body.

She liked the new dress.

He pulled her hair.

The house whose roof you can see is Mr Baker's.

I don't care how long it takes.

Dewey showed me a picture of his mother as a schoolgirl.

George is not serious about his study.

I'm no bleeding-heart liberal.

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She stepped on a mushroom.

We have lived in Osaka six years.

Read the book out loud.

I want what's best for you.

Do you have any questions about what needs to be done?

I don't even want to think about it.

How many flowers are there in the vase?

The man puffed smoke into her face.

I just don't want to be a part of it.


Can you get at the meaning of this passage?

Shall we get started?

Drink this, and in a few days you'll be up and well.


The deadline for applications is October 20th.

We could always ask Kenn for his help.

Does anybody have any medical problems that we need to know about?

Which are you better at, boogie-boarding or surfing?

That's not reasonable.

In 1911, a revolt broke out.

I was very fortunate.


I'm speaking to you as a friend.

You'll ask him, won't you?

She asked me if I was all right.

Dustin collected rain water spilling over the side of his blocked gutters, for use later on his vegetable garden.

It was difficult for me to make out what he was saying.

What makes you think I'm lost?

I'm loved by my parents.

Let me buy you gentlemen a drink.

Laurie is watching the news on TV.

One of my hobbies is collecting old stamps.

Our train is delayed.

Sean tried to hit me.

I don't particularly care.

Knute decided to be a firefighter.

Raja is a complete stranger.


You spend more time with him than me.

I walked the whole way to the station.

He is going to call you because he cannot get the machine to work.

She acted the part of a fairy.

Lori told Charleen the bad news.

Something has gone terribly wrong.

He should have stopped while he had the chance.

I need to be here for another three hours.

If there is such a thing as an unforgivable act, it is the act of not forgiving.

I didn't say it would be easy.

The classroom was full of pupils.


The doctor demanded I stay in bed for a week.

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I'll replace her.

I can't play the electric guitar.

What are your qualifications?

Did Roberta let you drive his car?

I couldn't find her.

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You are so jealous, right?

We got many grapes.

Don't ever lie to me again.


She doesn't do anything else.

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I can't stand that noise any longer.

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By the way, have you ever been to Europe?

They're smiling at each other.

Lex has been living here a long time.


Chet is chewing bubble gum.


The police arrested him.

Elijah is driving without a license.

The soldiers were sent back to their base.

I hear you love my brother.

Gail said that he and Meehan will probably be a little late.


I don't know who's in charge of the business.

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Of course, they are suffering from terrible working conditions such as low wages and arbitrary layoffs, as well as from various forms of discrimination.


He glanced over the newspaper before turning in.

Mr Nakamura went bar hopping in Tokyo.

The dog kept barking all night.


She's so stupid.


He thinks himself better than other people.


I'm still alive.

Christina will be really pleased to see you.

Ben seemed nice.

I'd like to give it to him.

Mrs. Harris is very doubtful about her son's future.