The fastest, cheapest, easiest way to order an NZ Criminal Record Check online.

Enter the details of the person who you want the criminal record for. It could be yourself or another individual.

The fastest, cheapest, easiest way to order an NZ Criminal Record Check online.

Enter the details of the person who you want the criminal record for. It could be for yourself or another individual.

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How does CheckPlease work?

To order a criminal record check on anyone from the Ministry of Justice's computer systems, just fill in the person's name and email above.

We'll do the rest:

1 We contact the individual via email to get their consent.

2 They use our mobile-friendly form to provide their details, upload their ID document and sign online.

3 We verify their identity, coordinating with the individual if there are problems that need correcting.

4 Once complete we generate an electronic request and send it to the Ministry of Justice.

5 As soon as we get the results back from MoJ, we send them on to you.


What is a criminal record?

A criminal record (also known as a criminal conviction history, or CCH) is the details of a person's criminal and traffic convictions in New Zealand, held on the computer systems of the 4044610310.

A criminal record doesn't include charges that haven't gone to court yet, infringements and charges where the person was not convicted.

Where a person is eligible for a clean slate, their criminal record will be concealed under the Clean Slate scheme.


Who can I request a criminal record check for?

You can request a criminal record check on a job applicant or employee, a contractor or volunteer worker, a board member or anyone else who you need the information for. The person must agree to provide you with the information.

People can be your greatest asset. They can also be your greatest risk.

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What do I do if a job applicant does have a criminal record?

How you handle a job applicant with a criminal record very much depends on your own specific assessment of risk.

Obviously you need to protect the interests of your company and your clients and employees, so you'll need to avoid applicants with criminal offences that could result in additional risk or an unsafe environment.

However, there many different types of violations, and many people with minor criminal records may be exemplary, and loyal employees. It's also worth bearing in mind that under New Zealand's clean slate legislation, someone who has had no recent convictions (within the last 7 years) may have their criminal record concealed, and will present to you the same as someone who has never had a conviction - so ruling out applicants because of minor offences many years ago may not result in you hiring the best people.

While some things are usually immediate deal breakers for most professional environments, such as embezzlement, physical or sexual acts of violence, theft and fraud, others may not be perceived to be as risky, such as possession of marijuana or public intoxication.

At the end of the day, you may be guided by factors such as the nature of the offences, how long ago they took place and the applicant's age at the time, what the experience has taught the person, and the honesty and insight that the applicant demonstrates when discussing the offences with you.

Know who you're getting. CheckPlease makes criminal background checking effortless and fast.

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