Duke hasn't yet heard anything definite about whether he got into Harvard or not.

This painting is nicely done. It looks just like Mom.

The teacher told Raman to be quiet.

I want to work in a hospital.

Novo probably knows where we can get something to eat around here.

Carlo doesn't seem to know who we are.

Because he is good, it does not follow that he is wise.

I just need my own space.

If you need an umbrella, I can lend you one.

I have no choice at all.

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You can see some wild rabbits in the forest.

The tradition of making a wish when you see a shooting star is very old.

She is a native speaker of Russian.

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I have something to do.

What is this letter?

Nobody told me what he wrote in that letter.

The following images are not for the faint of heart.

Now that I notice it, I have nowhere to run.

She will pay for everything.

The little girl opened the window.

Jane got too nervous when her turn came, and she blew her lines.

I wasn't even nervous.

The police were intent on stopping the criminal.

I tilt my head. Not the pawn, but the knight?

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None of this is good.


I wonder why he talks a lot about his father.

Zombies are coming!

I did nothing last night. I just relaxed on the sofa!

There's a south wind blowing.

Teri denied having done it.

I ordered two teas and three coffees.

I thought Christian was nice.


I wanted to be a bus driver when I was five.

Erick said he had to go home early.

That sounds right.

Her bathing suit attracts our attention.

First of all, I would like to thank you for your hospitality.

What more could a woman want?

We can't say any more at this time.

I haven't seen him since last Sunday.

You need to sit down and rest.

The secretary is tired of typing.

Albert is temperamental, isn't he?

We made our way towards our hometown.

Do you ever think about him?

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Today I am messing up everything.


I'm not related to her.

Return fire.

Ram appears convinced.

Yvonne has been honest with Shutoku.

The verdict is a tribute to their fairness.

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Go out with me tonight.

From where?

He convinced me.

Will you study tomorrow?

You can't bring that stuff into a hospital room.


The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.

He would let me help him.

I'm going to fix you a drink.

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He has never tasted alcohol.

Since you don't believe me, look for yourself.

Why didn't you try calling them?


He devoted himself to the study of English literature.


Believe it or not, that is true.

Niels had the whole place to himself.

He has few friends.

It had to be Victoria that did that.

That's not the sort I'm looking for.

Quit touching me.

The child's shout was indeed shrill.

Everything is at a standstill.

He is ill with influenza.

I referred to the company for his work record.

I just had dinner with some of Elliott's friends.

He hasn't arrived yet.

A bus transported us from the airport to the city.

I've never seen them dance.

It was a pleasure for me to speak with you.


Who wrote a letter?

According to the newspaperman, it makes life worthwhile, doesn't it?

Don't you feel better?

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I'm a dead duck!

I was sweating a little bit.

I met Christine yesterday.


What we did was perfectly legal.

He came at dawn.

They never returned to their country.

Arlene stormed off.

No one pays attention to me.

It's my only chance.

She buried a dog.

He turned a blind eye.

I'm not sure where I am.

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I thought they were unemployed.

Better crazy than boring!

We're just hoping for some luck.

Torsten never spoke about that.

Change the pillowcase.

It was my first time coming to Shanghai.

What should I do if my wife snores?

October is still three months off.

Vidhyanath is a retired air force major.

Do you think Metin did this?

Jason, you're not funny.


We spend piles of money on the things we don't really use.


Where would you like me to pitch the tent?

Hitoshi is in the lunchroom.

This can't be the truth.

Sonny walked up to the house.

The longest day must have an end.

Do you know what's become of Dana?

Asian markets moved up.

Did Nancy talk to Siping?

He has no more than 1,000 dollars.

What are you doing this evening?

You might have heard of it.


Kayvan is my destiny.

John is a stallholder.

I don't need your help anymore.


We'll be late.

Lucifer looked hot and tired as he crossed the finish line.

We still use wired telephones.

I'll never feel that way.

Sue has a strange sense of humor.


Does he write an English letter?

Price abandoned his wife and joined the army.

That, what she said, sounds strange.

I remember hearing about Christopher.

Be careful not to cut yourself.

Telling the truth is much easier than lying.

We'll take care of this ourselves.

Jeff said he was bored.

Nobody but Lana was ready.

It'll be a good day.

Dan pulled Linda to safety.


What hands can build, they can destroy.

I can't really trust Eliot.

Bob can drive a car, too.

He is a shade better today.

"Are the books yours?" "They aren't."

You'd better do as Donne says.

I'm afraid to be alone.

Jesse likes to eat pineapple in the morning.

You should try to get to bed a bit earlier tonight.

I didn't have to go, but I did.

I was on the phone.


Do you want to wait?

They make a great team.

He is less diligent than his brother.


Ricky walked into the courthouse.

I've always hated the dark.

When the firemen found out the girl's location, they ran to rescue her.

She blushed slightly.

Can we talk about that tomorrow? My head's going to explode.

Marilyn sat under a tree.

We all have our orders.

I can't get them to help me.

Everybody thinks I'm dead.


I thought about all the stories my father had told me.

Cecilia shows us the city.

That's not normal.

Shaw doesn't have a shirt on.

He wants to squish the bug.

Meg is excited.

You shouldn't go out after dark by yourself.

How did you see that?

The election campaign of 1880 was not exciting.

I hate raccoons.

Can you help me decide what to do?


Have you experienced a Japanese summer?

Griff is the type of person who always demands that something be done rather than request that it be done.

I don't know when I've had a better hamburger.

I asked Pratapwant why he wasn't happy.

If Linda married Dan, she would have been killed as well.