Are we ready to proceed now with the jury selection?

We swam in the moonlight.

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Do you know those people?

I spoke slowly so that they could understand me.

This handmade Italian-made titanium bicycle is terribly light.

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The important thing is not to win the game, but to take part in it.


She felt like crying after hearing that news.

Either he or I am to attend the meeting.

The police were listening to Anna's calls.

Think cried as he read the letter he got from Karl.

Urs is disobedient and rebellious.

They're after you.

Lum knocked on the door and Deb opened it.


I had trouble finding my way back to my hotel last night.


He forestalled everybody in accomplishing.

She finds an everlasting enjoyment in music.

How long does the airport shuttle take to get to the airport?


He was affected by the heat.

They won't know we're there.

Hi, how're you doing?

I just need more time with him.

It's Dorothy's party tonight and I haven't got anything to wear!

It is no concern of our firm.

It will be one year before I see you again.

He lives near the dike.

What Jacob was doing looked like fun.

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What is this cake called?

She is the owner of a very big house.

Now you've given yourself away.

Jerry, I have to show you something.

I told Casper that I wouldn't be at his party.


I have a touch of a cold today.

As far as I know, he is a person who keeps his promises.

You do seem a little tense.

Now fix that.

I wish I didn't look so much like Malloy.


Now we understand.

You have to be flexible.

I need a bag.


The farm workers unloaded the truck.

Duke was brought up in Boston.

I want to do well.

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Horst definitely needs work.

Many local traditions have fallen into decay in recent years.

Srikanth's room is cleaner than mine.

I gather you were unsuccessful.

The doctor felt my pulse.

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Sidney jogs every morning.

Kristian missed the last train and spent the night at an Internet cafe.

I am left with all the responsibility.

The hill is bare of trees.

I just guessed.


How many men are guarding him?

It looks like you were wrong.

Jean-Christophe doesn't have the necessary skills for that job.


You returned.

They managed to save Floyd.

Gerald asked everyone to take off their shoes.

I want you back in one piece.

You've never cared about anyone but yourself.

Draw two concentric circles of differing diameters.

Nancy was to show up at the place, but she didn't make it.

This place is an accident waiting to happen.

It is a great honor for me to meet you.


I'm afraid I have to ask you to leave.

"What do you want me to do?" "Hate school and books and teachers, as we all do. They are your worst enemies, you know, and they like to make you as unhappy as they can."

Tuan is calling from his cellphone.

I have never been to the States.

People everywhere yearn for public leaders dedicated to world peace.

Who's knocking on the door?

Skeeter Jackson wasn't reelected governor.

McDonald's golden arches may have marched into 119 countries, but the quintessentially American company still resides in a quintessentially American suburb.

This song is both sad and beautiful.

Do you have this in any other colors?

So keep at it and don't turn back.

I saw a white cloud sailing across the sky.

The crime investigators are looking into the murder case.

The local police are very strict about traffic violations.

Don't blame yourself, Damone.

We can't force Gypsy to do that.

How do you spell the word?

It was careless of her to go out alone.

The new year will begin.

Don't mention that name.

The king of this country isn't a person, but a divine beast with three pairs of wings said to be in far away in the sky.

Please give my kindest regards to your mother.

The plumber pumped the water out of the pipe.

Sorry, but it looks like I'm booked up on that day.

The Jersey shore is a shore around a small island, off of the coast of Normandy, called Jersey.

Francisco was there on business.

Dude, you're so dumb when it comes to women...

The firm is under foreign management.

The mother pulled her son to his feet.

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You didn't know her, did you?


The movie is popular with young people.

Protecting the environment means saving ourselves.

Chili powder is greatly used in Indian cooking.

My best friend is like a sister to me.

He is always idling about and good for nothing.


For he might have stood his ground.

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Let's see how good a job we can do.

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We have a lot of work to do today.

The moment they find it, they will be surprised.

That question is under discussion.

She wanted to live the American dream.

I'll call you in the evening.

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I hate to see a grown man cry.


The ambulance came up a few moments after the accident.

I'm awfully glad you showed up when you did.

It may have rained a little last night.

Let's begin.

I suggest we get back to business.

I need to finish mowing the lawn.

I am busy today.

The treasure is finally in my hands!

You did not must to take an umbrella with you.

That is all right.

I don't remember anything about that.


We were reading a book and it was a very good one.

I didn't tell him everything.

You gave me hope.


The youngest siblings are in general the most beautiful ones.

Mohammad is playing with her dolls.

Where did you ever find her?

Are you tolerant towards ethnic minorities?

I know how much it means to you.

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I'd like to work with you.

Terrance isn't qualified to teach high school.

Arnold knew all that.

The number of prey they killed was the same.

I've got to find her.

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That wine is just grape juice

Jessie's long hair was completely wet.

Why do rabbits have long ears?

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Mah hasn't called back yet.

She caught a mouse.

Look at the size of it!

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Have him meet us here at 2:30.

The little cabin was bathed in moonlight.

No item in this shop costs more than one real.


Dan was an extremely violent man.

Claudio was seriously wounded.

Some TV programs are interesting, and others are not.

Huey can do nothing.

I didn't mean to make him feel bad.


Not a few houses were destroyed by the typhoon.

We have quite a lot of work to do.

My uncle is angry.

It's a cargo ship.

We all need to live life to the fullest.


The photograph brought back memories of my childhood.

To love someone means to see him as God intended him.

I could read between the lines.

We look up to him.

She isn't joking.


Kees enjoys watching basketball games on TV.


We must have respect for tradition.

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Warren had no idea what I was talking about.

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I'll never forget the look on Brenda's face the first time I hugged him.

Is that what you mean?

Don't be mad at me.

I'd like to go to London.

Gil came in.

I want to invest a little money every month.

That's a bit extreme.