We must stop this dangerous plague.

Pedro doesn't have a sister.

Alexis was sitting in the front passenger seat when the accident happened.

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Last night we worked until 10 p.m.

We tried to compromise with them.

It so happens that today is my birthday.

Not everyone in town likes her.

There is no god.

Never, in my life, have I enjoyed myself so much.

He really ticked me off.

I can't do this all on my own.

How can video games inspire us to make better applications for e-learning?

Are you going to say anything?

That's an order, Kevyn.

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I would do anything to help you both.

Walter has had a great year.

If in Tatoeba all the languages are equal, why are there more sentences in favor of Esperanto than in favor of the rest of the languages?


The elevator is coming up.


Let Gretchen do that.


When he kissed me, I felt a shiver run down my spine.


Why does Courtney have to leave?

Ken met Alison here.

Earnie is screaming.

Russ is more determined than ever.

You should take an umbrella with you today.

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Hold it like this.

You are a troublemaker.

I have six mouths to feed.


He gave me a golden luxury watch.

Why won't you leave me alone?

Am I interrupting?

Even now, I occasionally think I'd like to see you. Not the you that you are today, but the you I remember from the past.

That's humiliating.


Do you come to this restaurant often?


Why would I ever do something like that?

Does everybody love music?

I've never won anything in my life.

Look, my dog is not as dirty as yours.

Jos is back in Boston visiting his family.

Dan has been living in London since 1978.

They both looked back at us.


Can't you vacuum later?

I don't really want to go to Boston.

Which car did you buy?

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The duck quacks.


Randall was wrongfully convicted.

In the future we may need to take another look at the way decisions such as this are actually implemented.

The angle would be too narrow.

You were never good at math.

If you like Tolerant so much, why not break up with me and date him?


Lou has never cut his own children's hair.

This house is mine.

I am going to the market.


It is going to rain very soon.

The bath is open on Saturdays.

He walked away.

I'm as disoriented as any of you.

Nguyen worries about his weight.

"I consider this fair, since effort will get one farther in life than ease of understanding anyway." "Says the man that seems to have skated by through a majority of life on ease of understanding...?"

Sal looked down at the carpet.

You can do whatever you want.

There are a lot of pictures in this book.


Lukas is a very important person.

There have been many revolutions over the last century, but perhaps none as significant as the longevity revolution.

You can ski and go to the beach in the same day.

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The conference gives us an opportunity to see again specialists coming from around the world.

I'm very sorry for the mistake.

She was the most beautiful girl that I had ever laid my eyes on.

It was too risky, so I decided not to try doing it.

Firstly, happiness is related to money.

Sehyo worked his way through college.

They were lucky the game went into extra time because they ended up winning.

Let's let him try that again.

Give him time.

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We are behind schedule.

They lost the battle.

You are interrupting the lesson.

Po and I'll be here all week.

I do not want any sandwiches.

He's giving it a go.

It is worthwhile listening to his concert.

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Never be noisy in this room.

Carole doesn't want Matthias to go.

Moran enters the park with the children.

When is your passport valid until?

I'm leaving you.

You're the tallest person here.

Emmett told Marvin that he had been out shopping.

I thought you'd want to go to Boston with Omar.

You need to listen to us.

He didn't go and I didn't either.

I have two female cats.


The stars look dim because of the city lights.

That's debatable.

Please don't spill the beans to Elizabeth that I bought her a gold necklace for her birthday.


Benjamin is a common name.


Axel has just left home.


Vice has betrayed us.


The police officer arrested the burglar.

Happiness does not consist simply in wealth.

Do you really think it won't happen?

What makes you think Will will listen?

Charleen can already write his own name.

Don't be so unpleasant with your sister, Marie.

I can't stand the idea that Martha was right about this.

New office buildings seem to be sprouting up all over the city.

I'll call you in a little bit.

I wasn't writing anything.

Guido poured cold water over himself to wake himself up.

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I always feel like sleeping because I'm pregnant.


I'm going to take care of you.

You never gave Saiid a chance.

I didn't think it was that good.

Then he felt quite ashamed, and hid his head under his wing; for he did not know what to do.

I'm just trying to be a good neighbor.

Marshall isn't sure how to respond to that.

It's a done deal.


Sharon was strip-searched.


Petr sat down next to Hein and they began talking to each other.

I'm going tomorrow.

If you forget to take your pills for one day, take two pills the following day.

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Will the fare change if I change the reservation?

The placid water flowed under the bridge.

Didn't you see the musical?

Barry heard the sound of a gun being cocked.

He's leaving for Leningrad tonight.

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This is a message for Anna.

That's so inaccurate.

Vladimir's a very popular boy.


Even though he has a college degree, Piotr works as a janitor.

Quite a few people were injured in the accident.

We want you to be more careful next time.

Fortunately, the shark bite didn't hit any major arteries.

I don't know what'll happen.

They urged him to punish the rebels.

I'm just a little confused.

I have a nervous stomach.

I drew an ace.


You had better take an umbrella with you in case it rains.

Can you recommend a good restaurant for dinner?

Russell was framed.

When did you ask her?

You are a genius.


Years of resistance to misfortune ended when the settlers' village was overcome by the savages and their hopes and lives came to the bitter end.


She's alive! She was drowning, but her father saved her.

I had my house painted not too long ago.

That's a beautiful name.

Tao never thought he'd see Barrio again.

The cake is still in the oven.

That did the trick.

Please be careful of your health.

Oskar is nonplussed.

Let's go outside for some fresh air.

I rode a horse for the first time yesterday.

Phiroze seems like a very nice man.

In early times, inventions were often stumbled upon by accident.

Because of illness, he was obliged to give up smoking.

We dreamed of five thousand subscribers but instead succeeded with a mere tenth of this number.

Look at this picture of him.

Why didn't you tell her that?

They are crazy about jazz.


She taught me how to swim.

I studied French a long time ago, but now all I remember is "bonjour."

I haven't asked anyone yet.