Be courteous.

The bag wasn't mine.

He downloaded a software update.

Yes, I love this.

Robert is the only one who doesn't really want to be here.

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I know it, but I can't hit on it.

Hal couldn't find a parking place.

How many visitors does Tatoeba have?

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Marci doesn't ever want to get married.


Jeannie liked it immediately.

He took us to the zoo.

The peace talks failed again.


Deborah seems to be crying.


I did do that, didn't I?

I refuse to go.

We also think that he's a bastard.


What's the skinny?

She touched my shoulder.

He is slow in action.

It's warm.

Roxanne was caught trying to steal jewelry.

Rob has been like this all week.

There is a lot of food in the larder.

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You're not big enough yet to drink a whole bottle of wine by yourself. First you have to grow up and get bigger.


Root used to speak French better than Tai.

How many children do you have?

The paper bowl is cheap.

You are always doubting my word.

your eyes are beautiful


Is something going on with your server?

The twins will be judged for fraud.

There were too many children in the pool.


You're not getting any younger.

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He's a repossession agent.

Where will the bus pick us up?

It was just a dumb mistake.


Friends are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer.


I don't remember anyone named Maria.

This was supposed to be simple.

That's not butter. It's margarine.

Where's the closest restaurant?

Their ship was at the mercy of the waves.

There was a multiple collision on the highway.

Please excuse me for calling you so early in the morning.


The house which stands on the hill is very old.


Stay strong and safe. Good luck!

I've been paging you.

Do you mind if I speak with Edith?

Nobody here ordered a pizza.

He said, "My car is always breaking down."

My major is comparative religion.

Nobody called them.

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Are you certain about this? Absolutely certain?

I'm trying to avoid him.

Hanni and Nanni are twins.


If the weather is good, I'll go.

In spite of the fact that she's rich, she says she's poor.

World War One did not end quickly or easily.

This is the first time I've ever eaten store-bought cookies.

That's not clear.

I'll live with the consequences.

I told you I don't want your help.

I'm laughing at them.

I had no doubt that Sorrel would do what we asked.

I think that Edith has made a good decision.

I'm a student.

My heart sank into my boots.

She left for Osaka yesterday.

Chewing gum is banned in this school.

Do you need a visa to go to Australia if you have a British passport?

I don't mean that at all.

I have to find out what happened to Raif.


Mosur has never been back there.


Cindy doesn't know where to start.


He has much practical experience as a doctor.

She is not only beautiful, but also gentle and, furthermore, intelligent.

I gave it to him.


Rees can reel off the names of the capitals of all European countries.


I didn't see any reason to bother you.

The discussion was intellectually stimulating.

He's a jovial man.


Her name is Hope and she loves cats.

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What do you think of this place?


You were the one who gave this to me.

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I like to listen to podcasts.

The power of population is indefinitely greater than the power in the earth to produce subsistence for man.

Originally, he didn't believe it at all.


You can't always avoid everything.

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Himawan shouted for help, but no one came.

I had no intention of doing so.

When Stephanie heard the doorbell ring, he said, "Who could that be?"

She shaved her head.

A hot bath loosened my muscles.

I had no idea what was happening.

My friends were so boozed up that I had to drive them home.

I'll come back, I promise.

I enjoyed myself enormously, believe me.

Yo, check out this bling bling!

A hunter hunted hares with his dog.


Rodger is a lot shorter than you.

Susan will be ready to the party in one hour and will need someone to pick her up.

Instant noodles are a staple among college students.


The stress began to tell on his heart.

How did we get into so much trouble?

I sat up last night until two o'clock watching the Olympic Games on TV.

Your work is not altogether satisfactory.

She found it difficult to answer the question.

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There is no stop between Suwon and Incheon.

Mac let Leith do all the talking.

Ruth tells me you're his assistant.


If NATO forces invade Russia some day, it will be for preserving democracy and freedom, not for taking the oil of the Caucasus and Siberia.


Individual freedom is the soul of democracy.


How long does it take to get reasonably skilled?

Bradley absconded with millions of dollars from his company and is living a life of luxury on an island in the Mediterranean.

I'm losing it.

Don't play innocent with me.

With this price, your product would not be competitive in the Japanese market.

Goethe's last words were not "more light!" but what he had in mind was to say "Mer licht hier net guud." In Hessian this means "it isn't very suitable in here."

Rent control limits the rent that a landlord can charge for an apartment.

When you watch television or listen to the radio, the music which you hear is often African in origin.

Gerda was obliged to rest again, and just opposite the place where she sat, she saw a great crow come hopping across the snow toward her.


I can remember when you were just a little girl.

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She's putting the children to bed.

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Once I retire, I will dedicate all my time to Tatoeba.

That party was off the hook, dude!

Mr White is a man of reason.

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I like this job.

I have a Dreamcast.

Why did you break into my place?

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What do the letters WHO stand for?


As far as I know, he has never come on time.

If it should rain, the garden party would be in a mess.

I want you to put down the magazines, the textbooks and everything else.

Could you move forward so we can close the door?

I am confronted with a difficult problem.

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Not too well.

Death is a mysterious, merciless lady.

You will hurt yourself.

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I get nervous at immigration.

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He put forward a plan for improving the rate of production.

Who's your favorite singer?

Claude wore a witch costume.


The Rue St. Antoine is located in the extension of the Rue de Rivoli.


I thought I'd give you a key.

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We don't have anything to do right now.

You must pay attention to what your teacher says.

For Pete's sake turn that music down!


Let's start with Dawn.


She has long legs.

You're about to cry.

We remind you that all library books are due to be returned by 15th October.