Amanda is no different than the rest of us.

We're supposed to wait for them.

You'll never stop me.

Not bad. I can earn a good enough living.

We gave her the orange orange.


Our project came off with flying colors.

You just take the rough with the smooth.

I left everything in there.

Rajarshi could've saved me a lot of time if he'd told me about that earlier.

For Americans, you can read the Bible by your own.

He will take it.

This is not witchcraft.

Just sit back and enjoy the show.

Murthy'll succeed.


Everything in the house seemed to go wrong without a woman to look after it.


Who's to say it's not what's supposed to happen?

The windshield of my car was broken.

You didn't finish filling out this form.

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Is there a treatment?


The hospital that I went to for my allergies recommended me a shampoo that wouldn't trigger them. It's certainly effective - I think - but it's just way too expensive.

Josip took out three eggs.

Ice is cool.

All you have to do is to write your name and address here.

My data-burning software is showing an error message.

Did Loyd get back safely?

I've been keeping a diary in French for the last three years.


People are waiting on this.

Aren't you going to thank me?

To my dismay, he was caught cheating in the examination.

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They attract customers by offering high-quality goods.

They're good.

To all appearances, he is a man of learning.


The mother wakes up her daughter.

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That should about do it.

Why was everyone surprised?

A bead of sweat started forming on his brow.

Fruits have seeds in them.

Just tell Carlos how you feel.

Crap, I think he saw us.

He promised not to tell anyone about it.

Now let's begin the game.

He did what he had to do.

The cap is too small for me.

I don't have anything more to translate.

He's so annoying!

I have no sense of direction so I always travel with a compass.

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He's checking his cellphone.


Don't give in to despair just because you didn't get into the college that was at the top of your wish-list.

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There is only a small audience today.

Lisa is a beatnik.

I found some other problems.

She is never on time.

Did you visit the Tokyo Tower?

Marvin doesn't know the difference between a fable and a fairytale.

Warren Harding had owned a newspaper in Ohio.

Time must take its course.

There is no denying that she is very efficient.


However, the guarantee is not effective at all outside the fixed form.


My washing machine broke.

Juliet wouldn't be pleased.

Who knows where he has gone.

What can be done? These are market forces.

Let's do our best again today.

The famous social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter, are operating under the United States Constitution and the California State Laws.

She always claimed to have been just another one of his victims.

Marguerite asked me to proofread his essay.

How are you related?

This caterpillar will become a beautiful butterfly.

I asked Giovanni to unlock the door.

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Don't walk away from her.

I've discovered Case's secret formula.

She's a yoga instructor.

The president is presently in Miami.

We also went to the temple.

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Duncan didn't even shut the door.

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I just had my final exam today.

Sean met his wife in Boston.

No matter how important the question may or may not be, you must solve it.

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I don't feel safe here anymore.

Her whole body hurt.

There is something I must know.

I guess I need to start studying harder.

Does Mahmoud have a choice?


Manjeri asked his father if he could go to a movie.

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Where do you want to eat?


You seem lazy.

I thought you'd want it back.

I thought I told you to stay in the car.

Donald tossed Cris the ball.

Who gave you that guitar?


Wayne's mother always told him he should eat more vegetables.

I'm meeting them in ten minutes.

In March 2014, the Administration launched the Climate Data Initiative, bringing together extensive open government data and innovation competitions to develop data-driven resilience tools for communities.

You live in Belfast.

Will you do me a favor and feed the dog?


She looks at herself all day in the mirror.

This book is new.

Vincent van Gogh killed himself in 1890.

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I've always considered Liz a close friend.

I should've paid in advance.

The calf was born this morning.

I thought you weren't interested in politics.

You said that you were tired.


Loren believes in traditional gender roles.


Gale and Gilles embarked on a road trip.

Nancy isn't supposed to smoke at work, but he does.

Francois is moving fast.

I'd like a glass of water, please.

The beach was fairly empty.

I want to express my appreciation for your help.

Is this the train for New York?

Pria is mad at us.

I wasn't very hungry, so I decided to eat later.

I ran for the bus and was already breathless.

Dan seemed nervous.

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We are waiting for him to make another decision.


He made a speech in which he supported my point of view.

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Let's try to make them laugh.

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He proved to be a good writer.

I thought you might know.

Marcia stopped by a while ago.


The number of Europeans who visit Thailand every year is very large.

Maureen doesn't own a car.

People stopped and stared at Lawrence.

We'd better wake them up.

I wish you had told me the truth then.


Rodney's a liar.

The police accused him of theft.

I will tell you when you visit.

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Patricia has various bank accounts.

The whistling of the wind through the rigging sounded like funereal wailings.

It's very small.

Come back later.

This film moved audiences around the world.

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The flickering black-and-white television set bothered my exhausted eyes.

This is crazy.

A storm turns into a hurricane when the wind speed reaches a hundred nineteen kilometers an hour.

My earliest thoughts were about phonetics.

Why would we want to help them?

Everyone seems to be nervous.

It has become quite autumnal.


I often visit my relatives.

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I bought a lot of books.

Swamy always keeps his room clean.

Clay noticed.

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He knows how to recite poems.

Surya must have nerves of steel.

It was very special.

He is not an American, but he loves America.

Do you know how to tell the difference between an alligator and a crocodile?

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The Prime Minister has won his services as Minister for Justice.


Would someone kindly link sentence No. 1 to sentence No. 2?


Did you hear that the position for manager is up for grabs?

Why are they not doing their homework?

We expect stormy days this fall.

This is yet to come.

I just got a new phone.

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This is one of the things he always says.